My Eagles Chiefs game notes and Random thought

I decided to write a bunch of thoughts since I went to the game and then later watched the film to get a better look.

The muffed punt and the pick 6 on Vicks 2nd pass set the tone for the game. The defense got a 3 and out on Chiefs first drive and forced a FG after muffed punt. Then Vick threw an ill advised throw but Celek made no effort after it was tipped in the air and subsequently picked and returned for a TD by Berry.

We had blown coverage on the opening kick and the one where Henery made the horse collar tackle. Our coverage units had been a plus so far.

On the first cross route by Avery that continuously burned us, Barwin had a chance to make an initial open field tackle and punched at the ball and whiffed.

The second one, Ryans, Allen, and Boykin couldnt get off blocks.

On the third, Chung missed an open field tackle, which led to more Wolff/Allen combos at safety. Safe to say Wolff could be spelling both Allen and Chung at times until he hopefully earns a starting job.

On this play, the Chiefs lined up Avery as the single receiver to one side and a TE and 2 WR to the opposite side who would end up in great position to block on all 3 plays. The first and 3rd shouldve been open field tackles though.

3&9 Chiefs in the red zone and Barwin drops the pick. Good stop, holding them to a FG. We did a great job in the redzone overall holding them to 1-6 .

Vick tried to force it to Cooper on 2 straight plays. The one youll remember more had the worse outcome, which was the pick by Sean Smith. Although, the play before, Bryce Brown came blazing out of the backfield and down the sideline wide open and I swear everyone in the stadium saw it except Vick, who ofcourse forced an incompletion to Cooper.

Not too many kickers are attempting to make tackles at the opposite 30 on a kickoff so I give Henery some slack on the horse collar, but he needs to step it up already having 2 missed FGs on the season. I have faith in him long term.

McCluster muffed a kickoff and we stopped him at the 5.

Reid has been doing thing a little bit different. Not a ton, but a few twist.

Such as the pistol, he utilized more than one running back, played some heavy sets (FB and 2 TE).

Vick had a terrible night passing. Sacked a ton and completed 43% of his passes. Looking down receivers too much.

Before he got beat up and wore down Vick had a couple GREAT runs. Had a career long! But you could tell later in the game Chip wanted Shady getting it on the read-option plays because there were so many times Vick couldve kept it.

RB Flats were open all day and the Chiefs capalitized, many times on Barwins side. Charles got a bunch and Reid thinks Shermans Leonard Weaver. He not the playmaker Weaver was, but he may be a better blocker.

Many fans were curious why Jackson didnt return any punt, including me, but I was satisfied with Chips postgame answer, which to paraphrase was he wouldve used DeSean in plus territory where theres a greater chance of return.

The tone of the game was set from the start. Not only did the turnovers on offense help seal our fate, but I'd say, although the Defense did an abmirable job, the lack of turnovers hurt us alot too. Never had any momentum.

After reviewing the film, it seems Chip changed up formations more than I thought. He does run too much shotgun imo. Snaps under center make the play easier to disguised and can give your QB more time as hes not in the area the edge rushers shoot for already.

He mostly ran 1HB 1TE 3 WR sets but also 1HB 2TE 2 WR sets. Almost exclusively it was offset trips regardless of which with Celek as the inline TE on the opposite side. The trips would be either Cooper out wide with Ertz and Jackson in the slot with Jackson being closer to the tackle, or Avant out wide with Cooper in the slot position Ertz was in and Jackson in the same position. I like how the formation gets mismatches in space, but it was over-utlilized.. With the read-option and DJax enlongated bubble screens. Hes got a lot of formations weve seen with those personnel groupings, its probably just a mater of time before the players get more of the playbook down.

Curry and Graham got a couple snaps and produced.

Our Defense played more 3-3-5 nickel this week with Cole playing some DE with Logan and Geathers/Cox. We have been trying out some different defenses through the first couple weeks, but have played mostly 2-4-5.

We spelled Kendricks for one play with Knott and he assisted on the tackle. Matthews spelled Barwin and played QB spy atleast once.

Couple new Eagles had their worst game as an Eagle: Chung, Lane Johnson(abused by Houston)

was gonna put Donnie Jones but his punts werent as bad as they seemed in person. But it was his worst game so far, which is fine as hes been excellent.

As always McCoy has a great game and I will leave it on that positive.

Random Poll upcoming

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