An Evening of ALL-22 with MyCatsNameIsMilk

Here's some of the stuff I noticed in All 22 that I didn't quite catch on the T.V. broadcast

1st Qtr

- The first INT looks like it could have been a mental lapse; like he was reading the OLB on a stick draw play instead of reading the ILB. Or at least thats the only way I can make sense of it...

- 10:07 1st & 10 Eagles ball on the 33

Vick gets sacked. This is a coverage sack. A number of times in the game KC dropped 7 or even 8 guys and no one was remotely close to getting open.

- 8:39 3rd & 12 Eagles ball on the 30

Cooper gets free and then has the ball go off his hands; would have been a significant gain. KC played a lot of single high safety when we where in 11 personnel and basically left Cooper covered 1 on 1. This was one of the few times he actually beat his man and he dropped a perfectly placed ball... I miss Mac : (

- listening to the Kelly press conference on Tuesday he spoke about the "cat and mouse game" you play on D trying to disguise your blitzes/coverages but not so much that the defensive player wouldn't be able to get to his responsibilities once the ball was snapped. On some plays we had Barwin up near the line showing a blitz and then dropping to cover the flat, Im not sure he is fast enough to do this as he was late getting there a few times.

-The swinging gate. Can Bennie Logan play right guard cause he absolutely handles Derrick Johnson on this play.

- 4:26 3rd & 15 KC ball on the 15

This is the first of Donnie Avery's soul crushing plays. Chung was in position to make the tackle and got blasted in the back by a blocker so I can't really blame him there. Fletcher was a little late recognizing; kinda hesitates and doesn't do the best job closing in to make the tackle.

2nd Qtr

-10:46 3rd &6 KC ball on the 22

The eagles send 6 after Alex Smith which he immediately recognizes and dumps off the Avery. Chung's tackle attempt in embarrassingly bad and the result is a 56 yard gain.

- next play

Kendricks get absolutely crushed by the FB on a run play; KC runs the same play again; Kendricks does a much better job shedding the FB and forces the RB into another defender. I liked seeing Kendircks persevere there.

- 6:52 1st & 10 Eagles ball on the 42

Vick Scrambles out of the pocket and Launches one near the side line to Cooper who has it hit him in the hands. The announcers talk about how Vick missed Brown open on the sideline; I didnt think much of it untill watching the tape you see that Cooper is also open. Vick makes a great throw to get the ball to him and Cooper absolutly muffs it.... have I entioned I miss Mac?

-5:34 3rd & 19 KC ball on the 30

Donnie Avery again. This time its Nate Allen who's slow to recognize the play and even slower to get to where he needs to be... While Allen made some plays in the game this is something I notice with him consistently on tape. He seems slow to react to plays developing in front of him; it takes him a few extra steps to get giong in the rite direction, not really ideal for a starting FS.

3rd Qtr

-2:02 2nd & 24 KC ball on the 34

Donnie Avery Ladies and Gentleman, Chung with another miserable attempt at tackling turns a 6 yards gain into a 26 yard gain.

4th Qtr

- 15:00 3rd & 4 KC ball at the 37

We rush 3, the Chiefs pick it up; although Thorton gets held pretty badly. The weird thing is we drop everyone in coverage and Meco ends up 1 on 1 with the TE while Barwin is just kind spying the QB. You'd think the rolls would be reversed there. Meco does a decent job but really has no chance once the TE makes his break; 1st down KC.

KCs final scoring drive
-10:48 3rd & 15 KC ball on the 15

- This is what I was referring to earlier about Allen. There is only one receiver to his side of the field and he is still late coming up to make a play on the ball, this time its like he takes 5 extra steps before breaking on the play. He makes things worse trying to go after an interception after the receiver has the ball in his hands, he would have had a legit shot at breaking up the play but instead he dives for a pass thats already been completed. Epic Nate Allen Fail...

-8:15 2nd & 9 KC Ball on the 35

Both Graham and Kendricks drop into the same exact spot leaving the FB wide open in the Flat; not sure who's fault but it was a total mistake.

- 6:13 3rd & 2 KC ball on the Eagles 48

We are in nickel with 3 down Linemen and 3 LB; we blitz 2 DBs and Meco has no shot in coverage against the TE. I guess I would have rather rushed Barwin or Kendricks and tried to protect Meco in coverage seeing that the same thing just happened; I think Meco is supposed to just tackle the TE at the line of scrimmage there.

-5:36 1st & 10 KC ball on the eagles 42

Bennie is a step away from Tackling the RB for a loss but can't get there; 4 missed tackles later the Chiefs are at the 25 yrd line.

- The next 3 plays
the D stuffs two runs and then breaks up a pass on third down to hold them to a field goal. Awesome effort!!!

I really haven't pointed out how well the D played the entire night. Outside of the missed tackles and a few poor individual plays they really played great, especially the D line. Cox and Thorton looked awesome at times. As a unit they looked to be on the same page almost the entire game with very few blown coverages or missed assignments. The majority of the KCs success seemed to come as a result of a missed tackle or an individual player failing to do his job.

Our O line vs the KC front 7 was awesome; two really good groups battling. Sometimes they owned us; sometimes we owned them. Without Vicks mobility I think their front 7 would have taken over the game. I don't know if anybody in the NFL has a front 7 like that, maybe the Seahawks when healthy; possibly the 9ers. Depending on the line I think I'm going to take the points and bet the Chiefs when they play the Broncos, I can see this D terrorizing Payton...

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