The Right Approach

Season long,

offense new,

Qb learning,

defense growing,

Coach experimenting,

fan base spazzing.

One preseason game does not a season make, let's try not to look too far ahead. There were some good things, there were some bad things. A realistic approach to this season would be that of curiosity, anticipation and staying grounded. I look at this season as experimentation, rebuilding, learning and growing. Let's not try to foreshadow the season from what last night looked like. That's not really fair or accurate. I saw some things I was encouraged by and I saw some things that still need to be worked on, and it might take a while to implement everything.

I find the best way to look at this season is a trial, let them experiment with their scheme, players, coaching, and innovative ideas. Game planning (Chip's strong suit) might change once the regular season starts, maybe they wanted to go Vanilla in this game as to not show much to the Redskins. Let's see what kind of game plan the Coach goes into the Redskins game with and to what extent the players are able to execute it. And then let them build on that throughout the season. I don't mind them looking out of sorts in this game and being humbled and seeing how much they need to work on. And I think that will be the case throughout the season, remember people, this is the first season for Chip Kelly and company. We can't set our expectations so high that there is no room for error and growth, especially at the start of a new era. Now if the team would have laid down and not fought back at all then that would be a cause for concern, but they did fine, bounced back, and scored some points.

Let's not jump off any bandwagons right now, I'm not married to one Qb or players at any position, let's give Chip Kelly time to figure this out and tweak it and fix it as he goes along. I bet Chip Kelly has never faced a city in which there is so much pressure, so quickly. I think the Coach is doing a tremendous job with the talent that he has on this team after the abysmal mindset the team was in, coming out of the last few years.

Let's enjoy the good, be prepared for some bad moments, and learn from the ugly ones. Let's set our expectations high, but remain grounded and realistic.

I was encouraged by the play of everyone. Now we go into the first cuts, finish the preseason and set the final roster for this year. After that, we'll think about the Redskins. I'm sure the players will be taught a lot this week based on how this game played out. Let's not make this about one player or a few plays. Let's keep the proper perspective on the season, and the new era.... that I think would be the right approach.

Gracias for reading.

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