# 1 Priority this Off-Season

So if Maclin gets a better contract somewhere else and decides to not go with a short-term contract that the Eagles could offer, who are we left with ?

I believe Cooper will get re-signed as long as the #'s make sense for the Eagles, but are you okay with Desean, Cooper, Avant and the rest of the guys they have on their roster right now ?

I think Safety they can upgrade through free agency and they don't have to get the prized free agent to improve upon Chung or Coleman. Maybe they think Allen was solid last year and they'll draft another Safety in the mid-rounds to compete like Wolff did last year, but there are a few options there and they can go in multiple directions with that position.

Cornerback is a need after this year, but our Cb's played solid enough to start next year, so it's not a screaming need to fit the top priority bill.

Defensive line can definitely use some upgrades/reinforcements to build on the play of Cox, Logan and Thornton. I would say, this should be # 2 on our priority list and a position not to be neglected.

LB's we probably have 3 of the 4 starters returning next year, if not all 4 (Cole). Again, like the defensive line position we need to add more competition and like the Cb position, we'll probably have different starters after this season, but if Cole returns with his salary, there are not too many open spots for the 2014 starting LB'ers.

RB - check

OL - all 5 starters returning, maybe build for the future.

QB - We got a pro-bowler in Nicky Foles and Barkley ready to step it up in year 2 and be ready to step-in if needed. At least one more year is needed before we can fully evaluate that position.

TE's - We got 3 !

That leaves us with a frail Desean Jackson and an aging Avant as starters on paper right now. Of course that's not going to stay the same, and if it does then we are in big trouble. Because of the possible chance of losing a couple of our wide receivers to Free Agency, this is the # 1 Priority this off-season. How they are going to address it is unknown, but they have to definitely consider WR with their 1st pick or target one in free agency. Maclin's health and the offers he'll get from other teams are an unknown, Cooper would be a solid #3 if someone doesn't overpay for him. They definitely have to and will consider those two, but regardless, this will be the biggest need going into the next NFL year.

There are also some options in the draft depending on if they decide to stay put with that 22nd pick. 1st round has Sammy Watkins and Marqise Lee but they'll be gone before 22. Allen Robinson is a player that would be available at 22, he has a good combination of size, speed and run after catch ability to fit well in this offense.

Even if they re-sign Maclin, he's coming off a major injury, so you never know when he'll get back to 100%. So it's a big risk to rely on him, and I don't think the Eagles will take part in a bidding war for him if some team comes up with a nice deal for him. So there are too many variables with him to pencil him in as a returning starter.

Right now, all we have is Desean who wants more guaranteed money (it'll be interesting) and Avant who's on the last year of his contract and is a decent # 4 receiver at this point. If the Eagles don't make this the # 1 this off-season, then that offense and this team is going to go nowhere fast, no matter what other position they upgrade.

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