Observations: Preseason Week 1

Hello BGNers, you should all be well aware of team's 31-22 loss to Brady and the Patriots. I saw a lot of things that I liked and some that I didn't. I will COMPLETELY evaluate the QB competition and give update of the battle of the roster spots among everything else. Here we go....

  • The first major issue was the defense. From the start, the Patriots carved us up on the ground which includes Steven Ridley 62 yard scamper.
  • Nate Allen missed the tackle, (Deja Vu) but Bradley Fletcher saved the day keeping up with the back and making the tackle.
  • Speaking of Fletcher, he does not seem to have a tackling allergy however he was allowing a couple of the passes to be caught with ease.
  • Legarrette Blount pulled a LeSean McCoy with his ability to cut multiple times in different directions. Twice he went by BG55 but could not be stopped.
  • Sopoaga and Barwin looked like solid acquisitions.
  • Brandon Boykin played absolutely well, denying a couple of passes.
  • Chris Polk completely disappeared as he was not able to show what he had in TC while Brown continued off of last year.
  • Chris McCoy, Patrick Chung, and Earl Wolff seemed to all be near the ball.
  • Curry and Cox were giving Mallet whiplash all night.
  • Special Teams was golden (with the exception of Celek). Johnson almost took one to the house while Donnie hit a punt all the way to the one.

Now to the QB battle and offense. (Rewatched and noted ALMOST every passing snap Vick and Foles took.)

Mike Vick

  • His first pass was a 5-man protection with 4 rushers. Celek and Polk took to the flat for safety valves. Avant went up the middle and slid pass the slot corner. Mike Vick threw the beauty with perfect timing as the two safeties over the top looked to give help and Celek was the only other reciever open. The pass was hauled in with little difficulty thanks to Avant. The play was for about 21 yards. Pass Grade-A+
  • Vick's second pass was a fake Polk handoff with him picking up the blitzer. 6 were rushing. Celek again did not have to protect. Vick looked at his progressions and hit DeSean in stride as he beat Talib and the safety in coverage. The ball was perfectly placed and good for a 47 yard TD to DJax. Pass Grade-A+
  • On Vick's third pass, we say a little of the option. Celek stayed in to block as Vick faked a handoff to Polk to the left and rolled to the right. Celek cut off the outside rusher when he cut in as the Pats blitzed five. Hightower jumped through the middle as Vick escaped the pocket. Celek stayed with Ninkovitch as he cut back to follow. Jason Avant took his man to the high right as Riley Cooper slyly cuts across the field. Vick has a defender in front but opts to keep it as Takeo Spikes and the slot corner all have their eyes on Vick. He throws a zipper to Riley for 17 yards. Vick could have handed it to Polk for the hand-off but kept it as the defender Ninkovitch got shaded. His next opportunity was the run but it would have been for 3 yards. He passed it and it was a great play. Pass Grade-A-
  • Vick's fourth pass was no-huddle and incomplete to Jason Avant. He had better options and rushed it a little. Pass Grade-D+
  • Vick's final pass was alson no huddle. They were in a split back formation as Polk and Celek both clipped their respective rushers as only 4 rushed. Barbre got hit with Freeney-esque spin move to the inside which knocked him off balance to the inside. Vick was flushed and hit Celek for the dump off on third and long. Celek barreled through and picked up 6. Vick actually had the chance to scramble back to the inside as the recievers brought the linebackers to the right back to the left. Pass Grade-B-

Nick Foles

  • On his first passing play, Fole's faked the hand-off to Bryce Brown. Celek stayed to block as the Pats blitzed five. Foles sensed the pressure and evaded the first sack attempt. barbre got blown up and Chandler Jones strips Foles as he refuses to give the play. I give him some props for tryng to keep the play alive however QBs are taught even in Pop Warner to take the sack. Bad decision. Pass Grade-F
  • On his first completed pass play, Foles is blitz by five and Celek stays to help out. He can not find a reciever and hits Bryce for 8 yards. Foles took a tad bit to long but all the recievers were covered. However he got it out quickly. Pass Grade-A-
  • In no huddle Foles then fakes the next play pass to Bryce and rolls left free from the rush. He waits until Avant's man comes up and he fires for 11 yards. I had trouble viewing this play becuase the no huddle caught me and the Pat's D off guard.The pass was great but the play was perfect. Pass Grade-A
  • His next no huddle pass play was a play action to Bryce again. The Eagles kept Celek into block as the Pats rushed only 4. Foles dumped it off to Bryce for three as he quickly chnaged gears and added about 8 more. Again this play was fool proof . The pass was really short. Pass Grade-A
  • Again no huddle and I did not see the line alinement from the begining. However it was 5 on 5 coverage and Foles was facing a line man. Oddly the lineman had his hands on Foles shoulder and overpursued. Foles turned on the jets (The Tricycle Pedals?) for ten yards finishing with a slide. The play broke down however he had a window for brief moment to thread it out to Celek but didn't. Pass Grade-B+
  • This play started off ok in no huddle but Foles threw and awkward pass that floated like a duck. Incomplete to Riley Cooper. The pass need more zip. Pass Grade-C-
  • His final pass was a 5 on 5 protection. Foles took slightly, slightly long but delivered a dart to Avant for a first down. Great pass hauled in by Avant. Pass Grade-A

Breakdown: Vick looked really impressive. It is amazing what he can do without being knocked in the dirt. He showed poise and great arm strengt with his pass to Vick. On the play to Cooper he really made the D pay as they really got frightened when they thought he was going to run. He took slightly too long but it payed off. His only bad play came on his one missed passed. Chris Polk help end his drive as Bryce and Foles led one. Foles really made a bad play on the fumble trying to attempt the pass even when he was wrapped up. His next plays were more dink and dunk which are hard to grade. The passes were good.However I noticed they kept more blockers when Foles was in especially Celek. He stayed into block Vick less. They both played great but if the competition ended today the job would go to Vick. Neither of the QBs are QBs of the future; Vick has only a couple of good years left and Foles seems skittish at times. However I could be wrong about both. Those 2 QB grades Overall-A-.

Other notes:

  • Allen Barbre kept the 47 yarder alive with block down low but could not handle Chandler Jones on the fumble.
  • Barkley had a TD however he played at best mediocrity.
  • Dixon and Kinne played well considering their rank on the depth chart. Greg Salas and Clay Harbor seemed to have their jobs ALMOST locked.
  • Shepard was non-existant.
  • Bryce Brown substantially outplayed Polk.
  • Bye Bye Wing.
  • Jason Avant played great.
  • Lane johnson played well.

Basicall the D stunk and the offense was great to watch. I think Vick played slightly better than Foles however despite the small sample it is hard to truly predict who played better. One thing that stuck out in my mind is that during the pregame in the huddle Vick made a speech and was a clear leader becuase he had everyones attention. Foles was lingering. I just cannot picture Foles in that position..alot can still change. May the best man win the QB battle. Thanks for reading until next time.

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