'Getting to Know' the Eagles Cheerleaders: Part 1 - Casey

Good day BGN. I've decided to take it upon myself to introduce to you, the most passionate of the Eagles fanbase, the Eagles Cheerleaders for this upcoming season. I don't see a reason not to make a FanPost for every one of them, but that may be too ambitious; we'll see. For now, I've picked the hottest pretty arbitrarily decided to introduce you to Casey first:


She has really nice pom-poms.


Occupation: (Aside from Eagles Cheerleader) Pharmaceutical Sales/Marketing

Years Experience: 3

College: West Chester University

Fun Fact: Casey represented the Eagles at the 2013 Pro Bowl and the inaugural Pro Bowl China Cheerleader Tour!


Favorite Current Eagles Player: LeSean McCoy- He is a hardworking team player and he had a great season last year.

 I assume these haven't been updated since the beginning of last year, but still, Shady's chill-to-pull ratio is  pretty evident here.

Favorite Eagles Alumni Player: Brian Dawkins- He was extremely dedicated and set a great example for kids. He illustrated that if you work hard and put your heart into things, you can achieve your dreams.

 Great answer Casey, who doesn't love Weapon X?

Favorite Eagles Moment: When the Eagles beat the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game to advance to Super Bowl XXXIX.

 That was a pretty great moment, am I right? Until McNabb vomited in the Super Bowl and then didn't in an  alternate reality.

If you played in the NFL, what position do you think you would be? Wide Receiver

 Wouldn't touch this answer with a ten-foot pole.... heh

What is sexy to you: To me, sexy is when someone exudes confidence and is genuine and positive. When someone is beautiful on the inside, I think it makes them really sexy.

 There it is everyone, Casey will think you are sexy if you are just beautiful on the inside!

Worst pickup line you have ever heard: You're so beautiful I forgot my pickup line.

 Well crap, guess I can't use that one anymore.

And now I'll post some additional pictures, the reason half all of you perverts probably clicked this FanPost anyway:




















Sorry for the lack of boob-bouncing GIFs, just know that their absence was not due to a lack of effort.

Look for her on the field if you make it to the games, and maybe even yell "Hi Casey!", I doubt she'll be creeped out that you know her name.

Since this is the first part of the series, I'm not quite sure what else to include so I may just cut it short here. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the next installment, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and/or place a vote in the poll.

Here's Casey, and a preview of some of the girls to come! (Get your mind out of the gutter dirtbags)


Note: You have to click on this still image of the beautiful Malia to watch the GIF play, apparently GIFs don't work in FanPosts. Or I'm just computer illiterate, either way it's on you now.

(As a sidenote, you may want to have the 'Hover Zoom' add-on for this article, if you know what I mean. If you use Chrome, you can install it from the link below. If not, find it yourself. And start using Chrome while you're at it, dummy.)

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