The Wide Reciever Group: Who Makes The Cut?

This year during training camp, we cannot start posts off like these saying, "DeSean, Maclin, and Avant are locks." While DeSean maybe safe, the others could easily see themselves on the way out. Unlike last year these players may not fit Kelly's system or they may not be able to adjust to Chip's ideaology. However, if you look closely each player has many qualities that could benefit them or set them back when it comes to their chances of making the Eagles. DeSean will not be in those post because he is the only lock.

Dave Ball (Age 29)

Besides Jason Avant, he is the oldest reciever on the roster--and that's bad. The fact that he has only been a camp body is bad for him. Coming out of New Hampshire (around the time of Chip Kelly's Stint) he was above average but never seemed to reach his potential. Unless he lights it up during preseason he is a goner. Prediction-He is cut.

Nick Miller

At 5-9 he is a small reciever. Since the Eagles already have two players of similar stature who have better skill set in Damaris and DeSean, his chances are very slim in making the roster. I dont think he would even be someone to keep on the practice squad either. Prediction-He is cut.

Will Murphy

He has one thing over the other recievers that should could allow to stick around. He has experience in Chip Kelly offence. Last year he spent his time with Oregon with Chip Kelly. As a walk on he slowly moved himself up the roster. However, he was never a major contributor. Overall he is a good reciever to hold on your practice squad--if others are not worthy enough. Prediction-He gets cut but is a guy they bring back next offseason.

B.J. Cunningham

The Michigan States all-time leader in recieving was here last year. He even survived a few cut downs last year and made the practice squad. At 6-2 he is big body that cannot be easily knocked around and he would be good to have. Prediction-Practice squad.

Riley Cooper

The former biggest Eagle on the roster is now under scrutiny. I do not think he will make the roster if Momah can unleash the beast. He messed with the Eagles Mojo and is now on Kelly's $#!& list. However that won't be the cause of his leave. He simply is not an asset and has not shown anything in the past to prove otherwise especially with just 5 touchdowns in his four year career. With that in mind I think a new training camp battle is ensuing with him, Momah, Shepard and Benn even if they are not for the same spot. They are all either not eligible for the practice squad or too valuable to be placed on it. Prediction-With Damaris and Shepard playing well and Momah and Benn MIA...well this is one too look out for at the end of this post and preseason.

Ifeanyi Momah

6-7 and fully recovered, Momah's ceiling is high. He can be Cooper or better with time. Why you might ask? Well with 4 touchdowns in 4 years you cannot be babied anymore which is why Momah is more appealing. He is also too valuable to be brought in on the practice squad. So to bring him in as the 6th reciever is genious. Prediction-Makes the team unless Salas can outplay him.

Arrelious Benn

Basically with Maclin down the No. 2 reciever position was between him and Cooper. Damaris is too small to play the outside regularly, Avant and Salas are slot guys and lack the speed, Momah is unproven, and Shepard is also unproven. that leaves Benn and Cooper. The only thing Riley has over the other unprovens are experienced. Don't get me wrong Benn is not a star player himself however he is more (slightly with 200 more yards and 13 more recs) proven than Riley. Prediction-He is in and Riley is out (It is pointless to keep Riley when there are younger options out there).

Greg Salas

Some say he could have been a good slot reciever. Well they could be right, but not now. He is a YAC monster and could really be an asset in the near future barring some unforseen injury to a reciever. I think he is on thepractice squad. Prediction-He is on the practice squad unless he can outplay Momah this preseason.

Russel Shepard

The Na Brown Award front runner is quickly moving up the depth chart. He is playing pretty well if you look at the front pages notes (Shout out to Brandon for making that happen). He is gaining praise from Vick and is staying everyday to work with the JUGS machine. That earns some points. His major upside is his special teams experience and his versatility-a Chip Kelly vocab word. Being 6-1 wouldn't be that bad either. So far if he plays well in preseason I think he makes the cut. Prediction-He is on the team if he plays well this preseason.

Damaris Johnson

He is a speedster that can get behind defences. He shown flashes last year. This year he is letting loose. He maybe small which is not Chip's MO, but he is making the team barring injury meaning him and DeSean will be the only players under 6-0. Prediction- He is on the team.

Jason Avant

The oldeset and most experienced player on the roster is on the bubble. However, he is a leader and the most sure handed reciever on the roster. Leaders do not come every day. he is the best slot reciever on the roster and he should stay. He may not be perfect for Kelly but you can always count on him. Prediction-He stays on the roster.

The final breakdown-Jackson, Johnson, Avant, Benn, Shephard, and Momah. This could easily change once preseason rolls around. Shephard and Momah could disappear and Salas or Cooper (assuming that he stays) can come alive. We don't know. All we do know is we cannot wait until football. Thanks for reading.

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