The Smart Offseason


Donnie Jones- No brainer, multiple special teams player off the week awards and best punting that Philly has seen in recent years. (4 yr, 6 mil)

Jeremy Maclin- I understand the draft class is deep, but Maclin is too good to pass up to another team. The injury means we could sign him for multiple years at a discount price. (3 yr, 13 mil)

Riley Cooper- Again I get the draft class is deep, but Cooper showed a lot of promise and play making ability. That along with his chemistry with Nick Foles makes him more valuable to the Eagles than any other team. (4 yr, 13 mil)

Cedric Thornton- Another one of the Eagles break out players from 2014. He's restricted and the team can lock him up for many years. (5 yr, 16 mil)

Colt Anderson- Does no one appreciate good special teams play? Anyone who actually watches the games knows that Anderson is a pure special teams player, and rarely plays ever plays at safety, besides at the end of the 2012. So everyone who says "clean house on safeties" needs to stop saying cut Anderson. (4 yr, 4 mil)

For those I didn't include, I wouldn't mind Micheal Vick as a back-up, but he wont stay, someone will start him next year. Nate Allen I have no opinion on, he's and average player, I wouldn't mind keeping him for depth purposes, but other than that there's no room for him on this team. I hate Kurt Coleman, he's always trying to pick a fight on the field and falls for play action every single time, so he's gone. I like Phillip Hunt, I think we keep him till camp and let him battle for a position on the roster. The rest I didn't see enough of to have an opinion, so they probably won't be on the team.

Restructures, Cuts, Trades, and Extensions:

Jason Peters (extend): Our line is set, Peters is earning every penny he gets, so we give him a few more years so were not in a bidding war for him next year.

Jason Kelce (extend): Kelce is still on his rookie deal, so he gets a significant pay raise and more years. He's earned it. (I think an average yearly salary of 3-5 mil)

Trent Cole (restructure): This guy is a good player, has potential to be great, but he hasn't earned that 10 million he's set to make in 2015. So an extra year or two, more guaranteed money, an extra bonus or two, sack incentives, and drop that salary a few mil.

Cuts: James Casey, Patrick Chung, Arrelious Benn, Brad Smith, Alex Henery, Casey Matthews,

Trades: Maybe Brandon Graham due to lack of production, but I think we end up keeping him due to his potential.

Side Note: DeMeco Ryans is a popular names on these restructure or cut lists, but he's the leader of our defense, a great player, and deserves every penny he's making. 6.8 mil, after the linebacker situation a few years ago (remember when Casey Matthews started), that seems fair to me, if anything give him an extension. He's played great for us.

Free Agency:

I want Byrd or Ward... but it's not gonna happen. Ward is getting tagged, the Browns have more cap space than anyone this year and will retain him. Byrd wants too much, and as much as I'd love to see him in Eagles green, I don't think Howie is willing to turn out his pockets for him. So this is the direction I think we go for free agency

Chris Clemons: With Miami trying to retain many key defensive pieces and trying to fix their offensive line woes, the Eagles maybe able to snatch up this talented safety in free agency. Not exactly the solution Eagles fans are hoping for, but him and a healthy Earl Wolff could make for a much improved safety spot at a bargain price. (does that not have Howie Roseman written all over it?) (4 yr, 14 mil)

Graham Gano: Everyone is saying Eagles need Gano, and I agree. Henery is just not cutting it and Gano will have a major impact. Plus the Panthers have seven other starters to resign, and could lose a bidding war with Philly for this kicker. (5 yr, 12 mil) (I know its a lot but it will be a bidding war)

Shaun Phillips: I know we all want Orakpo, and don't rule it out, he may want to stay in the division. However I think there are other teams willing to give Orakpo a huge contract that Howie won't be as willing to dish out. So I see us snatching this underrated pass rusher from the AFC champions. They have a little over 11 mil in cap space, and have Wesley Woodyard on the way out, so they may neglect to sign Phillips. With 10 sacks last season, he may become a key rotational piece to get pressure on the QB in Billy Davis' Defense. (2 yr, 6 mil)

Terrence Cody: A big 320 pound NT to rotate with Bennie Logan seems like a good investment to me, we have no other true NTs on the roster, this guy could come at a bargain with the lack of success in Baltimore and Chip and Billy could develop him over the years. (2 years, 1.5 mil)

Trindon Holiday: Again, its Denver, they're a little short on cash and could easily lose a bidding war for the services of this returner. With a lack of success on returns last year, this could give the Eagles a huge special teams edge. (3 yr, 4 mil) (I know it's a lot for a returner but it will be a bidding war if we go for him.)

Draft: Now the Eagles draft is tough to predict due to their "best player available philosophy", not to mention I'm doing this before the combine, so i have no clue where the big board will be in 3 months, but im gonna take a crack at the eagles draft (first three rounds)

Round 1: Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State: Though I don't believe he will fall this far in May, right now he's rated lower then some of the other prospects and looks like he could. Best player available at the time and eagles have a position battle with Cary Williams, Darqueze Dennard, and Bradley Fletcher (whose in his contract year), sounds good to me.

Round 2: Ed Reynolds, S, Stanford: Here's where need outweighs talent. Depth at safety is key, and another position battle at safety with Chris Clemons, Earl Wolff, Ed Reynolds, and why not give Colt Anderson a shot (he wasn't bad when he filled the position at the end of 2012)

Round 3: Dominique Easly, DT/3-4 DE, Florida: It's in bold for a reason, we need rotational players on the line. Though he's coming off an ACL tear, he's a tremendous talent the Eagles can afford to wait for and develop.

Though the rest of the draft, I expect the Eagles to continue looking for defensive depth. I also expect an interior offensive lineman and a late round WR and/or QB.

That's my take on the Eagles offseason. I like the WR combo of Jackson, Cooper, and Maclin and really think it would work well for Nick Foles and the team. Upgrades at safety and pass rush are necessary, but once in place this defense will be scary. Depth in the defense is another key to address, we need more rotational players that can give the starters a break and be successful. Our defense was on the field more than any other last year due to the hurry up offense, so they need reinforcements.

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