Philadelphia Eagles Vs. San Diego Chargers: Five Things to Watch in Week 2

The Philadelphia Eagles have their home opener against the San Diego Charges this Sunday, at Lincoln Financial Field. An inter-conference match up that should have fans excited to see.

However, many questions are still unanswered about this Eagles team.

1. Can Chip Kelly's offense keep up this pace

This offense will be like running a track meet every week. Many people question whether the Eagles players can keep up this pace of play without risk of injury. It will be a fun offense to watch, but keep an eye on how Chip Kelly is managing substitutions. He is not going to want to lean on LeSean McCoy for 31 touches every week; he needs to rotate Bryce Brown and Chris Polk into the mix more. He also has to find a way to do the same with his wide receivers.

2. Can this offense be even faster

Chip Kelly has said that he thought the pace of the Monday night game against the Redskins was too slow. The Eagles ran a blistering 54 plays in the first half of Monday's game, but just 23 in the second half. The slower tempo in the second half allowed the Redskins to get back into the game in the 4th quarter. Watch to see if Chip Kelly keeps the pace up in the second half. My bet is that Kelly will run 80-90 plays on Sunday. I wonder if there is an over-under bet in Las Vegas on how many plays Chip Kelly will run.

3. Will Michael Vick be healthy

In the second half of Monday night's game against the Redskins, Michael Vick seemed to have a limp, and not able to run full speed. He did not show up on the Eagles official injury report, but it will be interesting to see if he is 100%. He still is not sliding at the end of a run, and that means he will be taking more hits until he decides to slide. As much as he will be running this season, Vick really needs to choose to take the head-first slide out of his game. He is opening himself up for taking a shot to the head, and missing time, and perhaps ending his career, with a concussion. Keep an eye out Sunday to see if he puts the slide back in his game.

4. Can Brandon Boykin fill in for Bradley Fletcher

The Eagles starting left cornerback Bradley Fletcher, is questionable with symptoms of a concussion, opening the door for Brandon Boykin to possibly get the start if Fletcher can't go. Boykin (5-10, 185) will have to line up against Malcom Floyd (6-5, 225). If Boykin gets the start, look for the Eagles to move starting safety Patrick Chung to the slot, and Earl Wolff to take over at safety. Boykin has been outstanding in camp, so there is no reason to think he won't do well in Fletcher's place, but it is something to keep an eye on during the game.

5. Was the outstanding defense in week one a fluke

The Eagles defense played better than anyone thought they would in week one, leading many to wonder if this was a really bad night for the Washington offense, or a really good night for the Philadelphia defense. It will be interesting to see if the defense continues to create turnovers and put consistent pressure on Phillip Rivers. Last year, the Eagles were dead last in takeaways, so improvement there will be easy to come by. Keep an eye on Mychal Kendricks to see if he is as dominant this week as he was in last week's contest. Last week he notched ten total tackles, and had a vicious sack of Robert Griffin. Trent Cole also looked solid in his transition to OLB, so it will be interesting to see if they can put forward the same solid efforts this week.

The San Diego Chargers, gave the Houston Texans all they could handle last week, but they have an early east coast game against a team that will come at them like a drag race. As Doc Brown might say, when this Eagles team hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious sparks.

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Jesse Dinkel has been following the Philadelphia Eagles since 1976. Jesse has been published on Yahoo Voices as well as multiple newspapers and blogs.

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