A couple things I have thought about recently

Recall before the draft. Some people wanted to take a flyer on the Honey Badger and others said he's too much of a head case and pointed out to his marajuana habits and his inability to bench press.

I was in the group that wanted to take a flyer on him. By all accounts he has been playing amazing in ARI taking reps at slot corner and safety. He's been doing what he did in college -- making plays. I'm not saying he's GOING to be a stud but if he ends up being a play maker in the secondary what a huge loss for the Eagles and what another great weapoin Arizona is going to have on that defense.

I will always take the guy that can play football, no matter what the measurables are... Just like coach Reid took guys with certain measurables that couldn't play and other teams who take guys with other measurables (size, weight room athleticism) but can't play, I'm in the camp that the most important thing is the player can play football or not.... I think teams passing up on HB are going to realize passing on him was a huge mistake.

Look at our secondary now and tell me we couldn't use a play maker?

- Even though it was only one pre-season I think our offense is going to be at worst -- average. It doesn't matter who starts at QB, I think we'll be able to move the chains and score more than a paltry 17 ppg like we did last year. It's just a hunch with the new weapons on offense (Johnson, Casey, Ertz, and a healthy O-line).

- Does it not make sense to trade Brandon Graham? The kid has potential as a good 4-3 DE. Right now he's a back up LB and on S/T in this defense. We're probably not going to resign him as a backup, and more importantly he's not going to want to stay a back up LB here. Why not trade him to a team who could use a young 4-3 DE?

- I don't think it was that surprising to see the defense struggle that bad against the Pats. They were bad as a 4-3 team and they made a switch to a scheme with minimal 3-4 personnel. They are going to need to another off season or maybe two to revamp the talent.

- I have always been a big Jackson fan for numerous reasons. He's had his detractors here. If we get good O-line play and decent QB play watch him have a great season! He's our best WR, even with Maclin healthy.

I'm trying to come up with funny names for my fantasy team... I was thinking Cooper Hates Blackmon or Salas Tosser? Anyone else have some good ones? My Cox Ertz!?

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