The Perfect Backup QB for the Eagles is still available

With holes remaining in the 2014-2015 Philadelphia Eagles roster, the Eagles will keep an eye on free agents even after the May 8th-10th draft. Why? The Eagles aren't looking to the draft to fill positions, their philosophy is to add talent to the roster through the draft. To pick the best player available, raises eyebrows about positions chosen and those that aren't. Its true - why reach for a position player well before their line in available talent?

One hole the Eagles face (that I certainly hope they don't fill through the draft) is the Quarterback. The 2010 - 2013 face-of-the-franchise QB Mike Vick is still available. But its clear, he wants to try competing for a starting job. Cuz you know "I still got it."

The right QB for the Eagles system is still available. In fact, you've probably never even heard his name come up through the free agent market. He began 2013 on a roster but ended a free agent - for good reason(1). He has experience with several players on the current Eagles roster - including bowl games and a Heisman Trophy(2). During the second quarter of the Super Bowl in February, his moniker was one of the top trends on Twitter - only minutes before a multi-million dollar Super Bowl commercial featuring HIM(3). With the Eagles letting go of Veteran WR Jason Avant, they will need a new leader for their prayer-group.

Chip Kelly's system is a run-first based system. Mike Vick was a concern because of his lack of durability - something this candidate is known for. This system also favors QB's that can be mobile and are not afraid to take the ball and run it down the throat of a linebacker or run supporting safety.

Who is this QB? Why it's Jesus Christ himself (or at least his second coming) - you got it. Mr. 26 year old virgin Tim Tebow.



When Chip Kelly says "just score fucking points." This guy has proven he isn't afraid to play from behind. He has helped over-take games and seriously knows how to "just win baby." Who better to run a scary read-option with McCoy and Sproles on the field with him!?

(1)- he was behind Tom Brady - like they'd ever need another QB

(2)- was a Florida Gator and thrived with WR Riley Cooper. IN fact, they were roommates AND went to Kenny Chesney concerts together.

(3)- Tebow Time was a #7 trend on Twitter during the Super Bowl when Denver QB Payton Manning failed to move his team. This was followed by Tim's T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial.

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