Free Agents: OLB, CB, S

This is my first fan post. Wish me luck!

I thought I'd throw out some free agent names, but also mention why they make sense. Some of these have been reported as rumors, here or elsewhere. Some of these I think could be "Howie Signings" or guys that Chip might like. Let's dig in.

Outside Linebacker:

Mike Neal (26), O'Brien Schofield (26), Dekoda Watson (26)

Mike Neal was discussed here at BGN. He entered the NFL as an athletic DT, weighing in close to 300 lbs. More recently, he dropped 25-30 pounds to play OLB for the Packers. While he would not merit much use in pass defense, he could be a competent, big-bodied downhill player.

O'Brien Schofield, was claimed by the Seahawks in July and ended the season with a ring. He is slightly undersized at OLB, but shows tremendous on-the-field speed to make up for lack of ideal size and timed speed. Coming out of college, he was considered a relentless pass rusher. He is looking to start somewhere in 2014, and could be a cheap, under-the-radar signing. He also has experience on special teams.

Dekoda Watson is a tremendously athletic OLB with a 40" vertical. Playing for the Buccaneers, he worked mostly on special teams, but also showed value as a competent back up at OLB. Watson would not be signed to start, but could be a very cheap "depth" upgrade to both defense and special teams at the linebacker position.


Nolan Carroll (27), Chris Cook (27), Brandon Ghee (26)

Nolan Carroll, recently appeared on BGN as a potential target for the Eagles. He is a big corner with starting experience. This would be a tricky signing for the eagles, who already have Williams, Fletcher and Boykin at CB. If Carroll commands starter money, he would not be a fit this year. He would be a great depth acquistion, if possible, but will likely cost too much for such a role.

Chris Cook, is a tall, lean corner from the Vikings. A chief concern with Cook is his past off-the-field issues. He may command low end starter money, but if he lingers in the lower price range for free agent corners, he would be an effective, very physical acquisition. At 6'2", he is very fast for corners his size.

Brandon Ghee is a very fast corner, with solid technique, inside and out. Out of college, he was compared to Johnathan Joseph. While his potential may not be that high, partially due to missing all of 2012, he has the skill, athleticism, and technique to be very solid 4th option at corner for the Eagles.

Bonus point: Both Cook and Ghee reportedly have interest in signing with the Vikings. If they cannot sign both, perhaps one or the other could be an option in Philly.


Malcolm Jenkins (26), Chris Clemons (28), Mike Mitchell (26), Jeromy Miles (26)

Jenkins, Clemons and Mitchell have all been discussed on BGN. Jenkins is a very athletic safety who, on paper, can do everything, but has not really busted out as a former first round pick. Perhaps he still has some unseen potential. Clemons and Mitchell are both solid safeties who would be very welcome additions to the Eagles back end. Both excel in pass defense.

Jeromy Miles is a large safety, who was claimed by the Ravens in 2013. Despite his size coming out of college, he was known as ball hawk, and demonstrated tremendous athleticism at the combine. He also has plenty of special teams experience. If the price is right, a combination of Miles with one of the better-known safeties above, plus Wolff and a day 2 draft pick would give the Eagles a surprisingly cheap, yet very athletic and versatile group of safeties.

Please let me know what you think, and thanks for reading.

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