2014 NFL Draft Prospects Thread

Are you obsessed like me with learning about all of the different prospects in the 2014 NFL Draft? Want to be that guy that opens everyones eyes to a can't-miss prospect? This is the thread for you.

I love reading and studying different prospects and would love to see some of your guys' opinions on who are some early/mid/late/undrafted prospects that you feel the Eagles should draft, someone you feel will have a great career in the NFL, or just someone you think is very underrated.

Feel free to post any amount of prospects and maybe a short summery on them. And feel free to dispute any of my or others claims.

(AndersJ) Jerremiah Attaochu DE/OLB Georgia Tech.- At OLB I really like Jeramiah Attaucho, he is 6-3 245 and has played both OLB in a 3-4 and now 4-3 DE so he fits perfectly in Davis’ multiple front defense. The only negative thing with him his he needs to play more under control as he often bites on fakes.

Jarvis Landry WR LSU- I really like this guy, and think that if he's there in the second round and the Eagles didn't resign both Cooper and Maclin, they should take him. He's a very willing blocker and is a great combination of speed and toughness. Isn't getting as much attention because of LSU's other WR Odell Beckham JR. But I think Landry is better. I love that he can line up anywhere and in a less WR-heavy class he is probably a first round pick.

Demarcus Lawrence DE/OLB Boise St.- 6'3" 245 pounds and an athletic freak. Certainly on the lighter side for NFL, but is very quick and has good strength. Has everything you look for in a 3-4 OLB but is a pretty splashy player (bet you can't find a better highlight tape than his). Had 10.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles this year (4 last year). Is also good on special teams with 2 blocked FGs. I think he is a first round talent but he does have character concerns having been suspended on 2 different occasions for undisclosed reasons.

(birds'n'raiders) Jackson Jeffcoat, DE/OLB, Texas- 6’4" 250 lbs, 4.70-4.80 projected 40-time Former #2 overall recruit in the country. (As Jimmy Kempski has pointed out many times, the Eagles have a major affinity towards former top recruits.) Son of NFL DE Jim Jeffcoat.Winner of the 2013 Ted Hendricks award (best DE in college football), named Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year, and a Walter Camp All-American.12 sacks, 82 tackles, 21 tackles-for-loss, 1 FF, 1 INT in 2013. For some reason hasn’t been invited to Senior Bowl, and some varying opinions on his draft status. Projected anywhere from 1st to 5th round. Has issues of inconsistency and tends to disappear from games.

(immynimmy) SS Deone Buchanon – Washington State 6’ 2" 210 lbs Grade: 2 Very physical. Can lay the boom but he has really bad technique. Playmaker. Creates turnovers. As with most reckless CFB players, it can get him in trouble. Very good cover skills…in fact he’s probably more rangy in that attribute than run support (which is way I think he would be better as an FS). Great ball skills. Needs serious coaching to reach potential. Great STs player and great and blitzing.

(wannabgm) C.J. Fiedorowicz TE Iowa- 6’7’’ 270 lb senior who can make every block and has soft hands. He runs sharp routes and is a respectable red zone option. Why he is the 3rd or 4th ranked TE prospect I am struggling to understand. At our 2nd pick (#54) I’d strongly consider drafting him and feel lucky about it. Ertz can become more of a slot receiver than TE and Fiedorowicz could be Celek’s future replacement. He’s arguably a more talented blocker than Celek.

(immynimmy) WR Brandon Coleman – Rutgers 6’ 5" 220lbs Grade: Round 3 Uses his size very well. Great redzone threat. Will overpower any CB that is smaller than him (and that’s most CBs). Runs routes kind of sloppy…works in college, won’t work in the pros. Strong enough but should be stronger for his size. Speed is average. Hands are above average. Definitely a project but he has a high ceiling but still raw.

(Eagles808) Aaron Lynch DE/OLB UCF- Aaron Lynch is a 6’6 245 lb OLB who runs about a 4.75. Extremely athletic and explosive, with an elite first step. Also has good size and long arms. The only problem with him is that he is extremely raw. I think he is graded at about a 3-4 round pick. I think this would be a perfect long athlete for Chip, I really hope we pick him up.

Billy Turner OT North Dakota State University- 6'5" 310 pounds. A very athletic OT who should start getting a lot of attention during/after the Senior Bowl. Good run blocker and decent pass protector. Played very well for a powerhouse FCS team. 2012 and 2013 FCS AP All America first team.

(AndersJ) L'Damien Washington WR Missouri- He is 6’4", 205 and supposedly runs around 4.4. He still runs very raw routes, but he is very good at high pointing the ball and fight for it. He would be a perfect development WR even if we bring back both Cooper and Maclin.

(deg0ey) Tre Boston S UNC- I love this guy – used to be a CB, but at 6’1, 205 the Tar Heels decided to move him to safety. As you’d expect from a former CB, the strongest point of his game is in coverage. He supposedly runs a 4.4, has really good instincts and has a knack for playing the ball. He’s easily got the range to play single-high or cover 2 schemes. His biggest weakness is definitely tackling. He does usually get his guy down, but it’s rarely pretty, generally tackling with poor technique and missing more than he probably should. He’s also a willing run defender, but the tackling issues tend to get exposed even more in those situations.

Ryan Carrethers NT Arkansas St.- A freak at 6’2" 330 pound (apparently only 16% body fat) who has been a stud for a small school team. Ranked second on the team in tackles with a ridiculous 87. Also a workout warrior who was a state champion wrestler in high school. Would be a great compliment to Bennie Logan imo and add some bulk to the line.

Jon Halapio OG Florida- A really tough player who I love. Got poked in the eye on game and needed to get stitches after the game to stop the bleeding. But he played through the pain the entire game even though he couldn't really see. A very good straight-forward run blocker and pass protector, who unfortunately may not be fast enough for all the pulling in the Eagle's scheme. But definitely will make a team happy if he fits in there scheme.

Brandon Thomas OG Clemson- This is a guy I really like too. Played tackle in Clemson and really did a good job against Clowney in the tape I watched. Will probably have to play guard in the NFL but is definitely athletic enough. Could do with increasing strength some.

Gator Hoskins HB/TE Marshall- Leads D-1A TEs with 15 receiving TDs this year. Had 10 last year. He's only 6'2" 244 but that is the same as Jordan Reed. Has good hands, good speed, and fights for extra yards. I really like this guy.

Dontae Johnson CB/S NC State- A big corner who is a solid tackler. Really did a great job snuffing out screens against Sammy Watkins when they played Clemson. Lacks great long speed but is pretty quick.

Will probably continue to update this list day-by-day. Will try to keep list going from who I think will be the highest picks to the lowest picks/undrafted.

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