Eagles potential  off-season

This is what I could envision for the Eagles off-season. It may be some wishful thinking but possible:

Trade:I say that the Eagles trade down in the first with Carolina who has targeted a particular WR such as Kelvin Benjamin and don't want to risk KC selecting him. They get Carolina's 2nd rounder as a result. They trade Brandon G. to Miami or even MINN for their 4th rounder. Then they flip one of the 2nd rounders with WASH & also give them the 4th that came from that Miami or MINN deal. If WASH wants more send them Chung (why not try- I say with a little giggle).

FA: they sign both FS C.Clemons & SS Bethea & bring back Coleman at the minimum. Sign Maclin to a team friendly deal & Cooper if possible and if not for any other reason than for Foles' comfort.

Let walk or restructure: say goodbye to Chung & Allen. Avant gets a pay-cut. Renegotiate with Casey this year & Celek/Cole/Demeco this year or next.

Draft: At 28 & 34 Eagles take Van Noy & Dee Ford (LB) BYU & Auburn

54: Take either Purifoy or Fuller (CB) FLA or VT ( I like both & either would be an asset)

86: Take Dion Bailey (S) USC (Best safety there)

118: B. Coleman or Montcrief (WR) Rutgers or Ole Miss (prefer Montcrief because of his size, especially if Cooper doesn't return)

150: Andre Hal or J. Watkins (DB) Vandy or FLA ( I doubt Watkins will still be there & both are hybrids CB/S )

157: Ryan Carrethers (DT/NT) Arkansas St. (big body athletic guy to clog the middle, I see this as a value pick)

214: Spencer Long (OL/G) Nebraska (this is a steal but his knee injury really hurt his value. He is worth the low risk

& he'll provide some future depth & possible replacement)

Other: I would love to throw Aaron Colvin (CB) in here somewhere maybe with a comp. pick .He is in a similar situation as Long due to injury hurting his draft value.

Another one I like is Tre Boston (S) N.C.

It is unlikely the Eagles will sign both Clemons & Bethea & Cary Williams will be gone after next season & Boykin is best at slot . So, I see the 150 pick of a hybrid so vital . I saw one mock of Hal at nr. 7 overall (yeah, right)

WASH needs bodies and are still devoid a full draft because of RG-3 .So, an extra pick would be welcome & they are notoriously bad at trades anyway, Even if they go crazy with all the extra dough they still won't fill all their needs. So I think they would go for option A or B as their -secondary is not the best. But maybe a late round pick this year or next will sweeten the pot.

MINN might be a better fit for Brandon G. since Jared Allen is a FA. But there are a few teams that might want to take a chance with a 4th rounder for him. Atlanta is another option. Shop him around and drive the price up.

As I mention which is purely hypothetical - Carolina might want to jump ahead of KC to take a choice WR & 6 picks earlier in the 1st should warrant a late 2nd rounder ; I would think the Eagles should get some compensatory pick(s) - who knows how FA will pan out but if they do their current 7th rounder could be in play..

Bringing in Van Noy and Dee Ford ; I think would be a major get. I see Ford as a rush OLB but Van Noy could eventually move inside at a minimum as a future replacement for Ryans or an upgrade over Kendricks : Van Noy excels in coverage but has rush skills.but even if you don't consider him as an upgrade over Kendricks he provides great depth and is sort of similar to C. Barwin. Even if Ford turns out to be a mirage. It only cost the Birds BG & he doesn't fit the scheme anyway. Try and get some value now.

I know I am adding around 5 DB's here but can you argue that they don't need it? After next season we may have only Wolf & Boykin. I like Fletcher but he can't stay healthy & C. Williams (not a fan) will be too expensive. Allen & Chung the door can't hit them in the ar$e fast enough for me. Coleman isn't a starter (big understatement) but I expect him back at least one more year because he will be cheap and can play ST. Colt could also return but only for ST as he is a liability otherwise.

One can argue some of my player choices (outside the top 2) but I think the positions are what is needed both from a potential standpoint & the acquisition of depth. That will help build a strong future.

Feel free to vote or comment - please, excuse some of the random punctuation

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