The Linc - Seahawks Not Interested in DeSean Jackson

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/24/2014.

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Seahawks have "no interest at all" in DeSean Jackson - PFT
Amid a report that the Seahawks have expressed interest in Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson, a source with direct knowledge of the team’s thinking tells PFT that the Seahawks have "no interest at all" in Jackson.

A list of the NFL's 24 most recent WR trades: Good barometer for DeSean Jackson? - JimmyK,
With a DeSean Jackson trade or release on the horizon, the quick twitch thing to consider is what were WRs traded for recently? The first name that has come to mind for many is Percy Harvin, who the Seahawks acquired from the Vikings for 1st and 7th round picks in 2013, as well as a 3rd round pick in 2014. However, what was good for the Seahawks in March 2013 doesn't necessarily make any other similar situations good for other teams around the league in March 2014.

So Long, Mr. Vick - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
It will be interesting to see if Vick can overcome his 2 biggest issues as an Eagle: injuries and turnovers. The Jets provide him with an interesting situation. He’s reunited with Marty Mornhinweg, but the offense is built around the running game. The Jets don’t have great skill players, nor a great O-line. It is possible that playing in a more conservative offense will bring out the best in Vick. The Falcons did a lot of that early in his career.

DeSean no longer fit mold for Eagles receiver - Mike Sielski, Inquirer
At the risk of ducking a juicy, gossipy column angle, I'd suggest that even if Jackson weren't weighed down by all of this baggage, the Eagles would still be trying to rid themselves of him - and they'd be right to. If nothing else, Chip Kelly looks ahead. He searches for trends, pays attention to them, tries to exploit them to his and his team's advantage. And Jackson, for all his skill and speed and accomplishments, doesn't fit where the NFL is going. Here's why: the Seattle Seahawks.

Michael Vick’s 10 greatest Eagles moments - Andrew Kulp, The700Level
Michael Vick signed with the New York Jets on Friday, finally severing his ties to the Philadelphia Eagles organization after five seasons of service. While he ultimately came up short as the franchise quarterback, enduring his share ups and downs, benchings and injuries, there is absolutely no denying he authored a great number of memorable moments on and off the field as well. With his time in midnight green officially over, it’s time to reflect on the good times rather than the bad. Vick was a tough SOB who gave his all every time he stepped on the gridiron, and the results at times were nothing short of remarkable.

6 reasons Eagles should trade DeSean Jackson - CSN Philly
On his WIP Radio show, new host Josh Innes refers to the current Eagles vs. DeSean Jackson situation as "DeSean Watch!" For you Anchorman fans, it's like Pandawatch, just goofier. But Innes' point is that Eagles fans can't seem to figure out why the team wants to part company with their dynamic play-making wide receiver. Here are six reasons they should do so.

DeSean Jackson being cut or traded can only make Eagles worse - James Brady, SB Nation NFL
The only thing that's clear is that the miscommunication we're treated to in the media is at least playing some kind of factor behind closed doors. Reports from both sides have suggested that either doesn't expect this relationship to continue for long. We have the earlier report that the Eagles would cut Jackson and we have Jackson reportedly saying that he does not expect to be back in 2014-15, and that he has not returned phone calls from Kelly.

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