Positional break down of the Eagle needs for the upcoming 2014 season

Player Categories

Starter - Self explanatory

Rotational- Player that is relied upon to play a significant amount of snaps every week, think Brandon Boykin.

Backup- Player that gets a limited number of snaps unless someone is injured, isn't really seen as having the talent to develop into a full time starter, think Roc Carmichael.

Developmental- Player who may currently lack the experience/skill to be a reliable backup but has talent to eventually take over as a starter, think Matt Barkley or Lane Johnson at LT.


2 Starters, 1 Backup

With only Pat Chung, Earl Wolff and Keelan Johnson under contract its pretty safe to say we don't have a proven starter on the roster. Wolff is a nice developmental/rotational/backup player at this time and I could see the Eagles rolling the dice with him as one of the starters but I think thats extremely risky. Chung is a waste of life and I look forward to him being cut...

We need a SS, which could be Nate Allen and we need a FS along with at least one more depth player. I think Byrd and Chris Clemmons are both perfect fits at FS so lets hope they both hit the market.

1 Backup Nickel, 1-2 Developmental Outside

Boykin is really the only nickel CB on the roster. My guess is that if he where to go down Fletcher would move inside and Roc would play on the outside, not really the ideal situation... Boykin needs a backup. With Fletcher hitting free agency after this season and Williams carrying an 8 mill cap number in 2015 it would be ideal to replace one if not both of those guys with someone on a rookie contract.

Roc is an awesome backup by the way, there is a drop off in tallent when he comes in the game but he has the same physical style and skill set as both our starters.

1 Developmental OLB, 1 Backup ILB

At this point I'm fine with Cole and Barwin as long as we have someone with talent developing behind them. I'm also ok with Brandon Graham as the primary backup, Finding out how he would perform with increased playing time wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. At ILB we need a backup for Meco, the thought of Jake Knott or Casey Mathews playing significant time is scary. Najee Goode seemed to play well when he replaced Kendricks.

1 Starter, 2 Rotational

I'd be shocked if the starter position isn't filled by resigning Thronton. The rotational players on the DL are just as important as the starters IMO. There was a significant drop off when Square/Geathers/Curry where on the field this past season. I don't expect Geathers to be resigned as his production could be replaced by a player with a much greater upside or just a better player.

This team desperately needs guys who can come in and successfully 2 gap against the run and create pressure against the pass when the starters are catching their breath. Between free agency and the draft there are quite a few options, I like Chris Baker from the Skins if he hits free agency, I love Ahtyba Rubin if the Browns cut him. I kinda feel like anyone we draft would be an upgrade over Square or Geathers.


Needs 1 Starter Outside, 1 Developmental Slot

We currently don't have a #2 under contract, Brad Smith and Arrelious Benn are both be backups at best IMO. However we do it, resign, free agency, draft, we need someone to start opposite of Desean. Whatever your feelings are on Avant it's pretty clear we absolutely must start grooming someone to take over for him in the slot, I have a funny Feeling Josh Huff will be attached to his hip for the entirety of training camp.

1 Backup

Nothing against Barkley but I just don't feel comfortable being one snap away from watching him against the NFC west next season....

1 Developmental Guard??? 1 Backup center???

Our OL is actually in really great shape. We have exceptional starters, good backups and a few guys that could really develop. Center is the only position we don't have an adequate backup for. I could see wanting to bring in someone to eventually take over for Herrimans but I'm not sure that guy isn't already on the roster. Gabe Ikard is on my wish list for Backup center, he was made for this offense and he can play a little Guard too.


Kinda set here, Casey can fill in at both the F and Y. It would be nice to bring in someone to eventually take over for Celek but its not really necessary and at this point and I don't see many guys beating out Casey in training camp.


With the best RB in the NFL and 2 talented guys on rookie deals I don't think there is room on this roster for another RB.

Special teams

1 Starter

Please resign Donnie Longball

Long Snapper

Dorenbos needs to sign a lifetime extension

1 Starter

Fuck Henery and his weak ass leg...

So let me know what you think, what are the most important spots to fill? What is the best way to acquire the players we need? Who do you like in Free agency? Who should we resign? Who would you draft?

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