Realistic Yet Hopeful Off-season

It seems like the popular thing to do lately, posting potential off-season scenarios. I've been on a little bit of a hiatus from posting, but a piece centered around my opinion sounded like a good return piece. Regardless, I'm really looking forward to seeing how Chip handles this off-season. Whether he'll spend big money, move around in the draft, who he'll retain and part ways with in terms of free agency; it should be fun. Now, let the pointless conjecture abound.

Stay or Go?

Nate Allen- His status is totally dependent on what he and his agent decide to pursue. I think a two year deal is perfectly reasonable for a such a young player who could still develop, but any longer gives me pause. Overall, I still see him as serviceable, which earns him a STAY.

Colt Anderson and Kurt Coleman- I cant think of a reason to keep either around in favor of an undrafted free agent. I think that says a lot. GO

Clifton Geathers- Definitely not bad, equally not good. He doesn't really have a specific attribute or skill that merits his retention, he's just kind of there. GO

Phillip Hunt- He's a 4-3 outside linebacker who doesn't fit the system and has a bad knee. GO

Donnie Jones- He's one of the better punters in the league. STAY

Jeremy Maclin- I'd be scared to give a guy with Maclin's history any guaranteed money, that could be a real sticking point in negotiations. I'd like to see him next year, on a one year " prove yourself" deal. STAY

Cedric Thornton- He's a serviceable member of our line rotation and had a pretty good season. STAY

Michael Vick- It's weird to think he had a 100 million dollar contract not that long ago, right? GO

Riley Cooper- He and Foles seem to have chemistry, that being said he probably isn't that good. But if we had a nickel for every middling reciever made to look good by a quarterback you'd have a mint. STAY

Free Agent Signings

Obviously the defense needs some work. I would say anyone hoping for Brian Orakpo is probably hoping for a little too much. I really would like to see Howie at least try for Jarius Byrd or TJ Ward. You'd have to think the Oregon factor would be in our favor. In the end I really think we get Jarius Byrd, maybe 10 million a year. It sounds like a lot because it is, but I'm cool with it. We've been trying to solve the safety problem without really committing resources for a while, I think it's time we go out on that limb.The corner market is a different story. There's been a lot of Talib and Grimes hype on BGN, I'm kind of shy about paying either of them or really any of the top-tier corners the money they will most likely receive. Williams and Fletcher weren't shutdown this year by any stretch, but they showed potential and perhaps we can expect more from them next year. Also, Brandon Boykin could be a rising star if his development isn't rushed.

There are quite a few guys who I would love to see in green next year. Marc Mariani from Tennessee was possibly the leagues' best return man before he hurt his knee. I know a speedster with a bad knee sounds like trouble, but the potential is too much for me to disregard. I've always liked Tyson Clabo, and it never hurts to have a serviceable tackle in case Peters were to get hurt again. Also, Eben Britton is out there if guard became an issue, these guys wouldn't demand starter money but could all play roles.

A lot of people like the idea of signing Jason Worlids, I'm pretty indifferent. If his salary doesn't hamper future moves I don't see a reason not to bring him in. Of all the corners, Vontae Davis would be a welcome addition. I can't imagine his contract would be exorbitant.


* I'd like to think we'll trade either Brandon Graham or Trent Cole this off-season. In the interest of objectivity let's assume we'd get a 5th rounder.

1st round-- Darqueze Dennard: We won't be able to get Dennard at 22, a trade would have to happen. Kiper doesn't have Dennard in the top 20 which probably means nothing, but at worst we'd have to trade up to the 15th pick range which might cost us a third. I'm totally fine with that price.

2nd Round-- Deone Buchannon: I think a lot of us are hoping Deone falls this far. If he does this would the last integral piece of what would be a dominant secondary.

3rd Round-- Trade to move up for Dennard ( If no such trade occurs and Dennard were to fall to us the I could see a receiver being picked here like Brandon Coleman or Brandin Cooks)

4th Round-- Aaron Lynch: Reminds me of Dion Jordan. He has a long frame and great athleticism to complement it. He isn't extraordinarily strong in the upper body. But he's pretty good with his hands and explosive out of the stance. Would be a nice speed rusher off the edge.

5th Round-- Dont'e Moncrief: Assuming we don't have that third round pick, a big receiver would be a welcome addition. Moncrief is 6'5 and is a serviceable athlete. It's pretty realistic that he could be a red zone target immediately and work his way into a primary receiver.

5th Round-- Denicos Allen: He's a little bit of a tweener. He can play the interior or the outside in a 3-4. If Max Bullough were here, I'd understand the temptation. But Allen offers similar skill with the benefit of versatility. He probably won't start in the immediate future, but he's better than Casey Matthews and could provide depth and coverage skills to the LB corps.

5th Round-- (Acquired in proposed trade) Logan Thomas: I read in a column last year that proposed if you took a late-round quarterback every year eventually you were bound to strike gold, right? Thomas is about the same size of Cam Newton. He is surprisingly mobile and does have an arm. Don't get me wrong, he wouldn't be available at this point if he didn't have serious flaws. But I would say he's worth the risk. Also, I don't expect him to unseat Foles any time soon. But having another option or perhaps a trade chip when we have to pay Foles wouldn't be bad.

7th Round-- Gabe Ikard: He can play center and guard, which is pretty valuable for line depth. Kelce has had knee problems and Herremans might not have a lot in the tank. I think it's a good value for the final pick.

Undrafted Free Agents: Jordan Lynch QB, Marqueston Huff Safety, etc.

The End

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