FREAKZ FA & Draft plan

Free Agency – Who to let walk, Resign and Sign

Let Walk:

QB – Michael Vick – Pretty much wants to start. Was a good leader and team player for the Eagles but unless he wants to backup Foles cheap I don’t see him coming back.

S – Kurt Coleman – Got the right mindset and heart for the game. Just not the physical ability to warrant a place on the roster if they want to get better.

DE – Clifton Geathers – Fits the big people beat up little people profile. But was more looks like Tarzan plays like Jane.

S – Nate Allen – Allen played well this past season but do the Eagles settle for a solid S or finally shore up the spot with a stud. If he’s able to be kept at a reasonable price keep him, other than that I would let him walk and test FA.


P – Donnie Jones – Had a solid season with some position changing punts.

WR – Jeremy Maclin – Think a lot of people forget how good Maclin is and what he could’ve done in this offence. Watching some old tape on him from Missouri and Eagles games and this is one baller we don’t want to let go. He could be explosive in this offence and defenses would have to reconsider putting a S in the box to stop the run and shading the other S towards DJax. Hoping is ACL is good to go of course.

WR – Riley Cooper – Breakout season for Cooper this year. Solid blocker and ST player. But he aint no Maclin. In saying that he is a good piece to the WR core and I could see him signing a team friendly deal just to stay with the Eagles.

S – Colt Anderson – Purely a ST ace. ST players are underrated and sometimes underappreciated. Those ST tackles can be what changes the field position from being good in our favour to good in theirs.

DE – Cedric Thornton - Solid run play this season. Not much of a pass rush on him. Would either resign him or put a 3rd round tender on him. Can see Joe Kruger battling him for a spot next season since he’s put on the bulk and has more pass rush and athleticism on him.


FS – Jairus Byrd – Age: 27 Ht: 5’10 Wt: 203

It’s about time we get a playmaking Safety. The former Oregon star is a proven ball hawk and a solid tackler. He makes the QB hold the ball that little bit longer when throwing deep. T.J Ward is also a FA but I think he will get the tag and there is a chance Byrd gets tagged again as well. If both get tagged then resigning Allen would be a priority.

SS – Taylor Mays – Age: 26 Ht: 6’3 Wt: 220

A physical freak with the measurables and speed. Improved his coverage last couple over seasons and plays ST. Need depth. If you can get him on a good deal why not.

NT – Linval Joseph – Age: 25 Ht: 6’4 Wt: 323

Need a pocket collapser with the ability to rush the passer and some agility on him as Davis runs a lot of stunts with the DL. Either to start or rotate with Logan. Square just doesn’t cut it. Other NTs like Cam Thomas, Terrance Cody or B.J Raji got the size and youth but have either struggled against the run and have been overtaken on their depth chart. Raji played DE but still struggled and got himself a -13.6 PFF grade which is second to last on interior DL FAs.


With the Eagles selecting near the end of the rounds I can see them missing out on a lot of potential targets to other teams before them. So I did my draft with the mindset of who would likely be there to be selected. Also players who are either BPA or best fit for the scheme. No trades in this.

Round 1

S – Calvin Pryor – Louisville – Age: 21 Ht: 6’2 Wt: 202

Been talking this guy up for too long now and it looks like scouts are finally ranking them on their boards. Come combine he might actually end up being the no.1 Safety ranked and taken. Size, speed, aggression and puts some real pop behind his tackles. Technique and consistency might be an issue with tackling but he has the will to hit so it will be easy to teach. Byrd and Pryor at the back will rival Legion of Boom’s Thomas and Chancellor.

Round 2

OLB – Marcus Smith – Louisville – Age: 21 Ht: 6’4 Wt: 258

Two Louisville players in a row. Would like to think someone like Kyle Van Noy falls here but I see him selected top 40 along with Attaochu. Smith can get to the QB, play the run, stack and shed blocks, play DE along with standing up on the outside or inside and has the ability to cover receivers down field and not look out of place.

Round 3

ILB – Shane Skov - Stanford­ – Age: 23 Ht: 6’3 Wt: 245

Ryan’s aint gonna be here forever. Good depth for now and future starter. Another year healed from his ACL injury should help get his speed back. Has nice aggression, sound tackler, good blitzer and is able to play zone. But what I like about him is he stands out as the QB of the D. Something that will need to be replaced when Ryan’s is gone. Reminds me of Vontaze Burfict the way he plays.

Round 4

WR – Jared Abbrederis – Wisconsin – Age: 23 Ht: 6’1 Wt: 189

Not the biggest or fastest. But all he does is get open and make plays. Can play outside or in the slot. Blocks well and can play ST. Avant needs to be upgraded. Good person and team player but is doing nothing receiving wise. Heck Avant might even be a cap casualty who knows.

Round 5 (a)

RB – De’Anthony Thomas – Oregon – Age: 21 Ht: 5’9 Wt: 170

KR/PR needs some spark. Can score from anywhere just get the ball in his hands. Needs to put some more beef on for sure. But put him on with Shady, DJax, Maclin and I have the need for speed.

Round 5 (b)

OT/OG – Michael Schofield – Michigan – Age: 23 Ht: 6’4 Wt 303

Peters, Mathis, Herremans are all over 30. Depth behind them and replacements for the future will need to be addressed. Schofield is perfect for this scheme and has no problem blocking at the second level. Needs to get stronger and could be a possible replacement starter at RT or G.

Round 7

CB/S – Dontae Johnson – North Carolina State – Age: 23 Ht: 6’2 Wt: 199

Wolff’s former teammate. Had a good showing at Senior Bowl. Play press and play off. Need depth at CB and has the ability to play S.

So that’s my ideal offseason plan. FA and Draft will have this team locked, stocked and ready to blow some teams up! YEAH BUDDY!!!

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