Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp 2013: The Veterans Arrive

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

A few short notes on Jeremy Maclin, DeMeco Ryans, and Fletcher Cox.

Today was the day Eagles veterans reported to the NovaCare facility. In case you missed it, the assistant coaches also spoke to the media earlier in the day.

I didn't get a whole lot of material as I was only around to see Jeremy Maclin, DeMeco Ryans, and Fletcher Cox arrive (in that order).

Here's what I noted from when they spoke.

Jeremy Maclin - (Picture)

  • "You can't get caught up in that," said Jeremy Maclin when asked about whether he thinks who will win the quarterback competition. Maclin seemed to indicate he's willing to see how the situation plays out and go from there.
  • Maclin said he uses the Eagles disappointing 2012 season (4-12) as motivation. He says the team has a chip on their shoulder. Yeah, I know, pun.
  • It's no secret that Maclin is a free agent after this year. So it's only natural he's asked questions about his contract situation. While he said he hasn't had any conversations about an extension with the Eagles yet, he's "aware" of other contracts that wide receivers have received around the league.

DeMeco Ryans - (Short video)

  • DeMeco said he's excited to "put last year behind us and start new". He emphasized that a new start feels refreshing.
  • "I think we have enough [on defense] to win."
  • Highlight quote: "I haven't even thought about last year. [Demeco laughs] It was so bad that why would we think about it?"

Fletcher Cox - (Short video)

  • Cox said he's not sure where exactly he'll be playing yet, but mentioned he's lined up at different positions in practice.
  • Fletcher gained a little bit of weight from last year but not too much. He said weighed in at 312 lbs today, which is up from last year where he played at around 308 or 309.


  • Todd Herremans has a new haircut. So does Brent Celek. It's a new era of Eagles football and Eagles hair.
  • Kurt Coleman's quote of the day: "I make plays."
  • Good tweet here by Jimmy Kempski: "Herremans: 'I think our running game will be 2nd to none.'"

That's it for today. One theme that stood out from these quotes is that it's clear that these players are looking forward to a new season and putting past failures behind them.

Up next: Friday is when the fun begins! All players will be out on the field for practice. There's no hitting yet until Sunday, but I'll keep you updated on the events that take place tomorrow with a practice recap later in the day.

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter for more training camp updates.

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