Ask A Chiefs Fan, w/ your host NigerianNightmare




It's gonna be a short week for us as we show up on primetime TV on Thursday, so I'm starting this up early.

The new-look Phillidelphia Eagles offense looks... devastating. Last week it was Shady running the rock and putting on a show, this week it was Mike Vick lighting it up through the air. Frankly, it looks like an unstoppable force.

Thankfully, the Chiefs defense has been an immovable object. #1 in total defense, #1 rushing defense, #1 in total team sacks, +4 in turnover differential. Teams have struggle to move the ball on the ground even a little bit. As in its been a virtual non-factor. We shut down Jacksonville's pass game (because duh). However, Dez Bryant's superior size to Flowers did lead to him tearing us up, but otherwise the pass defense has looked pretty great.

Offensively, inconsistency has been the word. We are killer in the redzone, we have yet to not score a touchdown while inside the 20. But Reid has not run the ball very much (4 freaking carries for Jamaal until our final drive), and Alex hasn't gone deep much either. Checkdown city in KC, but I'll take it if if means we win. He's been smart with the ball, and we haven't had a single turnover this season offensively.

Jamaal has looked, different. He's big, he's been used as a receiver more (yet to have less than 100 all-purpose yards despite VERY limited touches), and he knocked Morris Claiborne out with a sick truckstick this week (in case you wanna see it, its the first highlight: While we weren't running much early on, when the game was on the line and we had to run out clock we bulldozed them.

Alex has been a far cry from anything we've seen in KC for a few years. Takes care of the ball, scores touchdowns like he should, and he's run the ball REALLY well when we do triple/read option. He misses more throws than he should be dang I'm glad he's here.

Defensively, there are a few people to worry about. Of course, fear the danger off the edges that are Tamba Hali and Justin Houston. Tamba consistently gets massive pressure against even the best tackles, and he has been awesome against the run thus far, too. He also had a pick 6 week 1. That's refreshing. Houston had 3 sacks on opening day while simultaneously being an insanely good run defender. DJ, Berry and Sean Smith have been great, and Flowers was great until Bryant beat him up today. Line had been great in run support because duh, they're the number 1 ranked rushing defense.

But perhaps the MVP of our season thus far (aside from punter Dustin Colquitt) has been NT Dontari Poe. While his run defense has been stellar, insane good, he has 3.5 sacks in these two games... as a nose tackle. After a stellar training camp and preseason he's showing that he should be a first ballot HoF... or at least a Pro Bowler. Try to double him all game.

Questions for you bros...

Is Vick the real deal?

How's the defense, as they seem to give up lots of yards?

Pass rush?


Ask away!

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