Awww Mannn

When it comes to the Jeremy Maclin ACL injury, I'd have to say I am one of the least disappointed fans in Philadelphia. I do feel bad for Jeremy Maclin the person, he seemed like a stand up guy. While I would not claim that either one of our top 2 receivers has character problems, Maclin hasn't brought us the head scratching sound bites that attract attention from the media like number 10 does. So best of luck Jeremy... I just hope it's somewhere else.

I don't know about everyone else, but I can't stop myself from focusing solely on the 2014 season. One of the aspects I hope changes is the physicality of the wide receiver position. Hopefully Chip and Howie are thinking like me and depart from the 160 lb DJax and "self tacklin' Jeremy Maclin" (shout out to H2H, love that podcast).

One of the options that I would love to happen would be targeting Kenny Britt in FA next offseason. Awww Mann does that get me excited..

Kenny Britt won't answer your question without saying AW MAN (via nailsinch9)

OK, I'll admit it. I created this FanPost just to show this video to everyone, but I think I have accidentally stumbled upon a decent topic.

First let me address all of the Kenny Britt haters. He has a lot of question marks. No one can deny that. Britt has been arrested 8 times so far in his career. That number is crazy, one more arrest and he will most likely be facing a lengthy suspension. Oh yeah, he has a history of injuries and has been accused of not putting in the time with his rehab to fully recover from his ACL injury. So why would the Eagles even think about signing a player like this? First... God given talent. No one can argue that Britt doesn't have all of the necessary tools to be a dominant playmaker in the NFL. Second, and most importantly, Howie Roseman and his God given talent to create a team friendly contract. Kenny Britt and his agent have to understand that they need to agree to many stipulations to protect the team he signs with if he messes up again.

Britt is not the only physical FA wide receiver in the 2014 offseason. Hakeem Nicks from our division rival NY Giants would be a an intriguing option. When healthy Nicks can change the outcome of a game. It would also be nice to improve at the same time you hurt a rival.

Anquan Boldin and James Jones are two older receivers who could bring a physicality to the position, and due to their age, may not receive a hefty contract.

The 2014 NFL draft should not be short on physical wide outs either. Players like Marqise Lee and Sammy Watkins (not as physical but does have size and incredible talent) are projected to go in the top 15 selections. Other prospects such as Rutgers' Brandon Coleman (6'5 220 lbs), Vanderbilt's Jordan Matthews (6'3, 205 lbs), Penn St's Allen Robinson (6'3, 205 lbs), and Ole Miss' Donte Moncrief (6'2, 225) all have the skills to step in and help an offense right away.

On a completely different side note. I wonder how hard Howie and Co. tried to acquire a 2014 first round pick this past April. I would have traded down almost 20 spots to get one. Imagine a draft where the Eagles would get one of the top QB's (Bridgewater, Mariotta, Boyd) and a player like Anthony Barr, Colt Lyerla, Marqise Lee, Sammy Watkins. Wow that would be awesome. Thanks for reading.

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