2014 Mock Off-season

Most of you know I do this every year and it usually is followed. I've been on this website now for a few years and occasionally post on other blog sites but only use bleedinggreen for my mocks since this seems to be the site that gets the most interest on the subject. Anyways, here it is.

Team needs - Starters at Safety, Rush LB, WR2/Slot, and depth across OL, ILB, and CB.

Explanation on this is simple. Our corners are good enough starters that with better/solid safety play they don't NEED to be upgraded. I've been saying this for years, a great safety, makes average corners looks fantastic. Trent Cole didn't start to get consistent pressure/sacks until Davis started to get creative with his blitz's and found Cole some one on one match-ups, that's not good enough. Maclin, Cooper are free agents so the need for a WR is obvious, and Avant desperately needs to be upgraded.

Free Agency - I don't see us making a "huge" splash in free agency, I can see one big signing and the rest bargain gambles as we did last year. There just isn't enough needs on this team to aggressively attack free agency AND the draft. The great teams build from the draft and great scouting, Roseman is beginning to see that.

Re-signed - Riley Cooper - WR - He had his most productive season working with our new golden child Nick Foles, I think he's a security blanket for him as well. His off the field issues, well handled here in house with no issues, can't guarantee the same across the league. Will make it harder for him to get a great deal.

Cedric Thornton - DE - While he did bust on to the scene, and is a great run stopper, I don't think he'll command a huge contract seeing as he struggles vs the run. He'll be back.

Jeremy Maclin - WR - One year prove it deal. He needs to be more physical, and Chip is going to throw him in the slot and make him more physical or he'll drown and not be back. I'm well known for not being Maclin's biggest fan.

Donnie Jones - P - This one feels almost like a given for me, one of the best punters in the league last year, may even see a franchise tag from Philly.

Nate Allen - S - Depending on his contract, he could easily return, but I'm throwing him here as a 50/50. I'm just totally unsure of him at this point.

Colt Anderson - ST Ace - He should never see the field as a safety. His sole purpose on this team is to play ST and I think he's worth it. Our ST's units have been .. sub par .. for years now and he's the one consistency we've had since gaining him.

Players to let walk and cut - Jason Avant, Chung, James Casey, Vick, Geathers, Kurt Coleman, Philip Hunt (RFA)

Seems pretty obvious to me, Vick wants to be a starter, then so but it, give him a shot somewhere like JAX or CLE. He deserves it. James Casey/Chung just aren't worth the amount of money they would be getting, so need to be cut. If Trent Cole doesn't restructure his contract then he'll need to go as well but I'm leaving that off for now. Geathers/Coleman/Hunt are just depth players who can easily be upgraded because they simply weren't good enough.

Free Agency Additions -

Kenny Britt - WR - Ten - Britt is a big, physical WR who loves to engage blockers on running plays and aggressively attack CBs. I love his attitude on the field, not so much off the field. Can be a bit of a locker room cancer reports have said (Delanie Walker interview), And I think it was his attitude, not so much his play that put him on the bench this year. He deserves a one year prove it deal as well and would love to see him, Cooper, Benn, and Maclin all fight for the WR2/Slot positions and the two losers would make for great depth regardless. Having both Cooper/Britt on the field for running plays as blockers would be fantastic.

TJ Ward - S - Cle - This is my one big free agency signing. The former Oregon Duck is a strong hitting, reliable safety, that this team needs. He'd instantly upgrade our entire secondary and is still fairly young. He'd be our defenses Batman (corny joke alert) not the defender we want...but the defender we need.. Everybody wants J.Byrd but I'd rather have Ward.

John Jerry - G - MIA - Offensive line depth, still young and is in a bad scheme for his ability right now in MIA. Seems every year Roseman looks for the wrong fit type OG prospects in free agency (Barbre, Mathis) and this is this years.

Terrance Cody - NT - Balt - Cody has not lived even close to expectations, but I think that's mostly due to injuries. If he can be had very cheap he may be an upgrade at NT and allow Bennie Logan to rotate around the line like he was drafted to do so.

Summary - As you can see above with the free agency/resigning period. I made a priority on resigning our own players we've developed as well as brought in competition across the field with one exception. I seriously hope this is how our free agency plays out, I'd be very excited. Now, we covered several positions of need in free agency - Safety, WR looks very capable now, some OL depth, so for the draft, they can focus on drafting BPA while keeping an eye out for upgrades at Rush LBer.

Mock Draft- I'm going to do one trade and one trade only in this mock, it may seem a bit far fetched but hear me out. Brandon Graham, our 2014 1st and Bryce Brown for Dion Jordan.

MIA would do it - Drafting Dion Jordan lit a fire under the asses of the players in MIA and Jordan wasn't ready to crack the starting line up. Cameron Wake was already a beast but Vernon really blew up the stage and deserves a shot starting. Adding Graham to a scheme that fits him better than ours will also boost his trade value. Brown wants to be a starter and said it before, I think he'd get a fair competition out in MIA and we'd basically be throwing him in to add to the pot. There are plenty of RB's late in the draft who can be a back up change of pace to McCoy and be the North South runner we need Brown to be but he refuses to be. The first is obvious.

Why we do it, Dion Jordan is already very familiar with Chip Kelly, his conditioning and would be a better fit in our scheme than in MIA's. He'd be the rush linebacker everybody wants Philly to draft in round one and would probably start day one even over Cole.

Round 2 - Deone Buchanan - S - Washington State - Playmaking, hard hit dropping safety. Let him/Nate Allen/Wolff all battle it out for the starting spot opposite TJ Ward. Never enough safeties. I'm a huge fan of using 3 safeties on the field in dime sets over a fourth CB to stop running QBs.

Round 3 - LaMarcus Joyner - S/CB - Florida State - Great special teamer, playmaking machine. As I mentioned above, more depth for Dime Sets. I view Joyner more of a Honeybadger type role in Arizona. I only think this pick would happen if we don't resign Nate Allen and like I said I'm 50/50 on that subject. If this isn't Joyner I'm going with Zack Martin - OT/G from Notre Dame. OL Depth is still needed.

Round 4 - Jordan Zumwalt - ILB - UCLA - An angry angry man. Was told to tune it down in senior bowl practices. Exactly the kind of attitude you want in the middle of your defense.

Round 5 - Chandler Catanzaro - K - Clemson - Henery needs to be upgraded as simple as that. Yes its awesome to have a kicker who's pretty much automatic inside the 40, but whats the point if he can't even be considered to try outside the 40? Competition is key here. Chandler was 100% outside the 40 this year, 3 40+ and one 50+.

Round 5 from NE - Kenny Hilliard - RB - LSU - Since we traded Brown to the Dolphins, we need a pure north/south runner to compliment Shady McCoy. Hilliard is just that.

Round 7 I think we will loose to the Bucs. We owe them a compensation pick for Benn trade this year, but if they get nothing since Benn was on IR all year I think this pick is going to be Colt Lyerla - TE - Oregon. He was mocked and talented enough to go top 2 rounds but off the field issues and quitting the team make him almost undraftable. Round 7 is for players worth going UDFA but you think is worth the gamble. Bryce Brown 2 years ago.

Well.. that's it, let me know what you guys think. Put a ton of effort on this so hopefully its appreciated unlike some of the 5 line mocks that are on this site. Any questions below I'll gladly answer.

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