An OrEagles Offseason: A Guide to Defensive Free Agents/Draftable Players With Oregon Ties

How big of a boss is Chip Kelly? So big that some Oregon fans (like myself) still like the guy even though he and his brilliant mind left Eugene over a year ago. Do you think Texas A&M fans would have the same opinion of Kevin Sumlin like Duck fans do of Chip if he left to coach in the pros? Hell no, there would be riots in the streets and burning of stuff (They do LIKE to BURN things). So what happens when a badass coach you love goes on to a professional team? You decide to kinda bandwagon that team. As a result of many Oregon fans bandwagoning Chip's Eagles, someone came up with a nickname for the former Oregon players and coaches on the team, "The OrEagles". I like it, enough to use it on this here blog when ever I can. What follows are potential Eagles off-season additions with Oregon and Chip ties. While reading this post you can even begin to see the possibilities of a perfect OrEagle off-season. One that would improve the Eagles immensely and make Duck fans even bigger Philly fans. A note: This is 5000+ words. I didn't think it'd be that big. I don't blame you for skipping or skimming through. I had originally intended to do one post with offensive and defensive players, but alas I just got a little sick of typing and thought I would stop with the defensive players and do an offensive one later. Defense is where you guys worry the most any how. Also, a lot of the highlight videos linked below have NSFW words in them. Just a heads up. Gee, I'm a good guy. This is my first fanpost so don't be to rude to me, or else I will be forced to believe all Philadelphia fan stereotypes. Without further ado, potential Defensive OrEagles.

The Secondary

Perhaps the biggest weakness on the Eagles is the secondary and ironically to this fan and fan post its biggest weakness is an Oregon Duck, Patrick Chung. Further, Nate Allen is completely average, though safety play throughout the league is at an all time low (so say experts. I have no f-ing idea to be honest). Cary Williams, Bradly Fletcher and Brandon Boykin all have their positive qualities but there may be a chance to upgrade the cornerback spot in free agency and draft. Here are potential OrEagle options.

Strong Safety TJ Ward
: A first year Pro Bowler (should be at least his second, no homer) known for his viscous hits, he is almost one of a dying breed; the ever feared "Enforcer" type safety. Has wallowed in near anonymity due to being a Cleveland Brown for four years. Supposedly Cleveland's front office is not going to resign him and franchising him seems unlikely as well (EDIT: This may have changed with the hiring of a defensive minded Head coach. I have no idea.). May be most famous for ending Rob Gronkowski's season on a hard but perfectly legal hit. Made his first NFL highlight reel his rookie season hitting Jordan Shipley as he crossed the end zone trying to catch a touch down. May have ended Shipley’s career on that play (Ward was flagged). He definitely pissed off T.O. which I don’t know if you guys like or don’t. Played for Chip his first year as head coach at Oregon before graduating. Sure tackler and occasionally delivers highlight hits. Has always been thought of as average in coverage and below average in covering tight ends (Ward stands 5’11 and 3/4’’) but has improved in that area his four years in the league. I am predicting interest will be mutual between the Eagles and Ward. One team to look out for are the Saints. Ward played for Rob Ryan early in his career and Ryan has a man crush on him.
Final Prognostication: I’ll say 90% chance Ward hits free agency and 50-60% chance he signs with the Eagles. Ward is a "Chip Guy", fit’s the defense, immediately improves an area of weakness, it just makes sense to me. If not Eagles probably Saints and if not Saints I have no freaking idea.
For Your Viewing Pleasure: First two years highlights(the GB stuff at the end was pre season rookie year), the Shipley hit, the Gronk hit, College Highlights (he went bananas towards the end of his junior year, I think he may have made Zac Robinson regret playing football for a brief second).

Free Safety Jairus Byrd: Ah, the gem of this potential free agency class in the mind of many Eagles fans. In a bit of amazing synchronicity the guy named Byrd is an absolute ball-hawk. Three time Pro Bowler, three time All-Pro. Should have won Rookie of the Year over juicer Brian Cushing. AFC interceptions leader in 09’ (rookie year) and 12’. League wide interceptions leader also in 09’. Played corner at Oregon starting as a Freshman so obviously has good coverage ability and was a ball hawk while in Eugene too. Is a good tackler as well. Best asset is probably his mind, can diagnose plays very well and it covers up his less than desirable measurables (5’10’’, 4.6 40). Returned punts and kicks in college despite his lack of top end speed but had a little wiggle when doing that. Could be argued that he’s a top three safety league wide (Thomas, Berry, Byrd. Weddle has an argument as does Chancellor but he wouldn’t be the same player without Thomas and the rest of Seattle's defense protecting him, IMO). Byrd is a ball of pure talent and ability. A remarkable thing about his consistent play making is he has had four different DCs in his five years as a Bill. His last two years as a Duck coincided with Chip’s first two (and only) years as Offensive coordinator so he may not have an affinity for Chip that other former players have. My prediction is he ultimately signs a long term deal with Buffalo, but the Bills are known for letting talent leave (Jason Peters, anyone?). If they franchise him again they will be paying him a ton for one year and will probably make him angry beyond ever resigning with them again. Has the same agent as Peters too. If they let him hit free agency he will be the most sought after safety with Ward right behind him.
Final Prognostication: I’ll say 15% chance he ends up in Philly. I don’t think they will pay what he ultimately wants nor would they end up in a pricey trade with the Bills if they decide to franchise and trade him, especially when Nate Allen is no longer hot garbage, instead a completely suitable safety. Byrd supposedly wants a similar contract to what Weddle got, for what its worth. Not sure if Byrd is a Chip guy like Ward is either. As much as I would love a Ward and Byrd safety tandem I don’t see it happening. I don’t see Philadelphia paying a lot of money for any free agent in the Chip era, only when they are resigning players. Meaning in the Chip era a player is going to have to earn their payday while playing for Chip. What a player does with another team wont affect how Chip views him except in the most severe cases like if Calvin Johnson hit free agency or something of that sort. Hate to say it but I almost think its more likely Byrd ends up in Dallas than Philly. Lets hope otherwise.
For Your Viewing Pleasure: Jairus Byrd NFL Highlights, Byrd Rookie Highlights (be warned, there is a song used in this highlight that Family Guy may have ruined for you) , Byrd College Punt Return TD (you can see his lack of top end speed)

Cornerback Walter Thurmond the Third aka WT3 aka WTIII: The least known of the Oregon secondary free agents this year. Had his knee blown out returning a kick against Cal as a senior sliding him into the fourth round when he would have been drafted second round or maybe late first otherwise. Extremely talented cover corner but every time he starts to show out he gets injured or, in the last instance, violates the NFL's substance abuse policy and is suspended. Thurmond was supposed to be member #4 of the "Legion of Boom" but got hurt and Browner took his place. Then when he takes over for an injured (and eventually suspended Browner) he himself is suspended and Byron Maxwell plays so well and has that big body Carrol seems to prefer (WT3 is only 5’11’’) that when Thurmond’s suspension is over he is relegated back to his familiar role of nickel back/first corner off the bench in case of an injury. Thurmond has a ton of talent as a pure cover corner and can cover shifty slot receivers with ease. Who ever signs him is probably only going to be for one or two years and for cheap due to his next positive test results in an eight game ban. Was with Chip his first year as head coach at Oregon so may be under the spell that so many of his former players seem to be under. Would be a great cheap option that could actually end up as a starter and being coached by Chip and surrounded by familiar faces (James Harris in particular, a miracle worker they say) may motivate him to keep his nose clean(thankfully his drug of choice is pot or else this would be a poor choice of words). It could be mutually beneficial if Thurmond’s reunited with his former head coach. It would be better organizationally (IMO) to sign Thurmond than draft a cornerback in the first.
Final Prognostication: I’d say it’s 45/45 between Philadelphia and Seattle with the remaining ten percent going to some mystery team desperate for a corner to throw money at Thurmond. Maybe Jacksonville and Gus Bradley. For what its worth, Ward, Byrd, Chung and Thurmond all started for Oregon at the same time and referred to themselves as "The D-Boyz" so if they all end up on the same team again (or a majority) brace yourself for that awful nickname to permeate throughout twitter and team headquarters.
For Your Viewing Pleasure: There is a surprising lack of professional highlights on you tube. Just his pick six against the Vikings (not that impressive) and some college highlights set to "Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana. I say surprising because he completely shut down Larry Fitzgerald as a rookie which I thought would have inspired a highlight but alas we are really left with nothing.

Safety/Special teams Dynamo John Boyett - Drafted in the 6th round by the Colts in 2013, was cut by the team after being arrested and charged with being drunk and disorderly (apparently the only person associated with the Colts who is allowed to make a drunken fool of himself in public is Jim Irsay. Too easy, I know.) Signed by Denver to the practice squad, so could be poached (Now there’s a front office that knows how to party.) In all seriousness is a walking/living/breathing badass. Not the tallest or biggest (5’10’’ 190) but is a ball hawk and can deliver devastating hits even with his smallish stature. Proverbial gym rat. It’s funny he’s on Denver because he has a Peyton like approach to football. Always wants to be smarter than his opponent and is disappointed when fooled by a play. Played all of 2011 with partially torn knees. He lead the team in tackles that year as well with 108 (he also lead the team in tackles his freshman year). Think about that. Both knees are torn and you lead the team in tackles. Christ. What a badass. Had 17 tackles that same year in the Rose Bowl versus Wisconsin (Russell Wilson, Monte Ball and Jared Aberdidis. Pretty damn good offensive team) Opted to rehab over the offseason as opposed to surgery, played the opener of 2012 and decided to have season ending knee surgery following the game for his health and for his professional potential. I bet Chip and John send texts that end in XOXO to each other. I could definitely see the Eagles offering a little bit more money than the Broncos and at least end up with Boyett on the practice squad.
Final Prognostication: I’ll say 65% chance he ends up on the Eagles in some capacity (either practice squad or active roster) between the 2014 offseason and season. His size doesn’t really fit the whole "Big people beat up little people" (I think people make too big of a deal about that quote, tbh) thing but he has overcome his size his entire football career and continues to make plays, which Chip witnessed first hand many a time.
For Your Viewing Pleasure: College Highlights, Monte Ball regrets meeting John Boyett, Awesome Highschool Play (AKA This is how you hurdle, Monte Ball)

Potential Secondary Draft Picks

Cornerback Terrance Mitchell: A red shirt junior leaving school early. Had to learn under fire as Cliff Harris was suspended for the opening game of 2011 against top 5 and eventual national runner ups LSU. Will measure at least 6’ and maybe 200lbs. Is a big corner that teams seem to covet due to the success of the Seahawks. Is the reason Ifo Ekpre-Olumu was predicted as a first rounder, no team wanted to throw it to Mitchell’s side so Ifo had a lot more opportunity to make plays. Can cover, move and hit well. Might sneak into the end of the first round. Probably a second rounder. Combine could really help him. Played running back in Highschool so could probably kick and punt return, there simply was no opportunity for him to show it at Oregon with the load of athletes they have.
Final Prognostication: Like I said earlier, I think the Eagles sign Thurmond meaning a guy like Mitchell wouldn’t be worth it in the first three rounds. If for some reason he’s still there in the fourth or later Chip’ll probably take him, just like he did Barkley and Poyer (though Mitchell and Poyer are very different types of defensive backs, I mean BPA). I think Mitchell ends up with a team like Jacksonville but it seems like a draft where a lot of teams need corners.
For Your Viewing Pleasure: Freshman Highlights, only decent thing I could find. The PAC-12 has a poor reputation as far as sharing media goes. I love that second play though on the highlight. You can tell what I mean by a Seattle-like corner. He rips the ball away from the tight end (maybe ASJ? I cant tell what number the Husky is) for the pick. Awesome.

Free Safety Avery Patterson: Redshirt senior, probably a 6th-UDFA type player. Played nickel corner his first 2 years and was pretty bad at it. Improved greatly his next two as a safety. Read the field well, ok tackler. Best asset is speed which was used to adjust on overthrown balls. Probably 5’11’’ and 180. Recovered from a devastating knee injury late in the 2012 season to play and start in every game this past season.

Final Prognostication: Really don’t know if he’s considered draftable and doubt the Eagles draft him. Maybe they pick him up as an UDFA though.

Strong Safety Brian Jackson: Another Redshirt senior. Two year starter at the position. Sure tackler. Comes from famed high school Hoover in Alabama best known for the MTV reality show about the football team (and John Parker Wilson’s younger brother). Could see him becoming a special team ace. Similar to Patterson probably considered 6th-UDFA. Very sure tackler. Too small to play SS in the NFL (5’10’’ 190).
Final Prognostication: Basically read what I wrote about Patterson. I could defiantly see him as an UDFA pick up and survive a couple rounds of roster cuts, maybe a practice squader.

Why Am I Listing These Guys?/90 Man Roster Possibilities/Blasts From the Past

I have listed the following players in most likely to end up with an NFL contract of any type to least likely. Honestly, some of the ones towards the bottom may have given up their football dreams or moved on to other pursuits. Unless you’re a football junkie you may just want to skip this section all together.

CB Cliff Harris - LOL, just kidding. He hates Chip and I’m sure the feelings mutual. All the talent in the world but cant stop falling over himself. A serious disappointment to Duck fans, especially considering he watched the saga of Jeremiah Masoli up close. We’ll always have his quotes though "I’m the Cheese on top of the Nachos", "We the big brother (talking about Oregon State)", reporter,"Why’d you choose Oregon?" Cliff,"I like green (referencing school colors) cause money be green." Uncle Cliffy also had what turned out to be a game winning punt return touchdown versus Cal in the Title game season. No Cliff, no Title Game and that’s the truth. Thanks Cliff.

CB Talmadge Jackson the Third - Took over starting duties his junior season. Led the Ducks in interceptions his junior year (2009) and quickly became the #1 corner on the team following Thurmonds knee injury (Not that any of you care but in a sad twist of fate the player who replaced Thurmond as a starter was Willie Glasper, a senior former 4 star recruit who had bided his time on the team waiting for a chance. During the following weeks practice he tore his knee doing positional drills ending his season. You couldn’t help but feel awful for the guy, and the team obviously had some serious cornerback issues they needed to figure out). Smaller corner, 5’10’’, probably 190lbs by now. Was always great in coverage, but never turned his head around in time to find the ball. It became a meme amongst Oregon fans. "TURN AROUND, TALMADGE!!" If he has learned to turn around he might be a good nickel corner. Quick and fast. Was an UDFA of the Baltimore Ravens, came down to final cuts, signed to Jacksonville’s practice squad for a while. Bounces around CFL teams.

Safety Marvin Johnson - Every year he was on the team so was Chip in some capacity, his senior year season ending in the BCS Title game loss. Was elected a captain of the team as a senior (although under Chip the team had 16 captains), 5’11 220lbs. Better hitter/tackler than coverage if memory serves me right. Benched 365 in college. Was in the second set of the safety rotation with Javes Lewis (whom will be mentioned later), but still played a lot of snaps. Has never had a sniff of the NFL that I know of but has played in the IFL and other assorted leagues hoping someone sees some potential in him. It seems like every four months or so I see someone Duck related retweeting a recent Marvin Johnson article or something so he still seems to be chasing the dream. Crazier things have happened and maybe Chip brings him in to see what hes has.

Safety Javes Lewis - The afore mentioned Johnson’s safety running mate in the second unit. Surprised everyone when he left school as a red shirt junior (2010 being his final season) because he would have likely stepped into a starting role the next year. 6’1 190, nice combination (at least for college) in speed and delivering hits. Signed with Kansas City as an UDFA and was one of the last cuts. I believe he’s in the CFL in some capacity. Hasn’t done much, but again, Chip might think the talent is there and theres not really a risk to signing a guy to a futures contract. Really wish he would have stayed until his senior season (he probably does too).

While there are many more that could be listed the ones written about in this "highly unlikely but maybe" category have experience with Chip and have had some sort of professional football experience.


WLB/SLB in 4-3 Spencer Paysinger - Currently a restricted free agent of the New York Giants. Came to New York as an UDFA and has defied all odds by sticking around. The Giants have cut drafted players in favor of Paysinger. Has improved every single year he’s been in the league. Is supposedly really good at special teams (I don't exactly spend my free time breaking down special team film). First year in the league a special teams ace, second year would be worked onto the field in some packages, and by his third year was a starting, every down weak side linebacker (in a 4-3) who made all the defensive calls until Beason came in. Late in the season Paysinger would come out on third downs in favor of Jaquain Williams who is considered better in coverage and is insanely fast for the position (almost like Kendricks but not that fast). But if you are the Giants front office you’d have to be happy with Paysinger’s continued development. Maybe next year he takes another jump in his development, it would be par for the course. One thing that should be known about Oregon defensive players (and offensive linemen) in college versus pros is that speed is preferred over all else. Paysinger, who’s probably 6’2’’ or 3’’, by the end of his final college season may have played around 210lbs. Now as a Pro he’s up to 250. Casey Matthews has made a similar jump in his weight (insert jokes about his brother and his USC buddy Cushing here), and I would expect Kiko Alonso to go from 235 to 250 by the time next season begins. If the Eagles wanted him badly enough that they would tender an offer to him, he would be a back up middle linebacker and ace special teamer. Did play some mike in Oregon's hybrid 3-4 (if memory serves me right), so not too crazy to imagine him on the Eagles.
Final Prognostication: There is a 5% chance Paysinger ends up as an Eagle this year. Paysinger fits way better in a 4-3. If a team were to go after him I doubt it would be a 3-4. Not sure he would sign with one anyways, it would seem like a waste of the last three years, shaping his body to be a 4-3 linebacker. His career seems to be getting better and better as a Giant anyways so unless he received an offer with a ridiculous amount of guaranteed money or bonuses I see him staying put. Now if the Giants cut him maybe the Eagles sign him as a backup and special teamer.

OLB Josh Kaddu - Has already signed a futures contract with the Eagles. Was drafted by the Dolphins in the fifth round two years ago and was cut this past season. Kaddu is a much better fit in a 3-4 than a 4-3. Think of him as playing the Connor Barwin role. Kaddu has better pass rushing skills than coverage, but isn’t bad in coverage either. Is 6’3’’ 240 and has crazy long arms (combine measurements say 33 3/8’’. One arm is basically as long as half his entire body). I really think Kaddu ends up sticking and making the final 53 as a backup to Barwin and could sub in on 3rd down and blitz packages. This is a great example of Chip using his intimate knowledge of former players, taking a guy who was used completely wrong on another team and potentially turning him into a worthwhile NFL player. And as a fun fact, Kaddu’s father was the heavyweight boxing champion of Africa in 1987 winning it for Uganda. I guess this is pertinent because athleticism runs in the family? I mostly wanted to say "heavyweight boxing champion of Africa" and think about what a crazy event that might be.

Draftable Prospects

OLB Boseko Lokombo (pronounced Bo-say-co Low-come-bow) - Born in Canada. His family is Nigerian. 6’3’’ 230 and loads of athletic potential. If he gets a combine invite he might perform so well that he would be too high on draft boards to be a realistic option for the Eagles. Being a native Canadian has already been drafted once. Despite being considered by some the best Canadian prospect EVER, he fell far in the CFL draft because everyone expects him to play in the NFL. A good pass rusher but that’s almost entirely due to his athleticism. In 2011 he scored 4 touchdowns. Kinda weird/impressive for a defensive player. Just speaks to his athleticism. Needs to end up on a team that plays the 3-4 and needs to be taught the finer points of linebacker play.
Final Prognostication: 10% chance he ends up on the Eagles. Fit’s the defense really well but is probably drafted higher than the Eagles would like. If Lokombo is available in round six then yeah, I’d guess the Eagles take him then. A lot if it comes down to how many of these type of players does one franchise need. You have Kruger, Kaddu and a bunch more prospects under contract that all play two positions. I’d guess the Eagles use their first on an heir apparent to Trent Cole and then be done with OLBs in the draft.

Why Am I Listing These Guys?/90 Man Roster Possibilities/Blasts From the Past

OLB Kenny Rowe - Back in the days when Chip loved lying to the media about playing a 4-3 poor Kenny Rowe (6’ 3’’ 230) was mocked by so many opposing fans for being "too small to play defensive end" when in fact under Chip he was a 3-4 OLB pass rushing specialist. Has been in camp with the 49ers the last two seasons but has never made it to a practice squad or active roster. Rowe is a good at pass rushing but below average in coverage. Rowe’s coverage led to Cam Newton’s lone touchdown pass in the BCS title game. On the other hand on different big stage, the Rose Bowl, Rowe sacked Terrel Pryor three times and earned defensive MVP of the game. It’s considered very rare for a member of the losing team to win an MVP award of a bowl game. I remember Chip being almost upset that some seniors from the 2010 season weren’t being drafted and saying something to the effect of, "Brandon Bair, Jeff Maehl, Kenny Rowe all look like NFL guys to me," well there is only one guy in that quote not currently under contract with the Eagles. Hmmmm.

MLB Michael Clay - A student of the game. Was an UDFA last year by the Dolphins. Small by college standards (5’11’’ 220) was an awesome college player. Could recognize plays and shed blocks surprisingly well for his size but in the end his size was his biggest detriment to a potential NFL career. I remember reading an article not to long ago where he said he may not pursue anymore professional football opportunities, then again he was on the Dolphins which turns out were the most dysfunctional team in the league. So maybe he reconsiders it all and gives it another chance if called by Chip. I really thought he had a chance for a long career just as a special teams ace. He ended up not red shirting because of his long snapping abilities, so he is multitalented. Who is Philadelphia’s backup long snapper? Maybe Clay makes the roster as a backup middle linebacker/special teamer/emergency long snapper. He has skill. Definitely a lot of love between he and Chip as well.

*UPDATE* My first hit of this post. Clay has signed with the Eagles. As a coach. Understand I had been working on this post prior to Clay's signing. So I earn a star, just not a gold one.

Defensive Line

DE/DT/NT/FB Will Tukuafu (Too-Koo-Ah-Foo): Restricted free agent of the 49ers. Is short and heavy (6‘ 290), more of a space eater/immovable object on the line. Ironically was Oregon’s sack leader his senior year as a 250lbs defensive end. But when you’re an UDFA you do what ever the team tells you to do even if that’s gain fifty pounds for their scheme. Made the active roster as a rookie Mike Singletary’s last year as coach but was placed on IR after the second game of the season. Played on the line and special teams Harbaugh’s first year, third year in the league learned the fullback position giving him more value and most likely securing a roster spot that year. 4th year began with an injury settlement, Bruce Miller, the 49ers regular fullback gets hurt late in the season, they resign Tukuafu this time as a full time fullback. Played nearly half the teams offensive snaps against Green Bay in the divisional round. If the Eagles signed him he would probably be a backup NT. Was a senior Chips first year as coach.
Final Prognostication: 5% chance he ends up on the Eagles. They wont tender an offer to him, only way he ends up in Philadelphia is if he’s cut. Not even sure he fits Chips NFL scheme.

Draftable Prospects

DE/DT Taylor Hart - A Chip and Azz guy 100%. A great mixture of size, speed and strength (6’6’’ 290). A rare Duck actually from Oregon. Very first play I really took notice of him as a Duck it was his red shirt freshman year, he ran down Tuaren Poole on a 30 yard gain in what may have been a touchdown had he not chased him down. I say that to demonstrate his nonstop motor. Was moved all over the line at Oregon, even was used as a stand up rusher at some times. Had a Senior Bowl invite but was hurt. Really curious what he runs at the combine. Could move from 4th-5th round to 2nd. Hart reminds me of Datone Jones from last year because of positional versatility to go with size, speed and strength. I think Hart is a severely underrated prospect at the moment.
Final Prognostication: 15% chance Hart ends up an Eagle. Would be a luxury pick if he fell or perhaps a need if the Eagles decide to say farewell to some of their DEs for some reason. Chip and Azz probably are hoping he falls enough to pick him up.

DT/NT’s Ricky Heimuli-Havili (6’ 310) and Wade Kelikikipi (6‘ 295) (Hey-moo-lee Ha-vee-lee and Kay-lee-kee-kee-pee) - It probably isn’t fair that I list both of the players at the same time, but they really aren’t fits for the Eagles defense. Both seem like 4-3 defensive tackles in the league, Heimuli may have the size to play nose tackle. Kelikikipi was always the more solid of the two players ("Big Wade" red shirted, Ricky did not) but coaches used the "N" word about Heimuli which led to and will lead to some unfair expectations of him. Yes, they compared him to Ngata, as in multiple all-pro Haloti Ngata. Defensive coaches said he had that type of potential, but the thing is Oregon’s defensive system at the time was not really the best to show it. The nose tackles or defensive tackles where mostly space eaters, not quarterback/running back pursuers. Both showed flashes pushing players into the backfield but neither developed a consistent pass rush (or one that Duck fans were allowed to see due to scheme).
Final Prognostication: Wade fit’s the Eagles scheme and feels like a late round to UDFA type of guy. I’ll say 30% he becomes an Eagle. Ricky, on the other hand has more potential making me think he ends up between the 4th and 6th rounds. Doubt he’s drafted by the Eagles so I'll guess 5% chance he ends up one.

Why Am I Listing These Guys?/90 Man Roster Possibilities/Blasts From the Past

DT/NT Matt Toeiana - Toeiana’s and Chip’s time at Oregon did not cross. Toeiana was drafted in the 6th round of the 2007 draft, half a year away from being on a team with Chip. Was signed by the Bears after nearly a year on the Bengals practice squad and lasted on the team until Lovie Smith was fired. I’m not even sure if he’s still playing or what (he spent the entirety of his last year in Chicago on injured reserve) but Toeiana defiantly carved out a career for himself as a space eater NT/DT for first and second downs. Is 6’2’’ 310. Would not be a waste of an early roster spot to see if he has anything left.

DE Terrell Turner - Senior season ended with the Rose Bowl victory game, so his entire Ducks career was spent around Chip. Spent time in training camp with the Seahawks but was an early cut. Has expressed a desire to continue a pro football career. Came to Oregon as a linebacker, moved to defensive end but did not do much, if any, coverage type of things in Oregon’s system, so a true DE all the way. Was extremely quick, using his quickness to beat offensive tackles. Undersized for the position (6’3’’ 265) though maybe he has gained weight in the last few years? Maybe he could be an OLB in the 3-4, or gain more weight and move inside. Like most players listed in these sections I have no idea if he’s still pursuing a pro career.

Are you as exhausted as I am? Did I just waste my precious time? Did you read it all? If so give yourself a pat on the back. You now know more about players who are probably never going to come close to the Eagles than you ever wanted to. I hope you learned something. God, for over 5000 words you better of learned at least one thing. I'm probably going to do an offensive equivalent (sorry) so look forward to all of that fun!

If you have any questions about the players listed or Oregon players not listed feel free to ask in the comments section though I am hardly what you would consider a football expert. Maybe some other Duck/Eagle fans can chime in. Just to be clear, I'm not so much an Eagle fan as I am an OrEagle band wagoner so I may have made a mistake or two (or fifty) when it comes to the Eagles roster in the post.

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