TOP 25 Players Under 25

Mel Kiper Jr wrote an article on ESPN of the best 25 under 25. All players needed to be under 25 at the start of this season, it's based on talent shown and future worth and by position. Guess what team doesn't have 1 player in the top 25? Yup you guessed correct the eagles. Not to poach the whole thing off insider I will give you the summary of our division rivals.

RGIII at 5:

Att 393 Comp pct 65.6 Yds 3,200 TD 20 Int 5

Current: There's a strong case to be made that no rookie QB was as good as RG III in 2012. I certainly wouldn't tell you Wilson or Luck was any better. RG III's accuracy (65.6 completion percentage), decision-making (20 TDs, 5 INTs) and ability to strike teams deep down the field were as good as we thought they could be coming out of Baylor, and his 815 rushing yards proved he can be devastating if you don't keep him contained. Unfortunately, it was another knee injury that ultimately contained him and that dings him slightly here.

Future: RG III will keep going to Pro Bowls as a passer if his need to explore the field as a runner fades. This kid has the ability to pick teams apart with his mind, his vision and his arm. But while he should be fine to start the season, this is his second return from an ACL injury. That's not enough to call him prone, but certainly enough to worry about his ability to stay healthy. Mike Shanahan and the Redskins must scheme to his strengths as a passer, and appeal to his competitive sense about what's best for his career and that of the franchise. It'll also just help from a ball security standpoint, as RG III fumbled 12 times last season.

JPP at 13:

Tkl 66 Sack 6.5 Int 1

Current: Entering his fourth NFL season, it's amazing JPP still qualifies for this list. After his breakout 2011 campaign, I think many are surprised he isn't higher. Sack totals don't paint a complete picture, but JPP's fell off from 16.5 in 2011 to 6.5 last season, a decent enough dip to cause an ounce of concern. The interesting thing about Pierre-Paul is he is now one of the best 4-3 defensive ends in the NFL against the run. He's grown from project to steady starter.

Future: Pierre-Paul has become a pretty complete defensive end. The question now is whether he can recapture the pass-rushing magic of 2011. Just because he has NFL experience doesn't mean he's not still picking up new tricks at 24.

Dez Bryant at 19:

Rec 92 Yds 1,382 Avg. 15.0 TD 12

Current: Put all the drama aside and just look at what Bryant was in 2012: By any measure, he was one of the NFL's more difficult wide receivers to cover. He was eighth in total catches with 92, sixth in receiving yards with 1,382 and responsible for 12 catches of 20 yards or more (sixth in the NFL). He could be a little better with drops (11 in 2012), but things finally seem to have clicked for Dez.

Future: Bryant dropped a little here because he's had small injuries in all three NFL seasons he's played and there are still questions about his reliability. What'll be interesting to watch is whether his future is with the Cowboys or someone else. He's signed through 2014, but Dallas might want to explore what it'll cost to lock down Bryant long term after 2013. This is a pivotal season for him.

Alfred Morris at 25:

Current: He benefited a great deal from Mike Shanahan's zone-blocking system, as well as the perpetual fear that defenses dealt with while trying to anticipate what RG III would do, but Morris was highly productive last season in piling up 1,613 yards. I had him a little below Martin because he's not as elusive and also is not nearly the same pass-catcher out of the backfield (he caught just 11 passes last season). But Morris need only point to his numbers to show anybody he belongs.

Future: Again, running backs get knocked here, and as any former Broncos fan can tell you, Shanahan knows how to maximize the one he has until that guy can't go anymore, then find production from the next player in line. But Morris has proven his reliability, so he could continue to pile up numbers as long as he's healthy. Let's hope that's for a while.

To me a few players worth note.

- Luke Keuchly at 6

- Earl Thomas at 8

- Muhammed Wilkerson at 15 over Fletcher Cox?????

- Bobby Wagner at 17. We took Kendricks over him.

- Lavonte David at 23. We could of had him also.

I'm not a Kiper fan. I'm not sure I agree David is better or will be better than Kendricks. Kiper had the 10 that just missed list too. Not 1 Eagle there either. Dallas got Tron Smith as the 2nd just missed the list guy.

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