The Linc - Nick Foles Helped the Eagles in Free Agency

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/18/2014.

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NFC East free agency roundup, Redskins edition - JimmyK,
For the first time in years, the Redskins have had some cap space to work with. Franchise tagging Brian Orakpo ate up a lot of that available cap space and was a debatable move, but certainly an understandable one. Otherwise, unlike their historical way of doing business, the Skins exercised self control, and opted not to make any major high profile signings, which was probably the right thing for them.

Improving the Defense - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
The first place you always look for improvement should be your own roster. If you have done a good job of acquiring young talent, the players should improve from year to year. I think too many Eagles fans are expecting outside help for the defense. The Eagles should see improvement from the guys already on the roster and that should be the biggest boost. I remember having a discussion with someone at the Senior Bowl in Mobile about how there would be less change on defense than many expected to see. The Eagles like their players. Many of them are young, which makes you hesitant to give up on them and start looking for new faces.

Chip Kelly Update: Free Agent Madness - Mark Saltveit, Fishduck
Chip Kelly and GM Howie Roseman began their free agency moves on Tuesday, and they continue to implement their distinctive strategy: 1) Don’t swing for the bleachers by competing for the highest priced stars, 2) Stick to young players, 3) Aim for versatility, 4) Get good citizens and leaders.

Wake-Up Call: How Eagles’ Moves Affect Draft Plans - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7
The Riley Cooper/Jeremy Maclin re-signings - I don't think these moves affect the Eagles' draft plans one bit. The draft is loaded at wide receiver, and it's likely that the Eagles end up selecting a pass-catcher at some point. Maclin is on a one-year deal, while Cooper essentially signed a two-year $9 million contract. Wide receiver is not an immediate need, but if the Eagles see one they like, they will pull the trigger. If that means taking one in the first or second round, they can let guys compete for playing time in 2014 and give themselves flexibility beyond that.

Eagles play it safety, bring back Allen - Les Bowen, Daily News
Allen was working out at NovaCare Monday when the Eagles asked him to speak with reporters. He's been there all offseason, took the week off when free agency started, went down home to Florida, got back over the weekend. Though Allen said there were discussions with other teams, it sure seemed this was the backburner plan all along, if there was roster space and if nobody out there really wanted to commit to the safety the Eagles drafted in the second round, 37th overall, in 2010.

Foles gives Eagles ability to maneuver - Dan Graziano, ESPN
And Foles' positive effect on the Eagles has now extended into the offseason, allowing Kelly and GM Howie Roseman to make the big moves they need to make to improve the rest of the roster with the confidence of a team that has a quarterback and the financial freedom of a team that has a really, really inexpensive one.

Open Bargain Season - Grantland
Roster spots are filling up fast, so look for plenty of deals to go down in Week 2 of this free-agent frenzy

Join the BGN March Madness Contest - BLG, BGN
ICYMI: March Madness is here. Take a short break from football, fill out a bracket, and join the fun.

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