Part III of 4: All-22, Eagles Offense Beating Dallas

1 and 10, PHI 20.


Two tight ends on the right side of the line, although they aren’t stacked. Lane Johnson is trying to get another lining up off of the ball penalty but still no one is buying. DeSean will come in motion, the CB follows, so we have man coverage. Interestingly, the two Dallas LBs are going to switch, just for something to do while they watch DeSean.


They really like Riley running these stick and ins. Anyhow, DeSean and Celek are going to run shallow crossing routes. The standout is Ertz – I’m really liking this kid. He starts behind Celek, and he’s running a slightly deeper route where I think he’s just supposed to park between the hash marks. He sees Foles scrambling right away from the pressure, and works towards that side of the field.


Textbook stuff but if he doesn’t do it, Foles is throwing that away. 14 yards, move those chains. By the way, I think Dilfer or someone was saying one of the things he loved about Foles was his pinpoint accuracy when rolling right. That is becoming more and more apparent.


Hits Ertz right in the hands, right in front of his face as he’s running across. I could have caught that.

1st and 10, PHI 33.

Shady runs for -1. Straight vanilla run to left tackle. We have six guys (line plus a TE), they have 7. No one pulls, just straight hat on hat. Maybe we were trying to trick them, maybe we saw something, maybe we are just keeping them honest. Either way they keep the edge when McCoy tries to bounce and we lose a yard.

2nd and 11, PHI 32.


This was frustrating. First, right before the snap, the CB on Jackson up top is going to back off to the 40 yard line. I’d be happy with a quick screen and DJax trying to make a guy miss.


Secondly, 54 is Bruce Carter and he is bearhugging Celek. That’s the ball in the air there, and he must like Celek a lot because he keeps hugging him all the way until the ball arrives. No flag so the play goes for an incompletion.


In the interest of fairness, Hatcher put a hell of a swim move on Mathis and Mathis may be holding him. The official is right there, but since they weren’t calling holding today, maybe he’s daydreaming about Tom Brady or something.

3rd and 11, PHI 32.


We ran something similar on the other side on third and long and it probably should have worked. The middle WR of the three is going to delay/step back and then run a short out. The other two are going to take the CBs deep. With 3 defenders on that side, 2 of them have to make a decision. The wide CB has to decide whether to follow deep or cover the short route. The S has to decide to which of the deep guys to take.

The problem this time is the outside receiver is turning infield towards the safety. More on this next. Cooper is running his standard "I’m not involved in the play so I run a 15 yard in route".


We did this on the other side. The wide CB has to choose and in both cases he gets "middled". That yellow box is wide open. For that matter, so is the short route although maybe the CB makes the tackle and we don’t get the first down. Foles only has one chance to make the throw due to the protection breakdown. He doesn’t take it, and here’s what happens.


Five rushers, five lineman (plus McCoy). Hat on a hat.


No one, and I mean no one, likes a double mastectomy. The Cowboys hate boobs, and I hate them. 54 has backed out so, 4 rushers. Kelce is in the middle, everyone else has a guy, McCoy is sliding along the back of the formation trying to figure out where he is needed.

The guy who is going to cause the trouble is 99, the left DE Selvie who is crashing into Johnson. Both ends are going to crash laterally and both DTs are going to swing around. 94 the right DE (Ware) is first going to crash into Kelce, and then grab his facemask.


That’s his hand there. Meanwhile 98 is sliding in behind Kelce. It looks like that’s on Herremans.


But Foles is a mobile quarterback so he sidesteps big 99 whose foot you can just see. Meanwhile Kelce is pissed off so he goes and headbutts DeMarcus Ware for being a facemasking dick. But by now Peters has gotten beat by the switch on his side. I want to send this to Collinsworth. He couldn’t shut up about Foles lowering his eyes when there is pressure. If Foles steps up into the pocket here he has more time, but instead, since he has his eyes downfield, he winds up to throw to Cooper and gets sack-fumbled.

1st and 10, PHI 20.


Holloway finally gets one right. We do the awesome thing where we motion Avant in and have him block the outside guy. That’s Avant’s CB in the left of frame doing nothing. It looks like this is designed to go left (so, camera right).


McCoy goes right, Holloway is there in the hole, Lane can’t get off his double fast enough to take him out, and we get stuffed for no gain. I’d just like to point again how Avant is stonewalling his dude (Wait! Is that rookie S Jeff Heath! Who let him back into the play! Nevermind, no credit for Avant).

2nd and 10, PHI 20.


This is a deep shot. Three WRs running routes, everyone else in protection. Foles sees DJax one-on-one and fires. There’s definitely contact, but it’s hard to tell from the all-22 what actually happens. Looks like the CB just turns to run downfield and makes sure his body is in the way of DJax so he can’t accelerate.

3rd and 10, PHI 20.


Here are the routes. We motion Shady out into the flat for the first time this game.


The one route that’s open is Ertz on the out-route. There is a safety on that side, but it’s rookie safety Jeff Heath and someone realized he was in the play last time so he’s back in exile. Unfortunately Hatcher is bringing the pressure right in that passing lane.


Again we have problems with 4 rushers. This time they run some tricky dick stuff with the left DT running straight upfield, and the left DE crossing with the right DT who is looping around.


Lane Johnson can’t get off his block to handle hatcher, and McCoy is out in the flat, not in protection. I’d probably rather have seen McCoy and the LB on him stay in the middle. The Cowboys have been doing funny things with their LBs on 3rd and long all game (like spying Foles and dropping into coverage on short crossing routes). But maybe we were just seeing if they’d leave McCoy open out there.

So, that was quick. Shady maybe picks the wrong lane. We take a deep shot but don’t hit it. Line protection breaks down. The Cowboys D-Line is really starting to get into this one.

1st and 10, PHI 47.


Not sure what the plan is here except to get McCoy out to the edge. We have Herremans pulling and they have two LBs who are unaccounted for.


Maybe we were just counting on Holloman doing something dumb again. Quick toss to McCoy, Herremans takes 54, but 57 and the safety are inbound. 1 yard gain.

2nd and 9, PHI 48


Another unbalanced run with Peters moving to the right side. Love these plays. Herremans is going to pull around and take the DE, Casey is going to cross in and take 51 (we did this early in the game), and Peters is going to loop around for the CB.


Everyone doing their jobs. Peters has the poor CB (his first name is Orlando, so he has to be used to getting bullied), Casey has done enough on 51 for to get McCoy the edge, and who is that heading for our old friend Holloway? Why, it’s Kelce!


Peters is sitting on the CB, Kelce is driving Holloway into his own player, and Shady is cutting back. The two players in pursuit stop him, but not before he gets 13. Run, run, run, run, run run run run run.

1st and 10, DAL 38.


Running play. Again we see Avant motion in and act as an extra blocker, this time on the left side of the line.


Right after the handoff McCoy hesitates, and our old friend Holloway thinks a run left (camera right). Mathis does a great job off of his double-team of freeing himself in traffic to take care of Holloway. You can see Jarius Wynn, the left DE for Dallas on this play, fighting with Lane Johnson. Wynn is going to try to get inside Lane, and Shady will have to bounce it back and outside for 10 yards. Wynn gets inside via the above pictured illegal use of hands to the face, and then Lane keeps him from recovering as Shady bounces outside with what was probably a hold. They’re letting them play, to say the least.

1 and 10, DAL 28


We line up with DJax on the right, and again motion across the back of the line, leaving us with Riley wide left, a 2WR stack, and Celek on the right side of the line. The CB doesn’t follow DeSean, they are in zone. As the ball is snapped, that CB is going to drop way back into his zone. The LB next to him has to cover Shady who leaks out to the flat, and the other LB is rushing.


Great way to take advantage of zone coverage. Foles is looking right up the middle. Celek is crossing to play left, Avant slightly deeper to play right, and the slot corner can’t cover both of them. He stays with Avant and we have Celek wide open on the drag route for a gain of 22. It’s worth noting the excellent protection five on five. Peters does a great job of passing the DE on to Mathis and jumping laterally to get good position on the LB Holloway who is coming around the right end.

1st and goal, DAL 6.


Brad Smith incomplete. He lines up at left WR and then motions over next to Foles in a two-back set. The play design is pretty simple – the line crashes right, Foles hands to Smith, and we’re trying to throw to Foles back across the formation. Ertz is also going to leak through into the endzone and follow the play to the right.


Brandon Carr is going to stay at home and cover Foles, and you can see 54, LB Bruce Carter backpedalling. Good recognition. He’ll try and cover Ertz.


Brad Smith should complete this pass. Although you can’t tell in a still, Ertz is at full speed heading for the corner and Carter has just turned from a standstill so he’s both slower and has his back turned. Smith waits too long, but he still has Ertz open.


That’s the ball, thrown too far behind Ertz. Carter still hasn’t caught up. We certainly won’t see many more Brad Smith at QB plays if he can’t throw the football.

2nd and Goal, DAL 6.


DJax motions again from the right side across the back of the formation. Shady immediately goes into the flat.


Here we are a couple of seconds after the snap. Avant and Ertz are in the middle trying to cause some confusion but the Cowboys are only rushing 4 so there are plenty of people there. Foles’ first look was to Shady, and with that amount of space maybe he can beat those two guys – but Shady doesn’t turn his head until later. The real miss is DeSean who is wide open in the left flat. He even throws his arms up right after this still. Foles isn’t looking that way, and doesn’t have time. Nick Hayden, 96, the right DT for Dallas, is going to loop around the line.


At the same time, Ware gets around Peters but he’s pretty far upfield. Foles steps right instead of stepping up, but doesn’t know that Hayden is coming around the corner. Throws it away, incomplete.

3rd and Goal, DAL 6.


Straightforward. Cowboys have eight on the line, no one in the end-zone. They bring seven of them and Foles hit Jackson on the hot slant but he can’t make it in. After this comes the timeout and then the unsuccessful sneak. Good drive, couple of missed opportunities on the Brad Smith throw and Foles not seeing DJax in the flat (for the umpteenth time this game).

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