Kwahu's boring but 'realistic' Mock offseason

(crossposted from the official Eagles boards)

Here's my attempt at a 'realistic' offseason.

I'm not going to go indepth on contract amounts and all that money talk as I'm frankly not too well read on contract stuff. But I reckon that these deals and signings will add up to be fine and Howie will work his magic:


Give Maclin a 1 yr deal BUT if another team (hello Fat Andy or the Jets) gives him more money let him walk.

Keep Thornton, Cooper, Nate Allen, Henery (need depth even though he's frustrating as hell) and Donnie Football

Brandon Graham trade (most likely for pick in next years draft or a late rounder, I don’t like to predict trades. If we can't get anything decent for him, keep him)

Cut: Chung, Avant, Damaris, Geathers, Casey, Maehl, Marsh. Chung and Damaris are the biggest cuts, the others are negotiable relative to how useful they are in camp. Avant is the hardest unless he can restructure, it would suck to see him go. I would cut Casey Matthews too but I think Chip keeps him.

Restructure: Peters, DJax, Cole, and Toddfather.


Our big signing is Linval Joseph at NT. I'd love some big NTs in the draft (NIX!!!) but a veteran who is familiar with the 3-4 in the NFL would be a stable bedrock signing.

OPTIONAL LUXURY FA signing: Jason Worilds at OLB- This may not come to pass if the Steelers somehow can keep him or if he asks for big bucks, but I think he'd be a lot cheaper than guys like Orakpo. Better player, too.

Chris Clemons, FS- we have rookies and bums for safeties (And Nate Allen). We need a vet. Barwin and Cary set the tone for low profile vets doing good things here, I think Clemons will do the same.

Graham Gano, K: A trendy signing here after I read about him on BGN. Has a much much higher ceiling than Henery and will either set a fire under his a** or replace him entirely.

Linval and Worilds by themselves would be fine signings but throw in Chris Clemons and Gano on a smart deal and that's probably as good an FA season as you can hope for. Worilds would be the wild card/ luxury signing here, if he's too expensive we probably won't bite.

OUT OF LEFT FIELD OPTION: Cord Parks, CB, BC Lions of the CFL- this guy has been around in the NFL for a few years and is now in Canada. He's got some motor and good moves and would be fairly cheap, and considering how wide and long the CFL field is he gets to the ball quickly. I'm curious if Chip has been looking at the CFL at all.


Now, the only draft trading situation I'd consider would be some miracle trade-up scenario where we land Mack and don't have to sell the farm. But as that will never happen, I'd also be fine with trading down and getting another pick or two. However since as I said I don't like to speculate trades (If trading Graham gets us another pick, fine, but I'm not going to speculate on what that would be) I'm just going to go with a trade-free draft:



-Do I really need to explain this one? Can play FS or SS, probably SS. It's still uncertain if we get a big name FA safety, and even if we get a solid lower profile guy like Clemons it's still a great investment to get a future blue chip safety. In other words, no freakin duh. Since we signed Linval for NT I'd (reluctantly) skip on Nix to get Pryor. However if Nix is there and Pryor isn't I'd love to have two solid NTs and work with Ladler (see below)



-The Duo from the Lou! Again this should be a no brainer. Very possible Attaochu is gone before pick 54 and this guy is a polished QB hunter in the making. Finally no more panic on 3rd and longs! Not much else I can add that you already have read about, he's no pocketknife like KVN but he's gonna do the one job he's asked to do and do it well.



-Hallelujah, this draft is a smorgasboard of awesome wideouts! Very hard for me to decide between this guy, Devin Street or Martavis Bryant, but whichever is available last of the three would be fine. Another tall lanky Air Jordan leaping pass catcher and playmaker. I consider him very polished and dedicated on routes, so it's likely he will be open and come back to the ball when Cooper/Maclin or DJax can't. I think Foles will like this kid a lot. He can get separation off man coverage! Only knock is that he doesn't have the best wheels but that's ok when you have DJax and Shady to throw to. Oh, and he can block too, so Chip probably likey.



- How fortunate that we have a deep CB class in this draft. Biggest CB you can find this year (not sure if SJB is taller but he will be overdrafted anyway). Mayock compared this kid to the Seahawks corners, and as I like Mayock more than most of commentators I hold his evaluations a little higher than most. Great ball skill and a pass batter, but has problems if he's out of range and struggles to catch up once he gets beat. Not the greatest open field tackler but this kid's no Nnamdi. Hell if he plays like early career Nnamdi that's good enough.


- Complete steal, aka 'I really hope he'll still be around in the 5th' if not, switch this pick to the 4th and take Antone Exum here instead. Two safeties are a solid investment and we NEED to lock down our secondary, but not without choosing the right talent. Ladler fits the bill. Makes nice fast beelines towards the receiver and is a solid open field tackler. Not the most fluid guy and sometimes bites on plays but I think this can be coached out of him.


- Here's a small quick guy who'd be our ST returner. Would have risen farther but injuries will drop him to the 5th. Not much tape on this guy that I can find but have heard nothing but good things about him. As he is a small dude he will be moved to STs.


- -A prospect OT that is considered a sleeper. Just read this BGN fanpost: http://www.bleedingg...tchan-bandwagon
Excited yet? As this offseason is light on OLine this is a safe reach with low cost. I admit I am not too well versed on FA Tackles or Guards and there is so much defensive talent on this draft. But I think Patchan can be a good depth signing and hey it's the 7th round pick so let's take a swing. Also he's a friggin' GIGANTIC dude.

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