So Whose Next?

The first day of the 2014 free agency period is over. Though no big names were dropped in regards to the Eagles, and a lot of us fans were given false hope of getting S Jarius Byrd, I consider day one a massive success.

Roster Moves-

S Malcolm Jenkins- (3 year, 15.5 mil, 8 mil guaranteed) The lone new face in Philadelphia after day one, Jenkins provides a lot of what coach Chip Kelly likes in his players. Size, speed, versatility, and above average man coverage ability. Though most Eagles fans have taken to criticizing the new acquisition, I applaud Howie for it. Trust me I wanted Byrd too, but had we signed him like the Saints just did to that ridiculous 6 year, 56 million dollar contract, we would have cut this years cap space in half and left very little space for new players or the extensions of Nick Foles, Mycheal Kendricks, Fletcher Cox, and Brandon Boykin next offseason. I remember last offseason when many fans criticized the signing of Conner Barwin, and look where he is now? I trust Chip's judgement and am excited to see what other moves we make in this Free Agency period. Another interesting note on Jenkins' contract, Just like Cooper and Kelce, his cap hit this offseason is around the 2 million mark, even though all of their average salaries are much higher than that. I wonder if the Eagles are saving room for someone special.

P Donnie Jones- I don't know the exact figures on Jones' deal, but I'm almost positive it was something like 3 year, 5.5 million with 1 million guaranteed (Please correct me if I'm wrong). Jones has shown Philly some of the best punting it has seen in a while. All fans wanted him back and I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say welcome back Donnie.

S Patrick Chung- One of the failed roster moves of the Chip Kelly era, Chung was horrific in this system and needed to leave. I wish him the best of luck with his career now that he's not taking up unnecessary cap room up on the Eagles.

So where does that leave us at? A situation where we still have ample cap room and many names linked to our team. I'm pretty much just gonna throw out all the names that make sense to me for the Eagles (though I'll probably miss a few), and get the debate started for who we want on day two.

Popular Names as of day one-

DE/OLB DeMarcus Ware- I'm sure each and every Eagles fan is hoping the Ware is a vengeful person, who will sign with the Eagles just to spite the Cowboys. However I see Ware as a player that may be outside the Eagles price range, but then again, not many people have more of a reason to sign Ware than the Eagles.

CB Darrelle Revis- Unless some GM goes absolutely insane over the next 10 hours, no one is gonna trade for Revis. After the Bucs signed Alterraun Verner, there is deffinatley no way he stays with the Bucs. Though many people have liked him to the Eagles, I see no true reason for him to be connected to us besides the fact that we have cap space, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't welcome a player of his talent willingly.

RB Darren Sproles- Another player on the trade block, however this one is actually gonna get traded. The Eagles lost Sproles to the Saints the last time the RB was in the free agency. Now the Eagles have a chance to get him and add a dynamic piece to their offense and their return game. However, the Eagles already house three very talented running backs, so I'm not entirely sure were interested or what we would give up for him. I see a RB needy team giving up more than we are willing to.


We only have three safeties on the roster, and that's enough to where we will have a need at the position come draft day (which is exactly what Howie said he didn't want to have), so I expect another safety to be added to the mix in Philly, whether it's a started or just for depth purposes.

S Rafael Bush- A restricted free agent, Bush's tender is an original pick tender, meaning any team can offer Bush a contract, but he Saints have the opportunity to match it. Bush could be an interesting/underrated option in this years very active safety market.

S Thomas DeCoud- This pro-bowl safety is coming off his worst season since becoming a starter. However when playing up to his full potential, DeCoud is an interesting safety who plays well inside the box and can drop back and cover well too. His 6-2 height supports Chip Kelly's "big people beat up little people" mentality and he could start if Chip can bring him back into his form from a year ago.

S Chris Clemons- Though he will most likely be over payed due to the day one rush on the safety market, Clemons could provide, and I hate saying this, but a short term stop-gap option. No one seems willing to give this guy more than a year on a contract, but he can hold his own at the safety position as deserves a starting job somewhere.

S Ryan Clark- I don't even know if I would consider Clark a stop-gap option after watching receivers run right by the Steelers secondary all year in 2013. However he is skilled at the position, and can provide depth, leadership, and maybe potentially start if he can earn the spot.

S James Ihedigbo- Another underrated safety, Ihedigbo is coming off a career year and can deffinatley fill a starting role for the Eagles. He also provides excellent tackling ability for a safety, which is something I respect heavily, there's nothing worse than watching someone break the tackle of the guy whose suppose to be the last line of defense.

S Kendrick Lewis- He can play the position with competence. He is not exactly at the top of the safety class but can provide depth and even some strong camp competition.

S Quintin Mikell- Though he's not exactly the player he was for us three seasons ago, Mikell is still a good safety and has expressed interest in returning to the Eagles. He may even do it for a discounted rate.

S Major Wright- Another safety with good tackling ability, however his coverage skills need work. Still he provides a competent option at safety at a discounted rate.

Outside Linebacker

OLB LaMarr Woodley- I really hope the Eagles can get Woodley for a decent price. Injuries have been an issue over the last few seasons, but he is still an elite talent at OLB and has the ability to be the pass rusher this team so desperately needs.

OLB Mike Neal- 6-3, 285, only 26 years old, Neal is coming off a career year after transitioning from DE to OLB. He could be a very interesting rotational 3-4 outside linebacker for the Eagles with the pass rush ability they're looking for.

OLB Matt Shaughnessy- A natural DE, Shaughnessy has the size (6-5, 285 lbs) Chip Kelly likes. He's a natural 4-3 DE but could either play 3-4 OLB or DE, adding that coveted versatility Chip Kelly likes so much.

OLB Rob Jackson- A player who plays well when he is presented with the opportunity, Jackson can offer the situational pass rush the Eagles have been looking for along with depth at OLB.

Defensive Line

DE Antonio Smith- Though he is 32, Smith has not slowed down a bit playing in the Texans 3-4 scheme. If his price drops due to age, he could add an interesting dynamic to the Eagles line for a very reasonable price

DE Brett Keisel- Though he is 35 (sound familiar?), Keisel has no slowed down at all. He comes from the Steelers 3-4 scheme and again, could provide a very reasonably priced veteran lineman if his price drops due to age

DE Ziggy Hood- Not the best 3-4 DE out there, but can provide much needed depth in a place we lacked it last year.

NT Terrence Cody- A big 340 lbs NT who can collapse the pocket and provide depth on the line that wont break the bank

NT Cam Thomas- Another big 330 lbs NT that wont break the back and can provide depth to Bennie Logan

Other Players connected to the Eagles

CB/S Champ Bailey- Most likely is gonna come with too much of a price tag, but if he is willing to convert to safety could be a dangerous part of this defense while also providing veteran leadership and some help coaching up our secondary.

CB Corey Graham- One of those guys that Chip Kelly likes, nothing spectacular about him but could provide depth at the CB position.

CB Nolan Carroll- A cornerback coming off a career year, I'm not exactly sure where he fits in coach Kelly's scheme. However I like him a lot as a player and would love to see him in Eagle green.

Players I like for us

CB Dimitri Patterson- Though he only played in 6 games for the Dolphins in 2013, he played better than he ever has before and could be another excellent depth option if he slips through the cracks of this talented CB market.

QB Shaun Hill- An excellent back-up QB, provides the Eagles with a reliable back-up and give Nick Foles a veteran mentor

QB Jason Campbell- A player who is not a FA yet, but is likely to be with the scheduled bonus he has coming up. Again provides reliable back-up and veteran mentor for Foles.

K Steven Hauschka- Though I'd be shocked to see him get away/walk away from the Seahawks, a lot of the kickers have already been resigned and he's one of the only ones I like left, so he gets a hopeful spot on the list

So which player or players do you want most? Comment or vote on who you want or who I left out.

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