What Nick Foles went through

It appears that quite a few Eagles fans had amnesia(justifiably so I might add) regarding just how bad the Eagles season was. Well, let's give it a quick recap.

Why? Because a few posters pointed out Foles's "resume"(namely the losing, turnovers, etc.) And while the turnovers may have hurt. The Offense in general, actually ran better with Foles than with Vick. If that's true, then why does Foles have a "losing record"?

If we were to compare QB's to pitchers, then we have to invoke the all important bullpen concept. In order to keep starters fresh for the grueling of a regular season, they have certain pitchers for certain situations including the closer.

So with that in mind, let's review the season(specifically, the defense)

Weeks 1-7: The defense gave up an average of around 16-17 PPG. However, the situation boils over after the Lions upset when Juan Castillo amazingly goes zone defense when man coverage was shutting down Megatron himself.

The Steelers "collapse" also comes into consideration. But, everyone agreed: It never should've come down to a FG in the first place.

Let's call the defense our "bullpen". After all, if the defense is on the field for a considerable amount of time, we're losing the time of possession battle.

We had a pretty solid bullpen under Castillo then, not a great one. But good enough to win football games.

I'll go either two ways with this: Either Vick can be qualified as a mediocre starting pitcher(Read: Kyle Kendrick) or we can be traditional and say the offense(obviously) laid a flat egg and struck out in the football world.

I'll say both: Vick, as a QB is comparable to Kyle Kendrick. Kyle has "his days" like Vick has his days. But on most days, as any Phillies fan will attest: Kyle Kendrick sucks. On most days, as Eagles fans we can objectively say that Michael Vick sucks. looking at the INT% confirms that Vick's 2010 "year"(6 games) was an abbreviation not a fact.

Even if you've got a good bullpen, a shitty starting pitcher has already taken his team out of the ball game. The best a solid bullpen can do is try to keep the score where it is and hope said starting pitcher(or a different pitcher as the case is in baseball) regroups and rebounds the defense. And hopefully, the offense gets some hits.

Unfortunately for the Eagles(and Castillo) to Reid, Vick was the only pitcher. So, what does this have to do with Foles? The reversal of situations: Foles was a quality starting pitcher, the bullpen(Bowels) was from week 8-16 the worst bullpen arguably in the National Football League.

I said that Castillo had an average bullpen, blown saves considered and all. So let's look at the total mess that Bowels left behind:

-The Eagles were the 3rd worst defense in PPG(27.8). Only the Titans and Saints were worse(tied with Jacksonville).

-In terms of total points, we were tied for second with the Jacksonville Jaguars(444 pts).

Keep in mind, the defense was "average" for 7 weeks. This means Todd Bowels was the worst defensive coordinator in all of football. I remember Ray Didinger on an Eagles post game live show talking about how we gave up 5 or 6 straight 30 PPG games.

Foles had his hands full with the worst bullpen in sports to try and manage any sort of "lead" he was able to give the Eagles on a given sunday. Vick supporters might counteract with the fact that Andy/Marty tinkered with the playbook for Foles's success.

Fine and dandy: Except, they did the same for Vick with mixed results. For every few plays Vick ran well(in which we said WTF). Next throw down, he wasn't able to actually make the quick read.

The deeper argument I want to make is that while we obviously were banged up last year, Foles had to do without the following:



and later on Shady.

This is like last year when the Phillies were without Utley, Howard. Except, this is much worse. This would be like taking Dominic Brown and Carlos Ruiz out of the lineup as well. If not for Bryce Brown, any offense Foles managed to muster was an accomplishment in of itself.

It's not fair to Foles to look at his record with the worst "bullpen"(defense) in the NFL, losing whatever batters his team had to play with and on top of it, the offensive line maybe improved "somewhat" but how much of that was due to an athletic 6'6 guy making reads? I think a lot of it had to do with it.

I'm not calling Foles an ace or anything, we don't know that yet from a QB perspective. But we do know that in the worst situation possibly imaginable, Foles was an average QB.

In a situation that was bad, but could be navigated Vick was Kyle Kendricks. At age 33. This, in a somewhat long "nutshell" is why many Foles "fans" wants to move on with Foles/Barkley over Vick.

Vick is neither the superior player, nor is he an "asset" at the deadline. If he's to be moved, it's to be now. Even with a healthy O-line and receivers, the defense is a greater mystery than last year. For a team silly enough to think it can "compete", why not get a 5th-6th rounder for Vick and sign some scrub for 3rd string QB?

If neither Foles/Barkley can seize the job, Teddy Bridgewater, Marcus Mariota are among a crop of good looking prospects for next year's draft.

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