Eagla's player to watch at each position - Offense


Now that Vick is named the starter, of course we all want to see him get more reps and become more comfortable and familiar with the offense. Hopefully the two quarters in game 3 will be sufficient for him to hit the ground running against the Redskins. The offense we might be envisioning that scores a bunch of points, might not come together until the latter part of the season, but I think if Vick can initially do the things to keep us in the game, that would be a good start. I see a humble start to our season, let's say 3-3, and then we slowly start to take off. The team goes the way Vick goes, and hopefully he's ready for this challenge.


I love Shady and what he's going to bring to the table and I love Polk's style of running and I think he's going to do some great things, but my player to watch is going to be Bryce Brown. I think he's a complete back in regards to speed, power, vision and ability and I'm looking for him to have a monster season in this offense. I envision an offense that is going to tire the defense out by their rushing attack, and we need Bryce Brown to bring the element / versatility that he brings to our running attack. I think he's the centerpiece of this rushing attack and is going to be hard to stop once he gets it going this season. Shady's a close second, but I think Bryce brings an even better skill set then Shady, and he's going to be my player to watch with the running backs.


Of course DeSean would be the obvious choice here, so I won't go with him because we all know about him. I think Avant is going to be solid and a great safety valve for Vick all season long. Cooper can hopefully add something different to the wide receivers, I'd like to see his run after catch ability if we can hit him in stride and get him going full speed. I think Damaris and Salas make the team as well, but my player to watch is Russell Shepard. I'd like to see more out of him with Vick in this 3rd pre-season game because I think he has some speed that he can add to this wide receiving corps. I know we haven't seen much out of him yet, but I'd like for him to step up in this next game and make the team without a doubt. With Maclin down, I think he can bring that element of speed across from DeSean, so the teams can't just solely zero in on Mr Jackson. I hope it's Shepard that steps up and shows what he can do in the next game, and I think Vick has a strong and accurate enough arm to get him the ball this time. The last two games Shepard has been open many times, but the Qb has been unable to deliver, so let's see if there is a difference with Vick in there. I'm really excited about Shepard, and I hope I'm right on this one.


It will be great to have Peters back and I think our offensive line goes up another notch with him in the fold. Mathis is as steady as they come. Kelce is the brains of the operation, and we need him to be healthy and back a 100% if we're going to be successful this year. Lane Johnson is the rookie and will be protecting Vick's blind side, so we can't afford to have too many rookie mistakes from him, if Vick is too stay healthy, but my player to watch is Toddfather Herremans. Out of the 5 OL that have started in the last 2 games, I think Herremans has struggled the most, although he hasn't been too bad. But he's the veteran on that line, and I hope he can get back to playing the way he used to, and I think we'll see even better play out of him as the year goes along. But he's definitely a player to watch on the OL, and hopefully he fits back seamlessly into the RG position after having to switch positions more than once the last couple of years. Along with the Rb's, this is the strongest position on the team, and they will play a big role in the success of this offense and keeping the Qb healthy, so we need a big year out of them, and maybe we'll get a pro bowler or two out of this line this year !


I'm curious to see how Casey is used in this offense and I think Celek will continue to be a steady force as he has been for a while now, but my player to watch is Zach Ertz. He just looks like a natural, and I think he can do big things, even in his rookie year. Can't wait to see how they use him and to see him build a great rapport with Vick. If Vick can get this guy the ball in stride, I think he's going to be make some big plays after the catch. I don't remember having such anticipation to see a TE play in this offense, since the Keith Jackson days. And I only caught the latter part of his career here. But Ertz is going to be my key player to watch at TE, and also overall on offense. I'm expecting big things from this guy, especially with Maclin down. He will also start to contribute as a wide receiver at some point during the season, so he's going to be doing a lot of things for us and will be the guy that a defense has to account for if they're going to try to contain this offense.

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