Eagles Draft Targets 1.0

This is a early write up of some of the players i believe the eagles will be targeting during this years draft.

1. Martavius Bryant - 6 foot 5 200 pounds roughly, hes the prototype big body receiver Chip Kelly is looking for. This is the kind of player that can stretch the field and has the speed to do it. This past season he was ranked in the top ten in the country for yards per catch at almost an average of 20. While not receiving the notoriety that fellow teammate Sammy Watkins has received in the press, he managed to pull in a respectful 800 yards receiving and 7 touchdowns. Byrant has a very high ceiling and is flying under the radar and in a very deep wide receiver draft class and may slip into the 2nd or 3rd round. If Chip Kelly has a chance to pull the trigger on Byrant in the third round, its pretty much a lock that he would take him. Look for his name to be heard more and more as a potential dark horse to sneak into the first round, or early 2nd.

2. Darqueze Dennard - Dennard brings something to the table that most players on the eagles lack. He tackles!! Dennard is exactly the type of cornerback that this defense desperately needs. He can play press coverage, does well against the run, hes a very physical corner that has decent speed. He wont be a Revis or a Richard Sherman but this is the type of player that one year down the road you will be able to put on the opposing teams best receiver and not have to worry about him getting beat. He plays very tight to the receiver almost sometimes to tight and will draw an occasional penalty here and there. He's the 2nd best cornerback in the draft and if he falls to the eagles draft spot they will most certainly draft him. There is a very good chance however that he may not make it to the eagles at 22 simply out of a team having a need at cornerback.

3. Adrian Hubbard Hes a poor mans Dion Jordan. He has the size at roughly 6 foot 6 and weighs roughly 260 lbs yet has the frame to add 15 more pounds. Hes very inconsistent as a pass rusher, adding some weight to his frame and a year learning from trent cole under his belt would certainly help. Simple fact is Trent Cole wont be here after next year. They will look to this draft to find a replacement, if they pick Dennard in the first round this year I think they might take a flier on a guy like Hubbard in the 4th or 5th round and try to develop him. Big people beat little people up and he certainly has the size but is very much a project.

4. Dee Ford - If Dee Ford falls to the 2nd round I see the eagles making a move to get him by trading up. He reminds me alot of Trent Cole in the regard that he is a under sized pass rusher but makes up for it with his great motor (Mortinweg reference). Hes shown promise in coverage and with a year to develop and sharing reps with Trent Cole should be a major improvement at olb in years to come.

5. Tajh Boyd - Heres a guy Chip Kelly has somewhat of a history with. Chip tried to recruit him coming out of high school. Hes a great locker room guy, leader, and can be mobile at the quarterback position when needed but he is very much indeed a pocket passer first. He almost reminds me of a more refined and natural version of what Michael Vick tried to become later on in his career. Boyd tends to make his fair share of mental mistakes but overrall is a very accurate passer and can be elusive when under pressure. He didnt exactly play to expectations this year and will slide in the draft. I think Kelly will take a flier on Tajh Boyd in the 4th or 5th round same as he did last year with Barkley because the value is just to good at that spot to pass up on him.

Eagles Mock Draft 1.0

1. Darqueze Dennard

2. Dee Ford

3.Martavius Bryant

4. Tajh Boyd

5.Adrian Hubbard

Eagles dont have a 6th round pick currently. They do have a 7th round pick, but i view 7th round picks like kickers and punters, they dont deserve my time for a write up :)

Players that we shouldnt get caught up with the hype

1.Kyle Van Noy

2.Calvin Pryor

3.Dion Bailey

4.Anthony Barr

5.Marqise Lee

Sleepers, keep an eye on

1.Billy Turner, OT

2.Scott Crichton olb

3.Tre Boston safety

4.Keith McGill, CB

5.Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB

Just my early thoughts on the draft, what do you think?

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