I have a Dream...

that one day, people of all colors will be celebrating the Eagles winning a Super Bowl.

Yes, I have a Dream !

Okay, okay, maybe it's a pipe dream, but it's still a dream. And what better year to achieve it then this year, while Chip's offense is still new for the league. This is the best year to capitalize on it. Of course, "multiple Super Bowls" are possible down the line, but for that, we need to win the first one !

Am I asking for too much ?

If this offense is going to be as good as advertised, then we have a realistic shot at competing for the Super Bowl this year ! I'm not afraid of anybody in our division. But we would have to get past a team like the 49ers to make it into the Super Bowl, and that's the big question. Do we match up well against the 49ers to beat 'em in the playoffs ??

I know... playoffs ?!?!

But just humor me... can this team hold up against a physically punishing D like the 49ers ? And score enough points on that D to balance out the damage they do on offense against our secondary ?

I think the answer right now is no. We have the personnel that we have this year, and there's not going to be too much upgrading to that this year, maybe a player or two gets picked up after the cuts, who they want on the defense, but most likely, what we have now is who we're going to be going with.

Now Jim Harbaugh has also seen Chip Kelly's offense and has defeated him in college, so he knows what might or might not work against him, so that's not an advantage either. I think the rest of the teams we can beat in the NFC, but if we were to face the 49ers on our way to the Super Bowl, and it's a good chance we would, then our chances of getting into and winning the Super Bowl decrease drastically.

But yes, I'm thinking Super Bowl this year, why not ?

I'm not going to sit here and say that it would be great if we won 8 games and then we'll come back stronger next year. I want to go for the jugular, this year, and why not if we have the scheme/talent and the intangibles ??

Okay, let's look at the schedule, shall we ?

Week Date Opponent

1 Mon, Sep 9 at Washington 7:00 PM

2 Sun, Sep 15 San Diego 1:00 PM

3 Thu, Sep 19 Kansas City 8:25 PM

4 Sun, Sep 29 at Denver 4:25 PM

5 Sun, Oct 6 at NY Giants 1:00 PM

6 Sun, Oct 13 at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM

7 Sun, Oct 20 Dallas 1:00 PM

8 Sun, Oct 27 NY Giants 1:00 PM

9 Sun, Nov 3 at Oakland 4:05 PM

10 Sun, Nov 10 at Green Bay 1:00 PM

11 Sun, Nov 17 Washington 1:00 PM

12 Bye

13 Sun, Dec 1 Arizona 1:00 PM

14 Sun, Dec 8 Detroit 1:00 PM

15 Sun, Dec 15 at Minnesota 1:00 PM

16 Sun, Dec 22 Chicago 1:00 PM

17 Sun, Dec 29 at Dallas 1:00 PM

I don't think there's any team on this list that we can't beat. Plain and simple. Now injuries will play a big role in how we do, along with how some of our players perform in their starting roles this year and many other factors. But this schedule doesn't seem so imposing that we can't get 9 or 10 wins out of it if we're on top of our game.

And that's the key, if we struggle on D, or if the offense has glitches along the way then this could very well be a rebuilding year. But, if they're focused and have their eye on the prize already, then the sky's the limit for this team.

It all starts with the Quarterback though, if somehow Chip can work his magic on Vick and get him back into that zone he was in, in early 2010, then this team can be dangerous. I am concerned about the depth at receiver, but with the focus so much on the TE's and the running game, maybe that won't be that big of a factor.

So first it's the Quarterback, and then it's Chip's game planning-scheme-genius. If you can get up early on these teams and then run the ball down their throats, then you might have a chance. You have to think about scoring at least 30 to 40 points a game and don't have any quit in you. Put up 30 to 40 consistently every week and see if they can keep up. You have to have a cut-throat mentality on offense and keep on gashing these teams with touchdowns after touchdowns. I'm gonna coin a term here: Bulk scoring. You have to score in bulk ! Put up 21 straight points in the 1st quarter and see how the other team reacts. Score in bunches. It's all about the 'W' at the end of the day. If we have this high-octane offense, then we have to take advantage of it. And this is the year to do it.

That's just my philosophy. We got a really good offensive line so the protection should be much better, we're gonna put an emphasis on the run game, so the defense is going to be on their heels so the Qb shouldn't be at as much risk of getting killed on every play as the last few years, and we're gonna have a game plan that is going to attack the other team's weakness while accentuating the strengths of each player on offense. I know this is mind-boggling, but we finally have a coach who knows what he's doing with his scheme and game-planning and all that good stuff. And not only does he know what he's doing, he's a brilliant mind. He's also getting the most out of all his players as well, so on top of being a genius, he's a master motivator. And that's a hard combination to find.

We don't need to start at scratch on offense, we have the weapons, now let's use them and win this thing !!! And by the end of the season, the players would have advanced so far in this offense that it's going to be a different beast, and unstoppable.

The whole thing rests on Vick though, who has seemingly found his passion and love for the game due to coach Kelly. If that guy gets going, I think he still has enough left in the tank and the arm to take this team to new heights. We all saw what he could do for a brief period of time in 2010, and now with Coach Kelly's system and guidance, Vick can learn to be an even better Quarterback.

This year is on you Vick.... can you do it ? If he can, then this won't be a dream anymore...

Let's treat this regular season as practice, and win 10 out of 16 while we're at it, and peak going into the playoffs !!!

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