How i came to 53

I looked at the roster and found what I thought to be 18 locks on offense, 17 locks on defense, and 3 special teamers. This is what it looked like:

QB Mike Vick, Nick Foles

QB situation is not ideal, and most logical Eagles fans hope we can get a top QB in next years draft. That being said, Vick is our obvious starter and Foles is our best backup. Teams that are secure with their QB situation go with two, but that will most likely not happen in this case. Especially since we drafted one in the 4th round.

HB LeSean McCoy, Bryce Brown, Chris Polk

McCoy is a top-5 talent at HB tight now. Brown has proven hes a great runner, although still not a very good ball handler to this point. Polk is a tough runner and good at picking up the blitz.

WR DeSean Jackson, Riley Cooper, Jason Avant, Damaris Johnson

Its pretty obvious these are your top-4 guys. Who else they keep is whats interesting to me. DeSean has to be "the man" this year. Rileys a big target and a good blocker. Avant has great hands and route running from the slot. Johnson is explosive and could also play some scat-back.

TE Brent Celek, James Casey, Zack Ertz

Celek is our in-line tight end, while Casey is a versatile weapon. Ertz was a top of the 2nd round pick I expect to see step his game up as the season progresses.

T Jason Peters, Lane Johnson

Starters are obvlous locks, but how about the backups?

G Evan Mathis, Todd Herremans, Allen Barbre

Msthis is a top G the last couple years. Herremans has been versatile and an excellent player his whole career. He is new to playing RG though, and has struggled. His contract will allow him some lee-way entering the season, but we could see Barbre get a chance at some point.

C Jason Kelce

Young, athletic, smart. No center on the team could challenge his position.

DE Fletcher Cox, Cedric Thornton, Vinny Curry

Cox and Thornton have both played well and should be our starters, and Vinny Curry has won my vote for the "Phillip Hunt award" and should be very solid pass rushing option off the bench.

NT Isaac Sopoaga, Bennie Logan

Sopoaga will hold down the nose until Logan is ready to be the full-time starter.

OLB Connor Barwin, Trent Cole, Brandon Graham

Barwin is our best coverage OLB and has had success getting to the QB in this league. Cole has looked pretty good in the preseason and his contract gives him a good chance of keeping the starting spot over Graham. Graham is going to wreak havoc on QBs rotating off the bench.

ILB Demeco Ryans, Mychal Kendricks

Kendricks should thrive in this defense, while Demeco is the best option at the Mike spot.

CB Cary Williams, Bradley Fletcher, Brandon Boykins

CB is arguably the weakest position on the team, and thats hard to say with how bad our run D has been in the preseason. Its a toss up between Boykins and Fletcher as to who our best corner is, and thats not an ideal situation. I'd thinkthey might bring in 2 corners that other teams cut to fill out the team.

FS Nate Allen, Earl Wolffe

Ideal or not, Nate Allen is probably the best option next to Pat Chung right now. Hoping that Wolffe can continue to develop and take over that job.

SS Patrick Chung, Colt Anderson

Chung is our best safety and Colt is a great special teamer and backup safety.

K Alex Henery

P Donnie Jones

LS Jon Dorenbos

All the special teamers are obvious picks. Not only because they have no competition, but also because they each are pretty damn good.

Now it comes down to 7 players on offense and 8 on defense. Teams dont always go 25 on Offense, 25 on Defense and 3 special teamers, but they are always close so thats how Im going to do it. Also Im only going with players on this roster, even though its pretty clear that we will pick up some other teams cuts.

On offense, I have us keeping Matt Barkley as he was a 4th round pick and we need QB depth. The reason he wasnt a lock is because he has played terrible.

Clay Harbor is also a keeper. Hes Caseys backup and Ertz is Celeks in my opinion.

I could see us keeping one more WR and picking up a HB, but on the current roster I see them keeping both Sheppard and Salas. Sheppard is an excellent gunner and can develop into an excellent play maker. Salas displayed his great hands in the preseason and consistently got open. If we picked up a HB instead, Salas would be my choice to go of the 2.

Offensive line needs more depth. If healthy, Dennis Kelly should be the top backup tackle. Also think we keep Vandervelde and Watkins.

Defensively, I started out adding more depth to the line in the forms of Clifton Geathers and Damien Square. Chip wants big guys like Geathers. Square has played well and has been good for Logan with them motivating eachother.

Chris McCoy has earned a spot, covering well and also blitzing from different positions.

We need a backup to both the ILB positions. Ryans backup should be Knott, while Acho should be Kendricks. They both have played the best of the backup ILBs. Casey Matthews has not looked as good. Be interesting to see what Chip thinks.

Kurt Coleman plays with passion and should be nothing more than a backup on defense but is a very good special teamer.

So its down to picking 2 corners. Well, Poyer cant form tackle and has been picked on in coverage. Whitley got hurt and waived. Lindley never stepped up. So, I would say its special teamer and decent backup Brandon Hughes and Curtis Marsh. But, I think atleast Marsh gets replaced by another teams cut, if not both.

So, to recap, heres my 53:

QB Vick, Foles, Barkley

HB McCoy, Brown, Polk

WR Jackson, Cooper, Avant, Johnson, Sheppard, Salas

TE Celek, Casey, Ertz, Harbor

T Peters, Johnson, Kelly

G Mathis, Herremans, Barbre, Watkins

C Kelce, Vandervelde

DE Cox, Thornton, Curry, Geathers

NT Sopoaga, Logan, Square

OLB Barwin, Cole, Graham, McCoy

ILB Ryans, Kendricks, Knott, Acho

CB Williams, Fletcher, Boykins, Hughes, Marsh

FS Allen, Wolffe

SS Chung, Anderson, Coleman

K Henery

P Jones

LS Dorenbos

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