2014 Mock Off-Season - 2.0

So after much thought and consideration, there was a few flaws in my mock off season last time around. I will admit, I was a bit over zealous on the trade idea for Dion Jordan, and I recant. I still would love to see us trade for him, but I just don't see MIA wanting to take all the dead money they would if they traded him. Was not aware of that aspect.

Team needs - Starters at Safety, Rush LB, WR2/Slot, and depth across the OL, ILB, and CB

Explanation on this is simple, our corners are good enough starters that with better and solid safety play they don't NEED to be upgraded. I've been saying this for years, great safety play can make average corners look fantastic. Trent Cole didn't start to get consistent pressure and sacks until Davis started to get creative with his blitz's and found Trent some one on one match-ups. That's simply not good enough for the starting predator role LB. Maclin and Cooper are both free agents so the need for a WR is pretty obvious, and Avant desperately needs to be upgraded.

Re-Signings - I'm not going to mock contracts, just simply because its pretty much impossible. I think we keep our core players from last year who have youth and continue to build on from there.

Riley Cooper - WR - Cooper will get a multi-year deal. Yes, his off the field shenanigans may be all well and fine here, but I doubt it is fine elsewhere. Something like that doesn't sit well and a lot of GM's may see him as a locker room issue if they sign him and don't want the media attention for it, and he's really not that great to be worth the extra attention. home town discount keeps Foles favorite target here.

Jeremy Maclin - WR - One year prove it deal, maybe two for his own security in case he gets hurt again. High reward low risk, and everybody is curious what he'd do in this system. I see him strictly as a slot role for our system, less snaps means he can recover better and put less strain on his body.

Cedric Thornton - DE - While he did bust onto the scene quite a bit and is a great run stopper, he lacks in the pass rush department and won't command a large contract. He'll be back.

Donnie Jones - P - We've lacked consistency on special teams for years. Though I was a huge fan of Brad Wings last year and wanted him to win, Donnie is the man. If we can't get him to a long term deal he may get the tag.

Colt Anderson - ST Ace - Not even considering him a real safety, pretty much same as above, we've lacked consistency on special teams and he is a stand out in that department. Worth keeping.

Let Walk - Micheal Vick, Geathers, Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman. Vick wants to start and deserves the chance, so let him try somewhere like JAX to get the gig. Geathers was just depth that can easily be upgraded. Nate Allen/Coleman experiment went terrible wrong, and I don't even want either for depth unless Nate can be had for a vet min type deal. Came down to Coleman or Colt for special teams ability and I'll take Colt any day over Coleman.

Cuts - Jason Avant and Patrick Chung. Only two cuts on the roster that seem to make sense. Chung is terrible and over priced, 5th round rookie Earl Wolff looked better as the season went and deserves a shot to start and Avant just isn't worth the money. He's a great locker room leader, but that only gets you so far at such a valuable position.

Trade - I got two trades I want to mock out here and see people's opinions on them.

Brandon Graham to the Vikings for a 4th - their whole DL is aging and could really use some age/depth. They may be just the team to see Graham a bargain at a 4th.

James Casey to the 49ers for L.James - 49ers really missed out on having Delanie Walker last year and love running the two TE sets. Casey is athletic enough to give them that edge again. James is probably going to get cut and not make their roster. Though I agree it may be better to just wait and see if he gets cut, but we can pawn off a contract that many want to cut regardless. This is more of a way to get rid of Casey and his contract without taking a 2mil hit than it is trading for a back up RB and kick returner. I think James can easily take the RB4 spot from Tucker, and maybe even beat Polk at RB3.

Free Agency - I don't see us making a huge splash, before I wanted to push hard for TJ Ward, but seeing CLE going down the spiral it is, they need good news, and I think he stays put. Don't want Byrd, too damn expensive and we can spread that money elsewhere.

Kenny Britt- WR - TEN - I know a bunch of you hated this one last time but I'm sticking to it. If we can get him on a one year prove it deal it could be fantastic. I want Britt and Cooper fighting for the WR2 spot and Benn/Maclin fighting for slot spot. Competition everywhere.

Malcolm Jenkins - S - NO - The once first round pick, never lived up to expectations. But many high calibur teams make THIS kind of pick ups in free agency. Take a gamble on a "bust" and see if they just need a change of scenery. I wouldn't call Jenkins a bust at all, he has been a quality starter for NO since they drafted him, just not worth the first round pick they used. Jenkins could come in an start right away and be way cheaper than a Byrd or Ward.

John Jerry - G - Mia - Offensive line depth, still young and is in a bad scheme for his abilities. Seems every year Roseman likes to look for a round peg in a square hole offensive lineman. He hit gold on Mathis as a journeyman and tried again last year with Barbre. This is his pick this year.

Terrance Cody - NT - Another player who never lived up to his expectations. He is a true nose tackle and our defense lacks that. Adding him would give Billy Davis a chance to use Logan how he was supposed to be used, rotated around the line based on what the package was needed for. On pure passing downs put Logan back in at NT.

As you can see, every player I targeted, was a low risk high reward type contract that we all loved PHI did last year. Some will hit, while some might miss. Still wouldn't be mad if they did somehow land Ward.

Round 1 - Calvin Pryor - S - Louisville - Cardinals hard hitting safety. I see him as a bigger Bob Sanders everytime I watch him play. His only real down side is that he sometimes goes for the big hit when he doesn't need to and that can be out coached. This will let Billy Davis decide out of three safeties which of the two will be his starters, remember, PHI runs a defensive scheme where safeties are interchangeable so there is no real SS/FS.

Round 2 - Jeremiah Attaochu - OLB - GT - I think Trent can start one more season and rotate in with Attaochu. Great pass rusher even though his scheme/position has been changed several times. That versatility may be a plus in Roseman's eyes, and it should be, he proved he can get to the QB both with his hand in the dirt and not.

Round 3 - Pierre Desir - CB - Lindenwood - Let's face it, depth at CB is a must. We can't go back to what we have if Fletcher or Williams goes down, and they refuse to remove Boykin from the slot even for injuries. I think Desir can develop into a quality starter even though he's from a small school.

Round 4 (Vikings) - Brandon Thomas - G/T - Clemson - Can play both guard and tackle, more versatility and depth to an aging OL.

Round 4 - Jordan Zumwalt - ILB - UCLA - Kid is just a pure football player, was even told during senior bowl practices he needs to calm it down. Exactly who you want on your football team and may even be able to unseat Ryans in a year or two. Put on the tape, absolutely love him.

Round 5 - Aaron Colvin - CB - OU - This is a gamble pick for the future, let him sit on IR for a year. Colvin was considered a first round/second round prospect before he tore his ACL at the senior bowl. Round 5 and later I'm all about these kinds of picks.

Round 5 (Patriots) - Connor Shaw - QB - SC - Ever watch a player and just think to yourself "Man, he'd be perfect at insert school name here" I used to think that constantly of Shaw when I watched his games and Chip Kelly was still in Oregon. I think he'd easily beat out Kinne for QB3 in this scenerio since I didn't sign a vet QB from FA.

Round 7 - Colt Lyerla - TE - Oregon(kinda) - Colt would essentially be a massive gamble but well worth it at the 7th round. Chip knows him well enough to know if he off the field issues are worth gambling a 7th round pick on a 1st round talent. Colt is a fantastic run blocker who destroys people at the point of attack and runs with a ruthlessness. He'd easily replace Casey after trade to SF and even be a FB in short yardage situations.

So, as of right now, this is my dream off-season. I'm sure things will change by time the draft comes. There is always surprise cuts/trades that make us all question our thoughts on the draft.

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