Impact of Maclin's Loss

Maclin is done for the season a massive blow for number 18 especially considering this was his contract year. Not an ideal time to miss 16 games.

How much of a blow is it to the Eagles receiving corps? Loving statistics as I do I thought I’d take a quick look at the impact of Maclin on the Eagles numbers since he joined in 2009.

Bearing in mind I took into the account that he’s missed seven games and changed the yardage, YAC and TD figures from each year to represent this.



There you go nice and easy. I’ve highlighted certain figures in green, these are TD or Yardage counts which Maclin led the team in.

So what can we take away from this, more importantly will he be a big loss? Yes I think so, his TD count alone shows that he is a TD magnet at times for Eagles QB‘s, he has led the team in receiving TD’s three years straight now (although in ‘10 he was joint 1st along with Celek). 2012 was quite clearly his best year when you look at TD’s, so it’s huge to see our offense’s safest bet when it comes to scores being on IR.

Last season he led the team in receiving yards as well showing that he’s not only a TD magnet but a reliable set of hands to help the Eagles gain some much needed yardage. DeSean Jackson was 1st in 2009, 10 and 11 just for the record.

I thought I’d include his YAC despite the fact that he’s never going to match the likes of Celek and McCoy, for one when Celek gets chugging nothing brings that boy down. As for McCoy, give him a screen, get around the edge and he’s gone… every time so naturally they always lead the Eagles YAC.

That being said Maclin hasn‘t been terrible by any stretch. A bit of a dip in 2010 but in the years before and after that he came in at nearly twenty percent of the Eagles total, good numbers for a Receiver. We did see last year his numbers dip again, this is a little worrying as many questioned whether he’d hold onto the ball for fear of being hit, well the numbers show that sadly that those comments may indeed be true.

Ultimately I think Chip will miss Maclin, especially considering one area that the Eagles really need improvement on is the redzone and we’ve now lost the Receiver who managed to cross that endzone plane. I love the idea that we’re looking to fill the position in-house, but I think Chip will be hard pressed to find anyone who can put up Maclin’s figures in 2013, even with his hard hitting phobia.
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