Jeremy Maclin Turned Down Five-Year Contract Offer from the Eagles

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin turned down a five-year contract from the Eagles, opting for a one-year deal instead.

Shortly after the Philadelphia Eagles announced the re-signing of wide receiver Jeremy Maclin to a one-year contract worth up to $6 million, Maclin met with the media to field questions regarding his new deal. A number of interesting topics were touched upon.

Contract Length

One of the most noteworthy takeaways was that Maclin turned down a five-year deal that the Eagles offered to him. Maclin didn't like the money being offered in that long-term deal, so he figured a short-term contract was more viable. Maclin didn't rule out of the possibility of rekindling contracts talks of a longer deal during the upcoming season.

What this shows, if it was already unknown, is that the Eagles definitely have interest in keeping Maclin for the long-term. Don't be surprised to see both sides try to work out a new deal in the future.

The label of a "prove it" deal wasn't appreciated by Maclin. "I don't have anything to prove to anybody." Clearly Maclin is confident is his ability to put up big numbers in Kelly's offense and earn a more lucrative deal after this season.

Decision to Return

Maclin said he knew he wanted to be with the Eagles all along. It was only a matter of agreeing on the deal. Maclin's words go beyond lip service considering how much time he was spending at the team facility as part of his rehabilitation process. And the feeling was mutual. "The Eagles said all along they wanted me here," Maclin explained.

Health Status

Complicating the Maclin contract negotiation was the fact he missed the entire 2013 season with an ACL injury he suffered last summer. Maclin downplayed the fact that his injury is still a concern at this point. He said there is "no doubt" he will be ready by training camp in July. "I'm running, I'm cutting, I'm lifting. I'm happy with where I am."

While Maclin should be ready for training camp, he wasn't sure if he will participate in Organized Team Activities. It was noted that he still is yet to be officially cleared by Dr. James Andrews.

Fitting into the Eagles Offense

The Eagles offense seemed to do pretty well last year despite Maclin's absence. So how will Maclin fit in when Riley Cooper and DeSean Jackson are also in the fold? Some have speculated Maclin could see time in the slot. One of those people is Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. "The good thing about [Jackson, Cooper, and me] is that everyone can play everywhere. No one is limited to one spot. Chip will make us successful," said Maclin. " I bring a lot to the table. There isn't just one thing I do. My ability to be versatile, beat man-to-man."

Message to Eagles Fans

I'm looking forward to making plays for you guys.

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