Brad Smith Reddit AMA Highlights

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles receiver/returner Brad Smith did a question and answer session via Reddit. Read on for some of the highlights.

Eagles wide receiver / kick returner / quarterback Brad Smith isn't just versatile in the game of football. He's also a man of many talents off the field. Smith stopped by on Thursday to do an interactive Ask Me Anything (Q&A) segment with reddit members. You can see the full results of the AMA by clicking here. I took the liberty to highlight some of the best questions and answers below.

Smith, a 30 year old veteran with 8 years of experience, signed with the Eagles mid-season. Smith caught two catches in limited playing time and also played heavily on special teams. Chip Kelly's use of Smith in the redzone drew ire from some Eagles fans. Smith didn't reveal anything too earth-shattering in this AMA but there were some worthwhile nuggets. Smith also weighed in on the playoff expansion and elimination of extra point debates, which are two topics that have been discussed here at BGN in the past week. Without further ado, I give you the highlights:

*Some questions and responses have been edited for reading purposes.*

Q: What are some things Chip Kelly does differently that we don't hear about through the media?

A: There is a lot of Sports Science!! From the time we wake up in the morning to the time we leave the facility there's something that coach has for us to get better. I probably shouldn't give the details but just know there's a lot more than what you've seen.

Q: How did the transition from QB to WR/KR go? Was it something your agent had to convince you to do or do you just love playing at any position so you were wide open/willing?

A: It was difficult at first. More so physically than mentally. Although it was difficult not having the ball [in] my hands every play like in college. I just love the game of football and want to be the best I can be.

Q: What are the biggest differences between the different teams you've played for?

A: All great guys in the locker room. But some places have different vibes than others. Chemistry is just a little different on each team and each season

Q: At what point did it finally sink in that you were going to play in the NFL?

A: Still hasn't.

Q: Mike Vick, Shady McCoy, Desean Jackson. Who wins in a foot race?

A: DeSean.

Q: Out of all the places you've played, which city has the best food?


Q: What was the most challenging thing you've faced in your life and how did you overcome it?

A: I was born with severely clubbed feet and the doctors told my parents I would never walk. Let alone run. My parents and family prayed a lot for me.

Q: The media likes to talk about how Chip Kelly has a different approach to football. Are things really much different with him as a head coach, and if so, what was the biggest change compared to your previous 7 years in the league?

A: Theres only so much x/o stuff that can be done but its Coach Kelly's approach and commitment to doing things a little different. I think his commitment to it is what makes Coach Special.

Q: How strong is the Cowboys hate in the Eagles locker room?

A: It's really football focused during the week. When the game comes then emotions get going.

Q: How does it feel to be one of the few NFL players to have an exceptionally normal/common full name?

A: Weird. I thought of Changing it to Hingle McCringleberry.

Q: Whos the funniest player on the team?

A: Shady.

Q: What are your thoughts on expanding the playoffs? Can you give any insight to the general feelings among other NFL players?

A: I can't speak for everyone else but I like them the way they are. The playoffs should not me easy to reach.

Q: As a player who has played a lot of special teams, what are your thoughts on the NFL considering abolishing extra points?

A: I don't agree with it. Its like taking free throws out of basketball.... sorta.

Q: Who are some people on the Eagles coaching staff who deserve recognition but don't often get it?

A: Equipment staff, Strength Staff, Support Staff.

Q: Exactly what team do you practice with on most days? Offense running wildcat plays? Special teams? Maybe something else?

A: Usually a mixture of everything.

Q: How much studying takes place during a normal game week and what does that work entail?

A: We usually spend 4-5 hours in meetings reviewing game plan and watching film. Then another 2-3 hours on the field. Then whatever extra.

Q: When you were at Mizzou, how did you feel about the rivalry with Illinois?

A: It was a rivalry?

Q: What was one of your favorite moments on the field? A specific memory from a game or a favorite play you had would do.

A: Picking up a fumble in little league and running and my mom running down the sideline with me.

Q: How has Mike Vick interacted with the team since he was replaced by Foles? From reports, it seemed all positive, but I'd like to hear it from you.

A: I Love Mike. He really handled it well and is a great teammate. He really wanted the team to do well.

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