Dream Offseason

Free Agents:

Keep: Donnie Jones (3 yr, 3 mil), J-mac (1 yr, 2 mil), Riley Cooper (3 yr, 9 mil), Cedric Thornton (4 yr, 12 mil - 5 yr, 15 mil) Colt Anderson (3 yr, 3 mil)

Donnie Jones has shown the Eagles the best punting they've seen in a while, and accumulated a few special teams player of the week awards along the way, so keep, and splurge a little if there's competition. J- Mac seems committed, and unless the Jets mean business with trying to give him a decent contract (which he is worth), I say keep no matter what, but I know howie doesn't feel the same. Riley is a MUST resign in my opinion. Him and Foles have great chemistry and we need to retain our big body receiver (did you see what Seattle's big bodied guys did in the playoffs?) Cedric is restricted, and went from practice squad to starter in one offseason. He was our best D-lineman this year and we should lock him up while we have the chance. Colt is a great special teams player, I don't want him for safety play (though he showed promise at the end of last year)

Let the rest go. Personally I don't like Coleman at all, he gets stupid penalties and always gives up the long pass when the other team goes play action. Vick isn't worth the money to be backup. I'm indifferent on Nate Allen, but I would rather overhaul the safety position while we can. The rest just aren't worth money or roster spots.

Restructure: Extend Kelce and Peters contracts NOW instead of next year. Also restructure Cole and Todd, and I would say Jackson but he hasn't complained yet this offseason, so lets keep in that way.

Cuts: James Casey, Damaris Johnson, Jason Avant, Patrick Chung, Casey Matthews, Alex Henery

Avant I don't wanna lose but if we keep coop and J-mac, we will most likely go receiver in the 3rd or 4th round, and Avant's salary might be a luxury the eagles can't afford (especially with my plan, you'll see) The rest just aren't worth it or don't fit in my grand scheme.

Free Agency:

Now I know big moves have been bad in the past, and we probably wont go this route, but the talent is out there this offseason, why not make the moves while we can?

Byrd-man (4 yr, 40)( but only guarantee him 12 mil, so we can cut him if he busts)- Byrd is a top tier safety. He's great in coverage and can make open field tackles. I trust him in our last line of defense, and it would give us the closest thing to Brian Dawkins as we'll be able to get for a while. Plus he wants to leave buffalo, and Ward will most likely get the franchise tag.

Shaun Phillips (3 yr, 11 mil) coming off a great season and on a team that will have trouble retaining all its assets, we could snatch away that pass rusher chip Kelly would love to have. and we can put him at OLB

Graham Gano (3 yr, 4 mil) We need an upgrade and the panthers have eight other starters to resign, lets steal him.

To save myself more criticism than I'll already probably get (wait for my draft), I'm not gonna use names for the rest of the free agents due to the fact that I tend to dream a little big. However I would like to address the depth of safety position in free agency. No more big names just guys Chip likes (I trust his judgement). At safety I'm happy with Byrd and Wolff for next year, one more in free agency, colt and maybe a late draft pick (unless my draft doesn't go as planned, you'll see). I would also like a backup interior O-lineman, preferably one with a little center experience, and maybe another NT for the rotation.

Draft: (I'm only doing first three rounds, I'm not college football savvy enough for the late rounds, plus you just never know whose still gonna be on the board at that point.)

First round (trade into spot 2-6 if Jadeveon clowney is not picked)- we would probably have to lose a future first rounder, obviously the 23rd pick plus either the second or third (well say third), and a late rounder (don't care which) but hear me out)- He is the best player in this draft. I love our young D-Line, all three are young promising players, but jadaveon brings something dynamic to the table. With him you have a player who can match-up against double teams and still get penetration, so when billy does rush 5 guys, clowney is a big threat, and when he only sends three, he's a slightly smaller threat. Teams are underrating him due to quarterback needs, if we can snag him, our pass rush will be very dangerous. One more point, Seahawks proved what a great defense can do, I love our front seven, they did great this year, but they are not good enough to win a championship and we lack the presence of a dynamic threat. Here's our shot to get one. Plus the Rams, Jags, and Browns have all expressed interest in trading down.

If teams come to their senses and pick him #1 or #2: Louis Nix or Calvin Pryor

Second Round (with Clowney): I personally like Deone Buchannon. And again, if we want a championship team we need to build up this defense and this secondary.

Without Clowney: Marcus Smith: with no clowney I'd like to upgrade our pass rush through this promising OLB prospect.

Third round: If we still have this pick, I would really like to see Stan Jean-Baptiste in Eagle green. He is very raw, but a 6'3" corner who could potentially match up with bigger receivers. I maybe favoring bigger corners since the Super Bowl, but can you blame me?

I know, the Clowney thing is a real longshot, and so is Byrd for that matter. But hey that's why this is a dream offseason.

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