2013 college football Prospects to Watch - QBs

Chris Graythen

Going into the season this year our QB situation is sketchy, at best. It has potential to turn into something solid, but I don't see any of the QB's on our roster as stars who will be "our guy" for the next 10 years. Foles has potential and so does Barkley. Worst case scenario this year, Vick wins the job, Foles is traded. We tank the season, Barkley gets a shot to start like Foles did last year and shows us absolutely nothing. We will be in need to grab a QB again this year and this draft is going to offer some great talent.

The first round prospects at the moment are Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel (if he comes out early), David Fales, and Tajh Boyd. I'm hoping most of you know who they are and I shouldn't need to go into great discussion on them.

Teddy Bridgewater - Louisville - Teddy should go number 1 next year, Clowney is obviously the best player in the draft next year but given the need for QB in the league, he will probably go 2. Teddy is a unique blend of arm strength and athletic ability. He can destroy a defense with his feet as well as pick them apart from the pocket. Great arm strength and accuracy. Very similar to RG3 just not nearly as fast. Chip loves versatility and this would be his guy. Problem is no way he falls out of top 3 and I don't see any feasible way we do worse than Jets, Raiders, and Jags, and all three of those teams could use a QB upgrade. If he falls, it will probably be for a reason. The kid is tough too, last year he finished the season injured and continued to play at a high level.

David Fales - San Jose State - Fales was a transfer from a community college the year before and did great last year wrecking garbage competition in his first year at SJS. Strong accuracy, and very strong arm. Prototypical pocket QB who wont kill you with his wheels. If the read-option is killed this year similar to how the wildcat was in its second year, then Chip may be smart and put a high priority on pocket QBs. Completed 72% of his passes for over 4,100 yards. Problem is, when he faced a legit defense like Stanford, they smashed the offense. Hopefully he can improve against better defenses this year.

Tajh Boyd - Clemson - very similar to Teddy Bridgewater except much smaller. If he went in the draft this year there's no way he wouldn't of been the top QB taken. Army isn't as strong as Teddy Bridgewater's, but that can change with technique and maturity. I'll be watching him closely this year.

Derek Carr - Fresno - Brother of David Carr, former #1 overall pick of the Texans. Has solid mechanics and looks to be pro-ready. Has good pocket presence but and a strong arm. Finished last year with 67% completion percentage and over 4,100 yards. Had bad games against Boise State and Oregon though. Currently have him marked as a 3rd or 4th round prospect.

Tyler Russell - Mississippi State - Has fantastic arm strength and makes really tough throws. Problem with him is inconsistency. This may of been due to the fact that last year was his first game as a starter and he was gaining confidence. As the year went on he seemed to play better in games and make better decisions. Not a dual threat type QB that will burn you with his wheels but can escape when needs to. Currently I got him rated as a 3rd or 4th round prospect, but that's why we will be watching him. Has some serious potential.

Logan Thomas - VT - I am not a fan of his, at all. He had a very disappointing year last year. That being said, he does have the arm strength and running ability to be a starter in the NFL in this current read-option dual-threat happy NFL. If he lives up to his potential this year, and falls to the 2nd round, he could be a steal of a developmental QB. Also, the guy is 6'6, he can see the field well and over the pocket.

Jeff Driskel - Florida - Jeff was the top QB coming out of the country in 2011, but has been since pretty disappointing. Another dual-threat QB with running ability. Jeff is a true junior and should probably stay for his senior year to improve passing ability even if he has a great season this year.

Sure it would be awesome if Foles/Barkley win the job and take the league by storm next year and QB is no longer a cause for concern. Chances of that happening aren't too great though and would still be nice to keep an eye on intriguing prospects such as these this year.

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