Mock Draft Only

I will do a mock draft as if it was before free agency. The mock I will have covers both needs and players who can have an impact on our team not only this year but for years to come.Here it is and hope you enjoy.Oh by the way there is trades.

Eagles top 5 needs: S, OLB, NT, CB, WR

Eagles draft picks: 1,22 ; 2,54 ; 3,86 ; 4,118 ; 5,150 ; 5,157 ; 7,214


The Eagles trade pick #22 to San Fran for #30, and #94

Why the niners do it is because they look to add a key piece to their offense with either Benjamin or Matthews.

Why the Eagles do it is because we look to add another pick while still getting a player we could use. The Eagles see a few guys who they like in some of the pass rushers, corners, or a saftey.

With the 30th pick the Eagles select Calvin Pryor S Louisville

Calvin at 6'2 is a good physical saftey while he can play SS or FS. He makes very few mistakes and can be a great steal at #30. Now this is before the combine and before players get hyped up, so we may have to trade up to get him by may.

Eagles picks post trade 2,54 ; 3,86 ; 3, 94 ; 4,118 ; 5,150 ; 5,157 ; 7,214

With the 54th pick the Eagles select Jeremiah Attoucha OLB GT

I see him as a second round player and thats it. He needs to learn a little more pass rush moves and be able to utilize those moves. There are other pass rushers ahead of him and Jeremiah could very well be left out to hang in the 2nd round.


The Eagles trade #94 and #157 to Oakland for #69 and #197

Why the Raiders do it they get a 5th instead of a 7th but move back in the 3rd.

Why the Eagles do it we have a certain player fall and the Eagles like him enough to use one of their 5ths to get him.

With the 69th pick the Eagles select Pierre Desir CB Linewood

I don't have too say anyhting but beast. I love this kid and think he can become the next big thing in the NFL. He can sit behind Cary and Fletcher for a year maybe even half a year and eventually start.

Post trade picks: 3,86 ; 4,118 ; 5,150 ; 7,214

With the 86th pick the Eagles select Richard Rodgers TE Cal

He can take the spot of Casey. He can block and he can catch. The knock on him is he isn't all that fast and he looks a little big.

With the 118th pick the Eagles select Justin Ellis NT LA Tech

Big guy who can stuff the middle. Kind of reminds me of Poe and Willams of last year.

With the 150th pick the Eagles select De'Anthony Thomas RB/WR Oregon

I see us using a pick this year on him. He is friends with DeSean and played for Chip. i also see us looking to trade Bryce as i think Chip likes Polk to be the #2. We will need a guy who can return kicks and punts along with being able to play anywhere on offense.

With the 214th pick the Eagles select Aaron Colvin CB Oklahoma

Still think it would be good to pick this kid in the draft and let him sit for a year. He was a 2nd round pick to first but fell to the 7th due to an ACL tear.

Hope you guys liked it and tear it apart. Maybe the trades won't happen but I hope they happen and still get the players we end up with.

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