The Chowderheads practice Experience..........

Well , finally went to this years practice today. And of course , we had to start of with a senior moment . After the hour + drive in only mild gridlock,we exited onto Packer ave. , and suddenly realized my online tickets I printed out were on my desk at home.Good for a ten minute laugh.Figured maybe the ticket office could computer check my e-mail address the tickets were sent to me , and slide me in , or maybe was still some seating available.Turning back was NOT an option........

Talked to a nice staffer on the way up to the gates , and she sent me toward the office to plead my case ,as there was supposedly no more to be had at gate.[bull......seats open galore]. However , we passed a scalper doling lower seating tickets at $5 a pop............took me 3 seconds to bring out a ten and receive better seats and avoid admitting senility to some stranger at the brainer. Our original tickets were in 217 and these were 128.

Got to our section and the seating squad goon was deterred as we walked into section and we plopped ourselves back up to the wall where their was plenty of legroom and uncrowded .I would say the back third of the section was mostly empty.

Other than having to listen to spads annoying drone on the PA system , it was a lot of fun . Alot hotter than we expected , but fun nonetheless . If it wasn't more likely better for the team at the Linc , I think we personally liked Lehigh practices better. But we both agreed it was worth the drive and we would take one for the Gipper........or Chipper........

One thing nice about the Linc was that you could survey the field action a little better . and the field was full of nearly nonstop action in every nook & cranny.Concessions and shitters were also more easily accessed .

Now we all must realize neither the wife nor I are pro scouts or hack reporters......we leave that for the edicumated folks here.....but we can both let you all know now that as of today , Vick is running this team , Foles will back him up and Barkley has some growing up to do.Kinne and Dixon will be selling sneakers at the sports authority store very soon.

Thankfully I did not see Celek drop any today......Momah made some and missed some,mostly from bad ball placement ,but a few could have been made still.

Vick totally turned on the juice in the 11 on 11......Foles sputtered but still took them down in.......Barkley , well he needs more work yet.

Seen alot of pass disruptions and a few interceptions from the secondaries , made us feel alot better for this year.

Shady,Bryce and Polk {no, not a law firm} {3-headed beast,yes}were tearing it up today.Happy there too......

If I knew how to load my pics here I would ...and I do have a nice one of the flyswatters in action . But like I prewarned you .......this is only a chowderheads review .

Go , my mighty Eagles and wreak havoc upon the NFC East and the rest of the league. We are ready for some football...........

JJeaglerooter at your service.

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