Reconciling with everyone: On board Team Chip



All aboard Team Chip

Now I can imagine how a politician feels like after a political primary. You made your pitches, you talked to people and unfortunately and perhaps inevitably you weren't able to get all of the votes to win the primary. As such, you feel like you wasted their time, money and effort. The political primary here, was a QB test going all the way back to April and now it was finally decided(whether Chip acknowledges that or not). Michael Vick came out decidedly ahead and most certainly will be week 1's starter. The competition inspired debate in all of us. Those of us who, after being jaded by 2010 recognized Michael Vick to be an ineffective, at best mediocre QB and Nick Foles was the shiny new toy.

Whether Foles succeeded on the football field or not was irrelevant, just that he was good enough to get on the field and we could "try him out" until a real blue chip prospect came in at QB. It's like voting I guess for a young representative to replace the old fart, even if the young representative only has age on his side.

But the old dude reminded us why he's held that incumbent seat for so long, his dazzling throws, he can escape out of the pocket and generally only do athletic things #7 can.

Nick Foles might very well be a Jeff Garcia. A precision route QB who can on occasion connect with a deep throw but it's not in his arsenal. That's okay, you can win with that in this league. But it's not enough compared to a ballistic missile.

I'm still of the belief that if I were head man right now, Nick would be my guy. I'd like to develop Nick in a real, in-game setting for a vast majority of snaps.. Because I don't think(in fact, I'm pretty positive) that Vick won't be in the league 2-3 years from now. A combination of hits, and some athleticism naturally has to be lost will make that a case even if he doesn't want too.

But there's something important for all of us to remember: We're not the head guy, that's Chip's job. And I wanted Chip Kelly from the very beginning. As far back as last year, while the miserable season was still in tact. Before any rumors came out(though rumors came out like 2 weeks after that fan post). I mentioned how Chip Kelly was the most dominate HC in football during his time span. And I wanted him to bring the Oregon attack and everything with it to Philly.

I called him a "Bill Belichick"-like prospect. Similarly to how in the draft, top "prospects" are compared to some of the best pros. I thought there was no HC better than Kelly on the market. And that's who our man is right now.

And if that's what I believe and it is. Then I've gotta put my weight behind the Chipster, no matter what my personal feelings are.

So I'd like to reconcile and reach out. Michael Vick's won the QB competition, he's our starting QB. I don't know for how long, but we need to pull together and root for his success collectively as a fan base. And to hopefully claim that Vince Lombardi trophy.


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