How I hope the Season will Go

Before I get started, this is what I'm at least hoping for this season. I'm betting on the worst record, but I'm hoping other things go according to plan. I would like to know what other's think of our season so far and where it's going. Also our hopes for what will happen.

1. No Injuries- McCoy limping off hurt, a lot. I just wish we have a season with no more injuries.

2. Efficiency- I'm not sure what the stats are, but I feel like our red-zone offense has been hurting since Reid, but it's still continuing under Chip. All I can recall is the Redskins turnover, and a lot of missed opportunities the rest of the game and against the Chargers.

3. Record- I might be the only one here, but I don't give a dam about our record. I just want us to shut out our division. Just for this year. I also think the Raiders will be the only non-division game that we can win. Tampa Bay, Detroit, and Minnesota are very likely wins but I'm looking at a good D in Tampa, good offense in Detroit (we lose the shootout), and Minnesota well I think AP can run over us. Give Chip another year or two and I think you'll see a dramatic improvement.

4. Improvement- I just hope our offense gets more efficient, in whatever it is Chip wants, to play faster, or stop making mistakes that have plagued us ( I'm not really complaining it's a new system and I just want to see some improvement) and defense, make stops! I'm tired of seeing teams just drive down the field because we can't stop third downs! I actually think we have a decent defense, but we need stops!

5. Coaching- I love the fast tempo, I love the play calling, I love our team. But one thing, the defense get's driven down the field, now if our defense got more stops and actually stopped a decent offensive Kansas City team, then yes it would work perfectly. But if our defense can't get stops and gets driven, I don't think we can play with the fast tempo. We can't be letting our defense out there for most of the game if they don't do their job, 26 points to KC I blame it on the offense. While it's fun and stuff, the offense scored too quickly, and because our D was getting driven on the whole second half, I think Chip needs to slow down the tempo for our defense.

Premature draft speculation: Record ( 9-7)

Pick 15

Team Needs QB, WR, G, NT, DE, CB, FS, SS

Vick is not the answer, but he is a good placeholder. Fole's I actually believe can lead this team but there's a lot of good QB's that fit's Chip's ideal QB player.

WR, Hopefully we resign Maclin, if not we'll need another impact player on the other side of Jackson. If we resign Maclin I still think we could use another speedy wideout that can play the slot.

G, It's always good draft OL, I'm a fan of drafting lineman's but Herremans isn't looking too good and I think that's causing Lane to struggle a little.

DL, I'm not counting Cole and Graham, our line isn't getting any penetration or stopping the run Cox can't do everything.

CB, I think we all know our secondary is struggling I'd rather bring in a veteran and draft.

FS/SS, Again, we could use the draft but I think there's better fa than the ones we have on the roster.

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