Editorial: My Written Apology to Eagles' Cornerback Cary Williams

Rob Carr

I have not been very nice to Cary Williams and I am here to apologize.

Dear Mr. Williams,

You don't know me, but I know you. I have said some not so nice things about you all summer, despite the fact that you are a family man and are full of honesty. My issues have been clearly team morale-driven and I just want what is best for the Eagles. While I understand Riley Cooper made some offensive comments lately and gingerly pushed you in practice, I felt you should be the bigger man, because that is what a leader does. Instead, you pretty much assaulted the gentleman. You were signed to a big contract by the Eagles and are expected to perform and stay on the field, even if I thought you were an inadequate starter. The overaggressive style was not impressive.

On Monday night, you had a career game with a sack, an impressive diving interception and a key pass breakup on a late fourth down against the Redskins. My animosity for you that had lasted most of the summer turned into an ice cream truck of love. Instead of dwelling on how you were beat like drum countless times in Baltimore, I saw choco tacos. In the place of the constant personal foul penalties, were chipwiches. Keep in mind, sweets aren't my thing because I saw the movie "Matilda" at a young age and watching the fat kid with long-hair scarf down a chocolate cake makes me sick, even today. But I digress...

What you, Mr. Williams, showed on Monday night was nothing short of spectacular. I was impressed with your coverage ability and your ability to blitz. Admittedly, I was wrong to simply judge you based on your past. You are clearly what coach Chip Kelly was looking for and you played like a tough guy. You were tough, not because you got into fights, but because you were physical in coverage and put your body on the line to make plays for the Eagles. That is what I want. That is what the Eagles fanbase wants.

I know you have said that you don't care about what the fans think, but I believe you do. In this case, I must tell you that I was wrong about you and even admired your performance in your Eagles debut. The media can be harsh and so can the fans, but you truly earned the fanbase's respect on Monday.

Once again, I apologize for trashing you,

Mike Evan Kaye

P.S. Can I borrow a few bucks? I have some sconces I want to set up in my house.

P.S.S. I sort of love you too.

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