Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp 2013 Notes & Quotes - Friday 7/26/2013

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Practice notes and quotes from Chip Kelly, Trent Cole, and Danny Watkins.

Today was the Eagles first full day of practice. No pads yet (that's Sunday), but there was still plenty of action.

Let's get right to the notes:

Practice Notes

  • DeMeco Ryans picked off a short Vick throw over the middle in 7 on 7s. It was more of a bad decision than a bad pass.
  • Michael Vick made some nice throws, but I also felt like he took too long to throw sometimes. Jimmy Kempski noted this out loud when he was standing next to me.
  • Trent Cole was seen in coverage multiple times. On play he covered Chris Polk out in the flat.
  • Nick Foles ran the read option a couple times in 7 on 7s. He never kept the ball; they all resulted in handoffs to Felix Jones.
  • There was a time Nick Foles took off to run though! The OL/DL trenches parted like the Red Sea and Nick Foles ran through the middle untouched. Chip Kelly put his arms up to signal a touchdown in jest.
  • Foles threw a wobbly deep pass to BJ Cunningham in 11 on 11s but the DB got beat and Cunningham made a nice catch to save the play.
  • There were a lot of running plays today. Surprised?
  • I saw Zach Ertz make a few difficult catches. One was a diving catch (15 yards) outside the numbers. Showed good hands and focus.
  • LB Chris McCoy looked good in coverage vs James Casey in a 1 on 1 (TE vs LB) drill. Trent Cole initially jammed Casey well at the line but got off balance and Casey broke free for a open catch. Brandon Graham was a step or two too slow in coverage on a rep I saw in this drill.
  • Future Hall of Famer Derek Carrier (OK so maybe I'm getting "CARRIED" away here) had a few drops. I still like the way he moves for a tight end.
  • Kurt "I make plays" Coleman picked off a pass that was tipped multiple times.
  • DeSean Jackson had a number of catches throughout the day. He was very active. One came on a 15 yard pass over the middle. Another was a very difficult catch deep down the field. He's off to a good start.
  • Kenny Phillips looked healthy and word is he's 100%. We have to see how the knee holds up over time, but so far so good for him.
  • There were only three people I saw returning punts today: DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Damaris Johnson.
  • Donnie Jones can punt the crap out of the ball. I joked that one of his punts ended up in the Delaware River. As much as I've seen, he has the edge on rookie Brad Wing.
  • Russell Shepard and Jason Avant (the usual suspects) were working on the JUGS machine after practice. Clay Harbor was with them too.


Chip Kelly - (Video)

  • Chip said he was glad the limitations of OTAs (such as limited contact, no press coverage) are gone.
  • "I don't want our quarterbacks taking hits," Kelly responded, when asked about the possibility of QBs running. He said their motto is "Touchdown, first down, get down."
  • Chip was pleased everyone passed the conditioning test yesterday, including Matthew Tucker and Brad Wing who had initially failed the test.
  • When asked about the defense, Chip said "we're going from the wide-9 to the 3-4 (two gap), but where we'll end, I don't really know." He stressed that the team will play to the personnel's strengths. This is a concept Bill Davis and other assistants discussed yesterday.
  • Chip is high on DeSean Jackson. "The sky is the limit for DeSean," Kelly said. Chip called DeSean the ultimate "super ball" because of how he bounces around all over the field.
  • Lastly, a funny quote from Chip: "I'll be honest: if I call 20 read options with Nick Foles in the game, they should fire me."

Trent Cole - (video)

  • On how comfortable he feels in pass coverage "I'm getting there. I do feel comfortable. I do want to get better."
  • Trent said he feels like "an experienced rookie" because of all the new changes the Eagles have gone through.
  • Trent said he's asked players for advice on making the switch to 3-4 OLB. Trent said he feels standing up will give him an advantage as a pass rusher.
  • He said he's watched 3-4 OLBs DeMarcus Ware and James Harrison play over the years. "I like how [3-4 OLBs] get to play. I love the fact that I'm wide open and I can do what the heck I want to do. When I'm supposed to go in rush, I can do what I want do to. I don't have to make sure if I have to contain. That's gonna be easy for me, that's gonna be easy for me to come in barreling in like that. I'm pretty excited. I'm excited to get the chance to do that."

Danny Watkins - (video)

  • Watkins said his time under new OL coach Jeff Stoutland is a chance to start from scratch.
  • He called Stoutland more of a "traditional" OL coach as opposed to former OL coach Howard Mudd. Watkins seems to appreciate having Stoutland here.
  • On if it was disappointing that the Eagles drafted Lane Johnson: "I mean, it's going to help the team. So I mean in one hand that's great, we're going to be that much better up front. It sets me back, but that's not anyone's fault but mine."

Injury Notes:

Hopefully this is a part of the notes that will stay inactive.

  • CB Cary Williams left practice when he tweaked his hamstring. He's day to day.
  • WR Arrelious Benn sustained a left knee injury. Adam Caplan said it was knee hyper-extension, but that we will hear more info soon.

Misc Media:

This is a collection of the pictures/videos I took today. Click to see!

Up next: Just another day of practice tomorrow. I'll have notes for you again like always.

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter for more training camp updates.

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