Roster battles left after the 3rd pre-season game

Most of the roster is pretty set right now, but there is still some roster battles left and some that got solved today.

First here is how I see the roster shaking down in terms of numbers:


QB: 3

RB: 3

WR: 5

TE: 4



DL: 7

LB: 10

CB: 5

S: 4

While the strength of the team lies with the offense, I still see us carry 26 defenders versus "only" 24 offensive players.

The QB and RB battles is over with Vick, Foles and Barkley making it at QB and McCoy, Brown and Polk at RB, right now I just cant see Tucker makes the team. Dixon and Tucker makes the practice squad of this group.

At WR, the first 4 spots is locked down with Jackson, Cooper, Avant and Johnson. The last spot will be between Salas and Shepard, after tonight's game I will say Shepard is in front, but only ever so slightly and a good game next week by Salas can turn things around. The loser of this roster battle will be on the PS. Momah is not making this team and I cant really see him make the PS.

I think the TE roster battle is over with Celek, Ertz, Casey and Harbor making the team. Carrier will be on the PS. Iggy has potential to be picked up by a team that need some TE/FB depth.

For me 4 of the starting 5 OL is 100% set in stone, with Peters, Mathis, Kelce and Johnson, but Herremans ass need to be challenged during the week by either Babre or Watkins. He has simply not been looking good and both Babre and Watkins have been looking better than him. Outside of Babre and Watkins as backups right now, I also have Vandervelde and Bamiro making the team. Bamiro has been showing some real progress the last two games and he is 100% going to be claimed if he is cut. This means Im putting Dennis Kelly on IR and Tobin on the PS.

For the DL, I think 5 of 7 spots is set in stone with Cox, Thornton, Sopoaga, Geathers and Curry. The last 2 spots is a battle between Dixon, Kruger and Square. Right now I have Kruger and Square making the team, where Kruger simply makes the team to protect him. Dixon has the potential to steal a spot if he can follow his solid showing today with a very good game next week.

I have the Eagles keeping 10 LBs, split between 5 OLB and 5 ILB. For OLB it is Barwin, Cole, Graham, McCoy and Long and for ILB it is Ryans, Kendricks, Matthews, Acho and Knott. My reason for keep 10 LB, is that guys like Acho, Knott, Long and McCoy has some real nice potential and Im affraid to lose em (would suck to finally find some good LBs and then lose em right?).

The depth at CB is really, really thin right now with both Hughes, Whitley and Marsh injured, so it is really hard to project who is going to make it, but I do know that Williams, Fletcher and Boykin will make it and so will Whitley if he is healthy enough (aka none serious knee injury). The last spot is between Poyer, Marsh and Hughes and with the two latter been injured, so far Poyer makes it.

Safeties are not going to be a strength this year, but the 4 Im keeping is Chung, Allen, Wolff and Anderson. While Coleman might be a better safety than Anderson, Anderson is the superior ST'er and if we are forced to start Anderson for an extended period of time, it wouldnt really matter if we had Coleman in there instead. Also Kenny Phillips is DONE. He cant stay healthy, which is sad because he is such a talented safety.

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