'Getting to Know' the Eagles Cheerleaders: Part 2 - Cat

Hello fellow Eagles fans, it's finally time for the next installment of 'Getting to Know' the Eagles Cheerleaders (GTKEC). By now you've already met Casey (if you haven't, you can 'read about her' here), and today I will be introducing you to the lovely Cat. We can be adults about this and avoid the obvious jokes about her name, right? Right.


This is Cat. In case you were wondering.


Occupation: Wellness and Fitness coach (maybe she can help with the mACLin curse), Dance instructor

Years Experience: 2

College: DeSales University

Fun Fact: Cat runs her own blog on the Eagles website! You can read up on her adventures here


Note: All questions were answered prior to the 2012 season

Favorite Current Eagles Player: "Nnamdi Asomugha – He is a phenomenal player on the field and also contributes to the Philadelphia community off the field."


Just kidding Cat, we still love you! (sort of)

If you played in the NFL, what position do you think you would be? "I think that I would be a great quarterback! I am good at planning ahead and paying attention to detail, and I’m not easily thrown by pressure or distractions. Because of that, I would be good at leading the team in ‘make or break’ situations in the game!"

Forget 'Team Vick' or 'Team Foles', I'm Team Cat.

Favorite Movie: "I am not embarrassed at all to say that "Despicable Me" is my favorite movie. It still makes me laugh and it’s also a movie that I am able to watch with my family!"

And you shouldn't be, not every animated movie can get a 7.6/10 on IMDb. (81% on RottenTomatoes!)

Favorite Quote: ""Dancers are athletes of god" - Albert Einstein"

Pac-Man Jones would be likely to agree. Probably just not the kind of dancers that Cat/Einstein are referencing here though.

What makes Eagles fans the greatest in the NFL: "If you need proof that Eagles fans are the greatest, simply come to a game in the freezing rain or snow and you will see every seat filled in Lincoln Financial Field!"

And if that's not enough proof, check out this guy!


What TV show are you embarrassed to admit watching: "I really like the show "Pawn Stars". They always find the most amazing things and it is neat to find out how much they are worth."

I have no clue why she is embarrassed to admit this. The show is worth watching just for Chumlee alone.



At the end of the first installment of GTKEC, I embedded a poll asking what you guys wanted more of next week. Of the 107 votes tallied thus far, a staggering 43 have been cast for 'More boobs you idiot' (41%). In second place with 32 votes is 'Probably just more boobs' (30%). You're probably thinking, "Hey stupid, 71% of our votes went towards you posting more boob pictures in the next part, and so far all we have is one boob picture and 3 dudes!". And you'd be right. Which is why I am now going to get to the part 71% of readers care more about than anything else:











Posted this one just on the off chance that's Cat in the pink.




And that's going to wrap it up for 'Getting to Know' the Eagles Cheerleaders Part 2, featuring Cat. Don't worry, there is no shortage of beautiful ladies to introduce you to, but you'll just have to hold out until Part 3.

I had some difficulty deciding who to feature in Part 2, so I'm going to give you guys the option on what you'd like to see in the next installment. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a direct correlation between attractiveness and the # of photos available for the Eagles Cheerleaders, so I'm going to ask whether you'd prefer quality over quantitty, or vice versa. Hit the poll below.

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