End of the season mock!

As I said I will do a few mock offseasons throughout the offseason until free agency and then the draft. I thank all of you for the helpful comments to make my mocks better. Feel free to bash this one.


Michael Vick- Bye. He wants to start and will get it somewhere.

Arrelious Benn- Bye. Unless he comes back really really cheap. But I say they look for a WR in the WR deep draft.

Clifton Geathers- He is not that good, can't play the run or pass. He also has been seeing the field less and less.

Kurt Coleman- Bye. Only sees the field on ST's.

Cap before resignings: 21,883,963


Jeremy Maclin- 1yr 2mil -Maclin comes back too excel in the Chip Kelly offense. Its a high risk low reward type of deal. If he comes back healthy and can excel in it he will get a nice pay day next season.

Donnie Jones- 3yrs 2mil -I don't really know the amount punters get. Donnie has played very well and deserves too come back.

Cedric Thorton- 4yrs 22mil -Ced gets paid pretty well. Can't let him go one of the best run defenders in the NFL. I would like too see him play better in playoff situations.

Nate Allen- 1 yr 2mil - I was up in the air on this one, I bring him back simply because if we can't get a hold of a saftey this offseason at least Nate would be serviceable.

Colt Anderson- 1 yr 1mil- Decent ST play allows him to come back.

Cap after resingings: 10,213,963


Pat "wheres the ball" Chung- He sucks we save 2,250,000

James Casey- Wasn't what we expected saves 2,985,000

Jason Avant- Cut but brought back on a cheaper deal saves 154000 (signed a 1yr 1mil)

Casey Matthews- I think we can get a better depth special team option.

Jeff Mahel- Can't get on the field

Damarias Johnson- Look at Mahel

Alex Henery- Bye. We cut Akers we can cut you.

cap after 17,742,963


QB Matt Cassel 1yr 1mil Why not get the guy who beat us? We need a backup QB. He is a veteran QB and can allow Barkley develop for a few years. Cassel is pretty reliable and can help Foles.

WR Robert Meachem 1 yr 2mil Bigger WR. See what he can do.

LB Dan Conner 1yr 1mil ILB depth and isn't that bad on special teams.

Eagles trade Bryce Brown to Miami for a 4th rd pick.Miami could use another RB to go along with Lamar Miller. We make a 7th rounder turn to a 4th while Miami gets a nice tandem. Instead of Miami using a 4th on a unproven RB they get a talented RB in BB.

Eagles trade Brandon Graham to Minni for a 3rd rd pick. BG has a chance to start as Minni needs a pass rusher with Jared Allen leaving. BG is young and is pretty talented.

Cap after trades and free agency: 16,742,963


picks 1,22 ; 2,21 ; 3,8 ; 3,23 ; 4,19 ; 4,22 ; 5,21 ; 6,23 ; 7,22

With the 22nd pick the Eagles select Vic Beasley OLB Clemson

We need a pass rusher in the worse way. We get the best at the spot where picking. He is raw but is able to sit behind Cole for a year while he gets bigger and better against the run.

Trade! The Eagles trade 2,21 and 4,22 to the Texans for 2,3

With the 3rd pick in the second round the Eagles select Bradley Roby CB Ohio State

A falling Roby falls to the second round. The Eagles considered Roby and Verret at pick 22 but decided on Beasley.The Eagles see Roby in the second and pounce right away.

With the 8th pick in the third round the Eagles select C.J Feidorowicz TE Iowa

6'7 TE, he can block and could be a great threat in the red zone. He is raw but could turn into a player like Health Miller is in Pitts.

With the 23rd pick in the third round the Eagles select Max Bullough

Max plays with pride and thats what Chip likes. He could play special teams and be a good run stopper. He needs work around his game and thats what you expect out of a third rounder. Good value here.

With the 19th pick in the fourth round the Eagles select Jimmie Ward S Northern Illionis

Jimmie is a pretty good saftey. Watched him a few times and he is not afraid of contact. He is the perfect fit next too Earl Wolfe.

With the 21st pick in the 5th round the Eagles select La'Damain Washington WR Missou Tigers

6'4 wideout who could use some polishing. He is explosive and can excel with Foles and Chip. He also uses his size, wouldn't mind if he bulked up 10-15 pounds.

With the 23rd pick in the 6th round the Eagles select De'Anthony Thomas RB/WR Oregon

He falls due to bad play this past season. He is still FAST and could be our Wes/Woodhead/McCluster in our system.Endless plays for him screens, draws, slants, and he can return kicks and punts. Would love him here.

With the 22nd pick in the 7th round the Eagles select Ryan Groy OG/OT Wisconsin

Athletic lineman could use depth on our line.

After the draft the Eagles sign Kicker Phil Dawson to fill out our roster.

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