Senior Bowl Prospects (CB, OLB, S)

I am very interested in looking at some of the players at the senior bowl this year and decided I would share my thoughts on a couple names of players that Jimmy kempski pointed out would be a good fit in Philadelphia. Since most of us agree that we should go with defense with the majority of our picks this draft I will mainly be covering defensive prospect from rounds 2-5. It is just to hard to tell right now which players will go in the first and at our number 22 spot.

Stanley Jean Baptiste, CB Nebraska

Measurements: 6'2, 215

2013 stats: 41 total tackles, 27 solo, 14 assist, 3 tackles for loss, 4 INT



First few plays in when watching this guy and to me he looks like a small OLB, and a few plays later he rushed from the corner position and used his arms to swing past a TE and stopped a run in the back field. He shows great strength with his hands and I can tell he likes to play his receiver on the LOS, bump and run kind of style. He lacks elite speed that you would want in a corner but makes up for it with his size. He would be good to use against teams that use TE out wide. He did slip once at the snap and his guy got open for a big gain. Seems like he plays more man than zone. He tends to shy away from contact and doesn't look like a sure tackler on most plays, tries to tackle with his body and not wrapping up. Struggles to turn and locate the ball on deep throws. He does play the route very well though on trailing his player. Reads the QB's eyes at the snap while he is bumping the WR very well. Good at sniffing out screen plays and getting around the defender to make the tackle.

Overall grade: 4-5 round. I would say a 5th rounder but I feel like some team will reach for him in the 4th. very good in coverage but pretty bad tackler.

Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB Georgia Tech

Measurements: 6'3, 252

2013 stats: 45 total, 37 solo, 8 assist, 16 for a loss, 12.5 sack 138245304


Has a pretty good inside swim move. Doesn't seem to be able to shake off the tackle after the first move he tries, gets manhandled for the rest of the play. very quick on his inside move. Does't play to many snaps in coverage, probably because he is pretty slow but has quickness. Rarely beats his man with an outside move. Not even good at bull rushing either. Doesn't generate nearly as many hurries as I would want an OLB to get. Great at sniffing out screen passes. Looked much better against clemson than he did against georgia, maybe georgia has better offensive tackles? WOW He tore apart every player of Clemson's line, bull rush, quick outside rush and of course he did excellent when bubbling inside to rush. Looks good when rushing with a hand on the ground or standing up. He didn't look so good in run support. I dont think I saw him make a single tackle on a RB.

Overall grade: 2-4 This guy looked really good in one game but in the other he was pretty much manhandled by the opposing Oline. I am not sure I would want him coming to play as an Eagle because he was very poor in run support.

Ahmad Dixon, S Baylor

Measurements: 5'11, 205

2013 stats: Total 81, solo 53, assist, 28, 1 INT



Really good at taking the right angles to help in run support. solid tackler. He tends to get caught looking at the QB to much and WR run past him, Although he is good at not biting on the play action fake. very chippy, can tell he likes to be the one to lay the hit. Caught him doing shady's TD dance after his teamate got a pick six. OUCH he just laid a slot receiver out! penalty on the play though (helmet to helmet) and got ejected from the game for targeting. Came up and chipped the TE coming across the field and laid him flat out.

Overall grade: 6th round depth player He seems to be better at SS than FS, he plays the run and screen passes very well but definitely struggles with pass coverage. He gets caught looking at the QB to long and gets burned. very sure tackler though.

Well those are the only players I am going to cover in this post. My favorite is Baptiste. He might be a bit of a project but I would love if we grabbed him with our 4th or move up in the 5th. I am really liking the idea of adding tall players for the secondary positions. I am worried about Attaochu because one game he just disappeared and didnt cause any disruption at the line. Hope you guys enjoyed my break down and I will continue to do so on more players in the next few days.


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