Off-season Plans and Ideas Post

The season has once again come to an end, and it's time for what most of us avid eagles fans do. Start planning for the offseason. I'm only going to address skill positions and leave the O and D Line out of this one, but please do reply to what you feel we should do! SO I'm not going to waste any time so I'll start right off. Just keep in mind, these are just ideas and I am also going to most likely make some spelling please keep the hate away. GO EAGLES!

Offense. The explosive off season needs some depth and this years draft and free agency luckily offer that.

WHAT IF (QB) : Nick Foles has obviously earned at least the chance of becoming next years leader of this explosive offense. With Vick most likely getting ready to pack his bag, depth at the head of the offense is a minor concern. Matt Barkley had his chance to "shine" in a match up in philly against dallas as the crowd started a "Barkley, Barkley, Barkley" chant.. (I was there). I was excited to see the young gun go to work but i was soon let down. With this being said, it was his first look...and was bound to end up ugly. So he obviously around another year, but he needs some competition. SO THE CONCLUSION- What if, we sign Chad Henne for one year and draft Braxton Miller in the 5th.

WHAT IF (RB) : I don't feel the need to discuss this, Lesean and Bryce seem to have this under control..but a big FB could be a great investment for those 3rd and short.

WHAT IF (WR) : We release Riley Cooper to obtain the money and resign Maclin to a one year deal, then sign Eric Decker or Golden Tate to a 2 or 3 year deal. To add depth, draft someone like Robert Herron (Washington) in the fourth round.

WHAT IF (LB) : Connor Barwin and Kendricks had for the most part, pretty decent years.. but some help is still needed. Also, if we can get some great players at this position, Trent Cole can be moved back up on the end to where he was feared. So, we draft Vic Beasley in the 1st and bring in Brian Orakpo on a three year deal, who we thought could have came last year, to a three year deal.

WHAT IF (CB) : Cary Williams and Brandon Fletcher were brought in to sharpen up this horrific CB crew. Giving them credit, they did what they were asked and should definitely stay, but we need that one player we can trust to shut down the games greatest receivers. What if we draft Terrance Mitchell in the 3rd round and sign Brent Grimes to a four year deal in FA. This would VERY MUCH sharpen up this DB crew with Brent Grimes, Cary Williams, Brandon Fletcher, and the up and rising Brandon Boykin who can now fully work on being a slot corner.

WHAT IF (S) : This can be looked at by some as our weakest position, so here is what I have. Release Nate Allen and Patrick Chung for the money and let's be honest... we ALL want Jarius Byrd, but the realization is that he will be tagged, again. So here we go, we sign T.J. Ward to a four year deal and draft Deone Bucannon in the third round to come in right off the back with a chance to start. Ward obviously gets a starting position and Bucannon gets to battle out in training camp with Earl Wolff and Kurt Coleman. Yes I know. Kurt Coleman.

WHAT IF (K) : As much as I love Alex Henery for his youth, the foot just isn't there. Phil Dawson is deemed to be a FA if he doesn't get resigned.

So here is the big signings and I know an issue that will be looked at is money:

Chad Henne ( 1 year )

Eric Decker or Golden Tate ( 3 years ) ... Golden Tate would obviously be cheaper.

Brian Orakpo ( 3 years )

Brent Grimes ( 4 years )

T.J. Ward ( 4 years )

So I know everyone is concerend with money from this view but if it is done right by our management, it is possible. Remember, we are letting Michael Vick, Riley Cooper, Nate Allen, and Patrick Chung..Plus some other obviously. So the money would be there, and if it gets tight.. we go to plan B of signing Golden Tate instead of Eric Decker for moneys sake.

So that is my basic and simple hopes and plans. What do you guys think?

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